PL Truth SeekerHQ 他们用很多名称来称呼我:凶手。杀手。盗贼。但你可以称呼我为高塔大师的学生。


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The Master's student

The Apprentice of the Tower (died 1190) was a member of the Templar Order who apprenticed himself to the commander of the Tower of Jerusalem, where he served as his lieutenant.

As with his mentor, he donned robes identical to that of the Assassins, and their insignia was an inversion of that of the Assassins.


In 1190, the Templars sought after the Chalice, an ancient relic rumored to have been located in the fabled Temple of Sand. While the Templars lacked all three keys to this Temple, they did manage to obtain a map revealing its location, which was held at the Master's fortress.

Shortly before the Templar leader Basilisk was meant to visit for the map, Assassin agents under the command of Hazad managed to steal it. The Crusaders tracked the map to Hazad's shop, killing him and returning it to the tower, but they were immediately set upon by the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad whose assigned mission was to find the Chalice as well.

As Altaïr single-handedly fought his way to the tower, the Master's disciple was the first to greet him, watching as he did from its roof. His master had been impressed by the Assassin's martial prowess, and opted to recruit him to the order, but was twice met with indignance. After his master was routed in a furious duel with Altaïr, the Assassin scaled the tower in pursuit, ultimately arriving at a balcony just outside the tower's dungeon.

Assassinating the guards on the balcony, Altaïr entered the dungeon to find his way barred by the apprentice, who repeated his master's invitation one last time, citing imprisonment as the alternative. Incensed rather than intimidated, Altaïr spurned his threats, and a duel ignited between them. Despite the aid of a few guards, the apprentice paled before Altaïr's superior swordsmanship and fell at his blade.


  • The character model for the Master's apprentice is identical to that of the common Assassins in the game.



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