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赫尔墨斯·特利斯摩吉斯忒斯的权杖Staff of Hermes Trismegistus),也以 赫尔墨斯之杖Staff of Hermes)或是 双蛇双翼之杖Caduceus)之名为人熟知,是由伊述学者赫尔墨斯制造的一件威能无穷的伊甸碎片。

It was notably wielded by Hermes himself, before he passed it on to Pythagoras who, in turn, passed it on to his daughter, Kassandra



During the Isu Era, the Isu Aletheia replicated her own consciousness into the Staff, such that in the future, she could interact and help the staff wielder to master its power.[2]

Around the 6th century BCE, Hermes met the Greek philosopher Pythagoras along with his protégé Kyros of Zarax in a remote desert. Declaring the former a worthy successor, Hermes handed over the Staff to Pythagoras before disappearing. Pythagoras later parted ways with Kyros,[1] embarking on a journey to learn about the Staff.[2]



However, once he finally passed down the Staff of Hermes to one of his children, Kassandra, he immediately passed away. The Staff was able to keep Kassandra unchanged and un-aged for far longer, more than two thousand years, until she was able to pass it down to Layla, after which Kassandra succumbed to her age and finally passed away. Whether physical contact between the wielder and the Staff is required to impart such longevity is unknown. Those who passed ownership of the Staff onto another individual, either willingly or by force, at a point that was past the former owners natural lifespan would die almost instantly. This passage of ownership required both parties to maintain simultaneous physical contact on the Staff.[2]

Aside from its life-giving powers, the Staff of Hermes was the key to sealing off Atlantis, and could take the form of whatever its user wished, given that Kassandra came back to Atlantis to greet Layla with the Staff in the shape of a lantern. Should Kassandra choose to fight Pythagoras, the Staff shows that it can give Pythagoras the physical attributes of a young man, despite his elderly appearance and vitality. Pythagoras was able to use the Staff to create precise blasts of energy and teleport short distances during combat. Pythagoras could also conjure up balls of energy, channel the Staff's mystical power into himself, and project that energy from his hands. As long as the Staff was not passed on to a successor, the current wielder would remain alive and maintain its abilities even after physically separating from it.[2] 

With The Fate of Atlantis DLC it is revealed that the Staff can easily corrupt those who do not possess the strength to wield it thus Aletheia created simulations for Kassandra to learn how to control it and through her it's 4th wielder, Layla Hansen. The simulations allowed Kassandra to learn and fully control the staff however while Layla was re-living these memories it was becoming clear to Aletheia that Layla is becoming corrupted by the staff and might not be The true Heir of Memories due to her killing Victoria Bibeau in a fit of rage after being ripped from The Animus.[3]

In The Judgement of Atlantis DLC, it is learned that the staff's full potential can in fact destroy entire cities if an individual fell to it's influence. Kassandra's role as The Keeper of the Staff was to learn to control the staff's power and keep it at bay and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands with the trials she endured to learn to control the staff helped train her in the hardships she would face in doing so. [3] 


品质 每秒伤害 (99级属性) Default Engravings 可用
传奇 8257 +25% 战士 伤害
+40% 几率回避一半的伤害
完成 亚特兰蒂斯之门





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