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路易十七Louis XVII of France,1785年3月27日 - 1795年6月8日)也被称为诺曼底公爵,路易-夏尔Louis-Charles, Duke of Normandy),法国国王路易十六和王后玛丽·安托瓦内特之子,1789年至1791年为法国皇太子,1791年至1792年为法国王子。


Following the death of his elder brother on 4 June 1789, in the midst of the Estates-General, Louis-Charles became the Dauphin, although he himself was a sickly child. After the fall of the monarchy in 1792, he was imprisoned along with the rest of his family, and his father was executed in January 1793. This left the Dauphin the nominal king of France, although this claim and his title Louis XVII was only recognized by exiled royalists.[1]

While imprisoned in the Conciergerie with his mother, Louis-Charles was placed in a cell beneath that of his mother, so that the Queen could hear him crying.[2] In July 1793, he was separated from his family and placed under the care of the cobbler Antoine Simon in the Temple. Simon had a brutish personality and insisted on teaching the Dauphin well-known obscene songs, and Louis-Charles' health deteriorated.[1] When his mother was put on trial in October 1793, the Dauphin's captors pushed him to accuse her of incest.[3]

Louis-Charles died of tuberculosis in June 1795, covered in scars testifying to the abuse he suffered. With no surviving brothers, his claim to France was taken up by his uncle, who promptly named himself Louis XVIII. The Assassin Arno Dorian heard rumors of the prince's survival and that he was in Templar captivity as a bargaining chip, and was tasked by a fellow Assassin with finding and liberating him, as it was suspected that Louis-Charles might have valuable knowledge. After rescuing a man he believed to be the Dauphin, Arno learned that he had in fact rescued Louis-Charles' groom. Despite this, Arno's fellow Assassin reasoned that the groom would have useful knowledge nonetheless.[1]