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| source = [[埃齐奥·奥迪托雷]]
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| location = {{Wiki|教皇国}},[[罗马]]
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Ezio Auditore spoke with a [[courtesan]] in front of [[Rosa in Fiore]], however, they were interrupted by another courtesan bearing the news that [[Madonna Solari|the owner]] had been captured.
Ezio arrived at the [[brothel]].
*'''Courtesan:''' ''Welcome to the Rosa in Fiore'' (Blooming Rose), ''stranger.''
*'''妓女:''' ''欢迎来到盛开蔷薇,陌生人。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''Salve'' (Hello). ''Would you be kind enough to call the owner for me?''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''Salve.''(你好。)''能麻烦请老板娘出来一下吗?''
*'''Courtesan:''' ''Madonna Solari is not in.''
*'''妓女:''' ''索拉里夫人并不在。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''Do you know where she is?''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''你知道她在哪吗?''
*'''Courtesan:''' ''I —''
*'''妓女:''' ''我——''
A second courtesan ran towards them, screaming.
*'''Lucia:''' ''Aiuto! Aiuto!'' (Help! Help!) ''Madonna Solari —''
*'''Courtesan:''' ''Lucia. We thought you were gone for good!''
*'''露西亚:''' ''Aiuto! Aiuto!''(救命!救命!)''索拉里夫人她——''
*'''Lucia:''' ''The men took us on a ship. They released me, but she —''
*'''妓女:''' ''露西亚,我们以为你不会再回来了!''
*'''Ezio:''' ''Who took you on a ship?''
*'''露西亚:''' ''那些男人把我们带上一艘船。他们虽然放了我,但是夫人她——''
*'''Lucia:''' ''[[Slavery|Slave traders]] Messere'' (Mister). ''Near [[Tiber Island|Isola Tiberina]]'' (Tiber Island). ''They want coin in exchange for her life.''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''谁把你带上了船?''
*'''Ezio:''' ''I will get her back.''
*'''露西亚:''' ''是[[奴役|奴隶贩子]],Messere.''(先生。)''就在[[台伯岛]]附近。他们要钱来换她的性命。''
Ezio Auditore went to deliver the ransom to the [[Cento Occhi|slave traders]]. Upon arrival at the docks, Ezio saw a slaver holding a [[Short blade|knife]] against ''Madonna'' Solari's neck.
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''我会把她救回来的。''
*'''Slave trader:''' ''Are you here for the whore?''
*'''Solari:''' ''Aiutatemi!'' (Help me!)
*'''Ezio:''' ''I have your money. Let her go.''
*'''奴隶贩子:''' ''你是为了那个妓女而来的吗?''
*'''Slave trader:''' ''No, take it up with [[Cesare Borgia|Cesare]].''
*'''索拉里:''' ''Aiutatemi!''(救救我!)
The slaver slit ''Madonna'' Solari's throat, killing her, then ordered his men to attack Ezio. Ezio swiftly eliminated all of the slavers and took his money back.
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''我有你要的钱。放了她。''
Later, Ezio returned to the brothel to inform the courtesans about the fate of ''Madonna'' Solari. However, he was surprised to see his [[Maria Auditore da Firenze|mother]] and [[Claudia Auditore da Firenze|sister]] waiting for him.
*'''奴隶贩子:''' ''不,去和[[切萨雷]]谈吧。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''Mother? Sister?''
*'''Maria:''' ''Ezio. Ser'' (Sir) ''[[Niccolò Machiavelli|Machiavelli]] said that you might be here.''
*'''Ezio:''' ''What are you doing in [[Rome|Roma]]? Has [[Florence|Firenze]] been attacked?''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''母亲?妹妹?''
*'''Claudia:'' '''No. Or, rather, I do not know. We did not go to Firenze.''
*'''玛丽亚:''' ''埃齐奥,[[马基亚维利]]先生说你可能会在这。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''Why?''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''你们在[[罗马]]干什么?是不是[[佛罗伦萨]]遭到攻击了?''
*'''Claudia:''' ''Ezio, we want to help.''
*'''克劳迪娅:'' '''没有,或者该说我不知道。我们没去佛罗伦萨。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''I was trying to help you by sending you to Firenze.''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''为什么?''
*'''Courtesan:''' ''Where is Madonna Solari?''
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''埃齐奥,我们想要帮你。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''She's dead.''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''我之前送你们去佛罗伦萨就是为了帮你们啊。''
*'''Courtesan:''' ''Merda.'' (Shit.)
*'''妓女:''' ''索拉里夫人在哪?''
*'''Lucia:''' ''What now? Will we have to close?''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''她死了。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''You cannot close. I need your help.''
*'''妓女:''' ''Merda.''(该死。)
*'''Courtesan:''' ''Messere'' (Mister), ''without someone who can run things, we are finished.''
*'''露西亚:''' ''现在怎么办?这里会关门吗?''
*'''Claudia:''' ''I'll do it.''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''你们不能关门,我需要你们的帮助。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''You do not belong here, Claudia.''
*'''妓女:''' ''Messere,''(先生,)''要是没人会经营的话,我们就真的关门大吉了。''
*'''Claudia:''' ''I know how to run a business. I ran [[Mario Auditore|Uncle Mario]]'s for years.''
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''我可以帮忙。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''This is different.''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''你不属于这里,克劳迪娅。''
*'''Maria:''' ''What alternative do you have, Ezio?''
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''我知道怎么经营生意。我帮[[马里奥]]叔叔经营了好些时候了。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''You do this Claudia and you are on your own.''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''这两者不能混为一谈。''
*'''Claudia:''' ''I've been on my own for twenty years.''
*'''玛丽亚:''' ''你有何选择余地,埃齐奥?''
*'''Ezio:''' ''Fine. I intend to repair the brothel. This place is a real mess. And I want your courtesans to find [[Caterina Sforza]].''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''克劳迪娅,你要是执意要做,就得自力更生了。''
*'''Claudia:''' ''You can count on us.''
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''我都自力更生20年了。''
Ezio Auditore consulted an [[architect]] regarding the renovation of the brothel. After the renovations were complete, Ezio paid a visit to the brothel.
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''我打算重修妓院。这地方烂得可以。我还要你的姑娘们帮我找到[[卡特琳娜·斯福尔扎]]。''
*'''Claudia:''' ''Welcome to the Rosa in Fiore'' (Blooming Rose), ''as you can see, the most popular brothel in Roma.''
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''包在我们身上。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''My money went well invested.''
*'''Claudia:''' ''Here I keep a list of the skills taught to my girls.''
Claudia pointed to a board on the wall.
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''欢迎来到盛开蔷薇。如你所见,这里是罗马最热门的妓院。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''You are not teaching them much.''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''我的投资很有效。''
*'''Claudia:''' ''Think you can do better?''
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''这里记录着我教导给姑娘们的一些技巧。''
*'''Ezio:''' ''Nessun problema.'' (No problem.)
*'''Maria:''' ''Ezio, the [[House of Borgia|Borgia]] make it difficult for Claudia's girls. There are several things you can do to that would aid them...''
*'''Ezio:''' ''I will keep that in mind. Anything else?''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''你没教她们多少嘛。''
*'''Claudia:''' ''No. Ezio —''
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''你自认能做得更好?''
*'''Ezio:''' ''Did you find Caterina?''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''Nessun problema.''(当然没问题。)
*'''Claudia:''' ''We are working on it.''
'''玛丽亚:''' ''埃齐奥,[[博吉亚家族]]让克劳迪娅的姑娘们处境艰难。你至少可以伸出援手来帮助她们……''
*'''Ezio:''' ''Bene.'' (Good.) ''Come to see me at Isola Tiberina'' (Tiber Island) ''with her location.''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''我会记住的。还有其他事吗?''
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''没了。埃齐奥——''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''你有卡特琳娜的消息了吗?''
*'''克劳迪娅:''' ''我们正在努力。''
*'''埃齐奥:''' ''Bene.''(很好。)''有消息的话来台伯岛通知我。''
After Madonna Solari's death at the hands of slave traders, Ezio renovated the Rosa in Fiore and Claudia ran the Guild of Courtesans. Claudia and the courtesans were now allied with the [[Assassins]], and were tasked by Ezio to find Caterina.
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center" spacing="small" widths="180">
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center" spacing="small" widths="180">
Negotiations 1.png|Ezio discussing the whereabouts of madonna Solari
Negotiations 1.png|埃齐奥讨论索拉里夫人下落
Negotiations 2.png|Ezio being informed about the ransom
Negotiations 2.png|埃齐奥听到了有关赎金的事
Negotiations 3.png|Ezio meeting the slave traders on their ship
Negotiations 3.png|在船上与奴隶贩子碰面的埃齐奥
Negotiations 4.png|A slaver killing madonna Solari
Negotiations 4.png|一名奴隶贩子杀死了索拉里夫人
Negotiations 5.png|Ezio fighting the slavers
Negotiations 5.png|埃齐奥与奴隶贩子们战斗
Negotiations 6.png|Ezio meeting with his mother and sister
Negotiations 6.png|埃齐奥遇见了他的母亲与妹妹
Negotiations 7.png|Claudia trying to reason Ezio
Negotiations 7.png|试图与埃齐奥讲道理的克劳迪娅
Negotiations 8.png|Ezio asking Claudia to find Caterina Sforza
Negotiations 8.png|埃齐奥要求克劳迪娅找到卡特琳娜·斯福尔扎
Negotiations 9.png|The Rosa in Fiore being renovated
Negotiations 9.png|修缮过的盛开蔷薇
Negotiations 10.png|The interior after the renovation
Negotiations 10.png|修缮之后的内景
Negotiations 11.png|Ezio speaking with Maria and Claudia
Negotiations 11.png|埃齐奥与玛丽亚和克劳迪娅交谈

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  • 妓女: 欢迎来到盛开蔷薇,陌生人。
  • 埃齐奥: Salve.(你好。)能麻烦请老板娘出来一下吗?
  • 妓女: 索拉里夫人并不在。
  • 埃齐奥: 你知道她在哪吗?
  • 妓女: 我——


  • 露西亚: Aiuto! Aiuto!(救命!救命!)索拉里夫人她——
  • 妓女: 露西亚,我们以为你不会再回来了!
  • 露西亚: 那些男人把我们带上一艘船。他们虽然放了我,但是夫人她——
  • 埃齐奥: 谁把你带上了船?
  • 露西亚: 奴隶贩子,Messere.(先生。)就在台伯岛附近。他们要钱来换她的性命。
  • 埃齐奥: 我会把她救回来的。


  • 奴隶贩子: 你是为了那个妓女而来的吗?
  • 索拉里: Aiutatemi!(救救我!)
  • 埃齐奥: 我有你要的钱。放了她。
  • 奴隶贩子: 不,去和切萨雷谈吧。


  • 埃齐奥: 母亲?妹妹?
  • 玛丽亚: 埃齐奥,马基亚维利先生说你可能会在这。
  • 埃齐奥: 你们在罗马干什么?是不是佛罗伦萨遭到攻击了?
  • 克劳迪娅: 没有,或者该说我不知道。我们没去佛罗伦萨。
  • 埃齐奥: 为什么?
  • 克劳迪娅: 埃齐奥,我们想要帮你。
  • 埃齐奥: 我之前送你们去佛罗伦萨就是为了帮你们啊。
  • 妓女: 索拉里夫人在哪?
  • 埃齐奥: 她死了。
  • 妓女: Merda.(该死。)
  • 露西亚: 现在怎么办?这里会关门吗?
  • 埃齐奥: 你们不能关门,我需要你们的帮助。
  • 妓女: Messere,(先生,)要是没人会经营的话,我们就真的关门大吉了。
  • 克劳迪娅: 我可以帮忙。
  • 埃齐奥: 你不属于这里,克劳迪娅。
  • 克劳迪娅: 我知道怎么经营生意。我帮马里奥叔叔经营了好些时候了。
  • 埃齐奥: 这两者不能混为一谈。
  • 玛丽亚: 你有何选择余地,埃齐奥?
  • 埃齐奥: 克劳迪娅,你要是执意要做,就得自力更生了。
  • 克劳迪娅: 我都自力更生20年了。
  • 埃齐奥: 我打算重修妓院。这地方烂得可以。我还要你的姑娘们帮我找到卡特琳娜·斯福尔扎
  • 克劳迪娅: 包在我们身上。


  • 克劳迪娅: 欢迎来到盛开蔷薇。如你所见,这里是罗马最热门的妓院。
  • 埃齐奥: 我的投资很有效。
  • 克劳迪娅: 这里记录着我教导给姑娘们的一些技巧。


  • 埃齐奥: 你没教她们多少嘛。
  • 克劳迪娅: 你自认能做得更好?
  • 埃齐奥: Nessun problema.(当然没问题。)

玛丽亚: 埃齐奥,博吉亚家族让克劳迪娅的姑娘们处境艰难。你至少可以伸出援手来帮助她们……

  • 埃齐奥: 我会记住的。还有其他事吗?
  • 克劳迪娅: 没了。埃齐奥——
  • 埃齐奥: 你有卡特琳娜的消息了吗?
  • 克劳迪娅: 我们正在努力。
  • 埃齐奥: Bene.(很好。)有消息的话来台伯岛通知我。





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