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Louisiana (French: La Louisiane; Spanish: Luisiana), officially the State of Louisiana, is a southern state of the federal republic, the United States of America. Louisiana's capital is Baton Rouge, and its largest city is New Orleans.


During the early to mid 18th century, Louisiana belonged to France's colonies in America, with New Orleans as the region's most populous settlement.[1]

After the capture and execution of the revolutionary François Mackandal, Mentor of the Assassin Brotherhood on Saint-Domingue, Mackandal's student Agaté fled to Louisiana in 1758. Agaté, a former African slave, established the Assassin Brotherhood in Louisiana, though the Templar Order's presence in the region started overshadowing his influence. In 1759, Agaté recruited Aveline de Grandpré and Gérald Blanc into the Brotherhood, training each of them in different specializations.[1]

In 1763, Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie, a secret Templar, was made Governor of Louisiana with the intention to hand over the territory to Templar plants within the Spanish government. In 1765, he was assassinated by Aveline de Grandpré.[1]

In 1766, the Templars Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer and Baptiste, Agaté's former Assassin brother, plotted the takeover of the smuggling operations in the Louisiana Bayou and force Agaté out of hiding. On Agaté's order, Aveline enlisted the aid of smugglers Roussillon and Élise Lafleur and assassinated Baptiste in the Bayou.[1]

In 1766, the Templar Antonio de Ulloa was made the first Spanish Governor of Louisiana, and the region was handed over to Spain in accordance to the Treaty of Fontainebleau two years later. The Louisiana people refused to recognize Spanish rule and rose up in rebellion, which proved unsuccessful.[1]

In 1777, Aveline discovered that the "Company Man", the individual leading the Templars in Louisiana, was her stepmother Madeleine de L'Isle. Upon informing Agaté of this information, he turned on his former student, believing her a traitor. Agaté failed to kill Aveline, and he committed suicide when she choose to spare his life. Aveline proceeded to meet with Madeleine, feigning a defection to the Templar cause, and killed Madeleine inside a church in New Orleans.[1]



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