File:ACS Overdose 10.pngFile:ACS Overdose 11.pngFile:ACS Overdose 2.png
File:ACS Overdose 3.jpgFile:ACS Overdose 3.pngFile:ACS Overdose 9.png
File:ACS Promotional Screenshot 1.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 10.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 11.jpg
File:ACS Promotional Screenshot 12.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 2.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 21.jpg
File:ACS Promotional Screenshot 26.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 3.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 30.jpg
File:ACS Promotional Screenshot 4.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 5.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 6.jpg
File:ACS Promotional Screenshot 7.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 8.jpgFile:ACS Promotional Screenshot 9.jpg
File:ACS Queen Victoria render.pngFile:ACS Research and Development 1.jpgFile:ACS Rexford Kaylock.jpg
File:ACS Rooks Flag - Concept Art.pngFile:ACS Rosemary Lane.jpgFile:ACS S6 A Bad Penny 8.jpg
File:ACS San Diego Promotional Screenshot 3.jpgFile:ACS San Diego Promotional Screenshot 5.jpgFile:ACS Shroud of Eden.png
File:ACS Somewhere That's Green 10.pngFile:ACS Somewhere That's Green 13.pngFile:ACS Somewhere That's Green 16.png
File:ACS Somewhere That's Green 5.pngFile:ACS Somewhere That's Green 6.pngFile:ACS Somewhere That's Green 8.png
File:ACS Southwark.jpgFile:ACS Spitalfields.jpgFile:ACS St-Paul's Cathedral - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACS Stay With Me 2.pngFile:ACS Survival of the Fittest 3.jpgFile:ACS Templar Meeting 6.jpg
File:ACS Thames.jpgFile:ACS Thames - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACS The Creature s Rags - Concept Art.png
File:ACS The Death of Lucy Thorne.pngFile:ACS The Death of Lucy Thorne - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACS The Last Maharajah.jpg
File:ACS The Mint.jpgFile:ACS The Strand.jpgFile:ACS The Strand - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACS Train Battle - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACS Trapped on a Train - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACS Victor Lynch.jpg
File:ACS Victorian London - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACS Westminster.jpgFile:ACS Whitechapel.jpg
File:ACS assassin gauntlet1.jpgFile:ACS assassin gauntlet2.jpgFile:ACS brass knuckles.jpg
File:ACS cane sword.jpgFile:ACS kukri.jpgFile:ACS revolver.jpg
File:ACS《刺客教條:梟雄》F. Gary Gray's The Syndicate 幕後花絮 Behind the Scenes 中文字幕 - Ubisoft SEAFile:ACS封面.jpgFile:ACTC-Bellamy coma.png
File:ACTC-Daniel Animus.pngFile:ACTC-Daniel Bolshoi.pngFile:ACTC-Daniel Codex.png
File:ACTC-Daniel Cross Mission Gear.pngFile:ACTC-Daniel Cross Render.pngFile:ACTC-Daniel Equipment.png
File:ACTC-Daniel Instructing.pngFile:ACTC-Daniel box.pngFile:ACTC-Daniel library.jpg
File:ACTC-Daniel speaking with Nadya.pngFile:ACTC-Daniel training.pngFile:ACTC-Daniel with recruits.png
File:ACTC-Ending Daniel.pngFile:ACTC-Ending Innokenti1.pngFile:ACTC-Innokenti Orelov V.png
File:ACTC-Meeting room.pngFile:ACTC-Nikolai Orelov Render.pngFile:ACTC-Nikolai and Innokenti abandoned.png
File:ACTC-Nikolaishot.pngFile:ACTC-Prophet's Codex.pngFile:ACTC-Prophet's Codex 2.png
File:ACTC-Sergei Render.pngFile:ACTC Kenya Attack.jpgFile:ACTF-MuellerCross.jpg
File:ACTF-OrelovBorkitrain 1.jpgFile:ACTF-OrelovBorkitrain 2.jpgFile:ACTF-OrelovBorkitrain 3.jpg
File:ACTF-Orelov Tunguska blast.jpgFile:ACTF-Stearns.pngFile:ACTFAssassins Interrogation.jpg
File:ACTF Tunguska explosion.jpgFile:ACT Assassin Ahkbar.pngFile:ACT Comics 1 Cover Laclaustra.jpg
File:ACT Danvers.pngFile:ACT Fessenden.jpgFile:ACT Freddy.jpg
File:ACT Xu.pngFile:ACTemp Darius Gift.jpgFile:ACTemp Darius Gift.webp.jpg
File:ACTemp Ferris.jpgFile:ACTemp Thaddeus Gift.jpgFile:ACTemplar Caitlin Gift.png
File:ACTemplars Violet.jpgFile:ACU-23 Cats.pngFile:ACU-Ambush.jpg
File:ACU-Assistance.jpgFile:ACU-Ballroom chase.jpgFile:ACU-Canal.jpg
File:ACU-Forgotten Knight.pngFile:ACU-Freerunning.jpgFile:ACU-LoF.jpg
File:ACU-Paris streets concept.jpgFile:ACU-Rainy night.jpgFile:ACU-Royalty concept.jpg
File:ACU-Spear attack.jpgFile:ACU-Street dance.jpgFile:ACU-Treasure.jpg
File:ACU-Window attack.jpgFile:ACU. Didier Paton.pngFile:ACU. Hanriot.png
File:ACU. Napoleon cannon.pngFile:ACUP-001-001.jpgFile:ACUP-001-020.jpg
File:ACU - Elise and Arno.jpgFile:ACU - Flying machine.pngFile:ACU A la Touche.png
File:ACU Anne Josephe Theroigne de Mericourt.pngFile:ACU Arno Back - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Arno Bellec.jpg
File:ACU Arno Boat.jpgFile:ACU Arno Brotherhood.jpgFile:ACU Arno CF.jpg
File:ACU Arno Châtelet.jpgFile:ACU Arno Dorian render.pngFile:ACU Arno Drunk.jpg
File:ACU Arno Elise Enter.jpgFile:ACU Arno Elise Investigation.jpgFile:ACU Arno Elise Robespierre.jpg
File:ACU Arno Elise Sade.jpgFile:ACU Arno Elise hide and seek.jpgFile:ACU Arno Exile.jpg
File:ACU Arno Germain.jpgFile:ACU Arno Germain confrontation.jpgFile:ACU Arno Germain phantom.jpg
File:ACU Arno Glyph.jpgFile:ACU Arno Jacobin club.jpgFile:ACU Arno NDP1.jpg
File:ACU Arno NDP2.jpgFile:ACU Arno Napoleon.jpgFile:ACU Arno Napoleon infor.jpg
File:ACU Arno Napoleon temple.jpgFile:ACU Arno Outfit Variations - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Arno PdL.jpg
File:ACU Arno Pharmaceutist.jpgFile:ACU Arno RDT.jpgFile:ACU Arno Report.jpg
File:ACU Arno Sade.jpgFile:ACU Arno VH.jpgFile:ACU Arno V NDP.jpg
File:ACU Arno back.jpgFile:ACU Arno balloon.jpgFile:ACU Arno inquest.jpg
File:ACU Arno list.jpgFile:ACU Arno overlooking Paris.jpgFile:ACU Arno tomb.jpg
File:ACU Arno with Phantom Blade.jpgFile:ACU Augustin Grisier.pngFile:ACU Ballroom Scene - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Byzantine Assassin.pngFile:ACU C Lafreniere.pngFile:ACU C Sivert.png
File:ACU Camille Hautcoeur.pngFile:ACU Carriage Pursuit - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Charles-Gabriel Sivert - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Charlotte Gouze.pngFile:ACU Church Interior - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Civilian Casualties - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Crimson Rose.pngFile:ACU DK-Arno concept.jpgFile:ACU DK-Catacombs concept.jpg
File:ACU DK-Cavern concept.jpgFile:ACU DK-Village concept.jpgFile:ACU DK Promotional Screenshot 6.jpg
File:ACU DK Promotional Screenshot 7.jpgFile:ACU DK Promotional Screenshot 8.jpgFile:ACU DK Promotional Screenshot 9.jpg
File:ACU DeSade.jpgFile:ACU De Carneillon Render.pngFile:ACU De La Serre's Murder - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Dead Kings - Screenshot 01.jpgFile:ACU Dead Kings - Screenshot 02.jpgFile:ACU Dead Kings - Screenshot 03.jpg
File:ACU Dead Kings - Screenshot 04.jpgFile:ACU Dead Kings - Screenshot 05.jpgFile:ACU Dead Kings DLC keyart.jpg
File:ACU Denis Molinier.pngFile:ACU Donatien de Sade.pngFile:ACU E de Floyrac.png
File:ACU Elise Party Dress - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Escape - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Execution of Louis XVI.jpg
File:ACU F Rouille.pngFile:ACU F de la Serre.pngFile:ACU Festivities - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU French Guard - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Funeral - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Garden Gunplay - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU General Marcourt - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Georges Danton.pngFile:ACU Germain - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Germain Render.pngFile:ACU Gold Street - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Graduation 4.png
File:ACU Guillaume Beylier.jpgFile:ACU Guillotine - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Head of Saint-Denis.png
File:ACU Helix Menu.pngFile:ACU Hugo.pngFile:ACU Hugo Victor.png
File:ACU Ile de la Cite.jpgFile:ACU J de Molay.pngFile:ACU Jacques Roux.png
File:ACU Jean Gilbert.pngFile:ACU L le Peletier.pngFile:ACU La Bievre.jpg
File:ACU Lafreniere Render.pngFile:ACU Last Riots - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Le Louvre.jpg
File:ACU Le Marais.jpgFile:ACU Le Roi des Thunes.pngFile:ACU Leon.png
File:ACU Les Invalides.jpgFile:ACU Les Invalides - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Louis IVX 1789.jpg
File:ACU Louis XVI Render.pngFile:ACU Luxembourg Palace - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Luxembourg Palace Trophy Room - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU M Levesque.pngFile:ACU M de Robespierre.pngFile:ACU March Arno.JPG
File:ACU Marie Antoinette Render.pngFile:ACU Marquis de Sade - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Maximilien de Robespierre - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Mirabeau - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Mirabeau Render.pngFile:ACU Napoleon - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Napoleon Bonaparte render.pngFile:ACU Notre-Dame - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Notre-Dame Interior - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Notre-Dame March - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Notre-Dame Roof - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU PR Arno PhantomBlade.jpg
File:ACU PR Arno PhantomBlade mechanism RemkoTroost.jpgFile:ACU Paris.jpgFile:ACU Paris Districts.jpg
File:ACU Paris Neighbourhood - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Paris Overlook - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Paris Protests - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Paris Rooftops - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Paris Streets - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Paris Temple.png
File:ACU Paris Uproar - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Philippe Rose.pngFile:ACU Precursor Genome.png
File:ACU Prison - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Prohibition Assassin.pngFile:ACU Quartier Latin.jpg
File:ACU Quartier Latin School - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Quemar.jpgFile:ACU Reign of Terror.jpg
File:ACU Revolutionary Chaos - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU River Bridge - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Robespierre arrested.jpg
File:ACU Roi des Thunes - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Screen Duchesneau.pngFile:ACU Screenshot 12.jpg
File:ACU Screenshot 13.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 14.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 15.jpg
File:ACU Screenshot 16.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 17.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 18.jpg
File:ACU Screenshot 19.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 20.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 21.jpg
File:ACU Screenshot 22.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 23.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 24.jpg
File:ACU Screenshot 25.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 26.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 27.jpg
File:ACU Screenshot 28.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 29.jpgFile:ACU Screenshot 30.jpg
File:ACU Slums - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Storming of the Bastille - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Streets of Paris - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU The Phoenix Project.pngFile:ACU The Widow - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Theroigne de Mericourt - Concept Art.jpg
File:ACU Thomas Dumas.pngFile:ACU Thrashed Ballroom - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Ventre de Paris.jpg
File:ACU Ventre de Paris - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU Versailles.pngFile:ACU Victor.png
File:ACU Winter Duel - Concept Art.jpgFile:ACU bastille edition.jpgFile:ACU ca Luxembourg Ballroom.jpg
File:AC - limited edition.jpgFile:AC 1.pngFile:AC 14.png
File:AC 17.pngFile:AC 2.pngFile:AC Aguilar.jpg
File:AC Alta13.pngFile:AC Brahman cover.pngFile:AC Brotherhood The Da Vinci Edition News - - Page 1
File:AC Charlotte cropped.jpgFile:AC Hidden Bade.jpgFile:AC III Connor Homestead Game.jpg
File:AC III Connor Rooftop Chase.jpgFile:AC III Connor Traps.jpgFile:AC III Frontier Log Run.jpg
File:AC III Trinity Church Entrance.jpgFile:AC II Sync v.pngFile:AC Lost Legacy.png
File:AC Majd Addin 2.pngFile:AC Maria1.pngFile:AC Pirates.png
File:AC Pirates Henry Morgan.pngFile:AC Rogue - Northwest Passage.jpgFile:AC Rogue - Sailing.jpg
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