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贝勒尼基(Berenike) (公元前100年 – 公元前48年),绰号鳄鱼,是托勒密十三世时期上古维序者的一员,表面身份则是一位希腊裔女政治家,所辖地区为法尤姆。 作为全埃及最大的粮仓的所有人,她利用手中的权力和财富欺压法尤姆的百姓,并在克罗克迪洛波利斯的大竞技场里招募角斗士,充当私人卫队。公元前48年,守护者巴耶克在她的庄园里将其击杀。


Around 48 BCE, Hotephres stole a magistrate's ledger revealing the identity of Berenike and her corrupt deeds. Apollodorus sent the Medjay, Bayek to recover the ledger from Hotephres but, unbeknownst to everyone, the latter's daughter Shadya had discovered the ledger and taken it with her. Having raided Hotephres' villa in Euhemeria, Berenike learned of this turn of events and had Khenut and Shadya kidnapped and brought to the Euhemeria lighthouse. Accompanied by gladiators from the Krokodilopolis Arena, Diovicos and Viridovix, Berenike ordered the gladiators to kill the child. When they refused, Berenike executed Shadya herself by tying her feet to large rocks and submerging her in the waters near the pier, drowning her.[1]

Having ensured her identity remained hidden, Berenike returned to Krokodilopolis, where she attended gladiator fights in the arena. Bayek, having learned that gladiators from the arena may have been involved in Shadya's murder, travelled to the city to track her down. The Medjay was reunited with Kensa and together they fought and climbed the ranks to challenge the arena champions, Diovicos and Viridovix, as Berenike watched their fight. Realizing that Bayek was after her, Berenike left Krokodilopolis and returned to her villa in the Kerkesoucha Granary. She also became a patron to Kensa, promising her a luxurious life in exchange for her loyalty. Bayek followed Berenike to her villa, and killed her.[2]

As she laid dying, Bayek accused her of killing Shadya. Berenike had no idea who the young girl was, and retorted that Bayek was unable to see what greatness laid in store for Egypt, like "all of [his] kind". Bayek told her that Shadya was Hotephres and Khenut's daughter, and the dying woman explained that the ledger would have destroyed all the Order's hopes, so she did what had to be done. In response, the Medjay vowed to destroy all she stood for and all those like her and declared she would die knowing the name of the innocent girl she murdered.[2]

Personality and characteristics编辑

The Crocodile claimed to believe in prosperity for Greeks and Egyptians alike and used that as the justification for her iron rule. However, this prosperity was a farce as it was the Egyptians who got the shorter end of the stick, being forced to live in guarded slums while the Greeks got the cream of the crop. A ruthless pragmatist, Berenike had no problems with ordering the death of an innocent little girl if that meant protecting the secrets of the Order of the Ancients. Even in death, she didn't regret anything she'd done, considering them necessary expenses in the name of the Order's agenda.



  • 贝勒尼基的绰号与古埃及神祇索贝克有关。他是法尤姆的主保神祇,鳄首人身。
  • Berenike is a Greek variation of the Macedonian name Berenice, which meant 'bearer of victory'. The latter variation of the name was commonly used by various Ptolemaic and Seleucid queens and royal daughters.



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