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Dutty Boukman (died 1791) was a Jamaican-born Haitian slave who became a leading figure of the Haitian Revolution, and a member of the Saint-Domingue Brotherhood of Assassins.


A voodoo houngan, Boukman was recruited by Eseosa into the Brotherhood, finding similarities between his beliefs and the Assassin ideology. Eseosa, Boukman, and other Assassins laid the foundations for what would become the Haitian Revolution.[1]

The first part of their plan was a voodoo ritual led by Boukman, taking inspiration from François Mackandal, at Bois Caïman that called for a major rebellion. Boukman prophesized that members of his Brotherhood, Jean-François Papillon, Georges Biassou and Jeannot Bullet would be the leaders of a resistance movement that would free all slaves of Saint-Domingue. Slaves rose up against their masters, setting plantations across the Northern Plain of the colony ablaze.[1]

In late 1791, Boukman was captured in a battle with the French Army near Acul. His fellow Assassins decided not to rescue him, hoping that Boukman's sacrifice would increase the fire of the Revolution, and Boukman was subsequently executed. His head was impaled on a stake in the public square of Cap Français.[2]