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Mnemonics sets were a game mechanic in the Facebook game Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy. Each set consisted of four components, which, when combined, could be used to gain certain boosts for a limited time. They were obtained in a similar manner to chance items when executing memories, and were found under "Equipment" in the Data Dump Scanner.

Mnemonic sets provided useful bonuses in various aspects, such as in obtaining florins, Action Points (AP) or experience (XP), in the drop rate of items and mnemonics, as well as in crafting and in player-versus-player conflicts. It was possible to combine the same Mnemonic set once every 20 hours, and each effect lasted for the same amount of time. Certain sets from different chapters also possessed the same effect, and several effects could be activated simultaneously.[1]

Italian Wars编辑

Chapter 1编辑


  • Effect: 25% additional florin gain for 20 hours.
  • Description: "All knowledge comes at a price."
  • Components: Ducat, Florin, Teston, Denarius.
  • Found in: Turning the Tide.
  • Remarks: The Ruse (Costs 3AP; Chance = N/A) or Skirmish (Costs 3AP; Chance = N/A).

Italian States编辑

  • Effect: 10% negative AP cost on memories for 20 hours.
  • Description: "Italy's city-states were embroiled in conflict."
  • Components: Venice, Naples, Florence, Rome.
  • Found in: Death Defiant.
  • Remarks: Rally Point (Costs 1AP; Chance = Soldier).

Este Family编辑


Chapter 2编辑

Titian Paintings编辑


Visconti-Sforza Tarot编辑

  • Effect: Regenerate all APs.
  • Description: "We predict the future with an incomplete deck."
  • Components: Il Diavolo, La Toree, Tre Di Spade, Fante Di Denari.
  • Found in: On the Hunt.
  • Remarks: Siren's Lure (Costs 5AP, 1 Simple Gift; Chance = Courtesan) or Barfly (Costs 4AP, 1 Round of Drinks; Chance = Thug, Thief, Street Crier).


  • Effect: Regenerate all APs.
  • Description: "Mankind has always sensed places of power."
  • Components: Pyramids, Aztec Pyramid, All-Seeing Eye, Mountain Top.
  • Found in: Playing Dead.
  • Remarks: High AP Cost, Side Effects (Pyramids, All-Seeing Eye, Mountain Top), The Voice of Reason (all 4 Mnemonics).

Medici Family编辑


Chapter 3编辑


  • Effect: Regenerate all APs.
  • Description: "Greatness is often rewarded with treachery."
  • Components: Poison Seal, Serpent Seal, Dagger Seal, Bow Seal.
  • Found in: Under Our Noses.
  • Remarks: High AP cost, not recommended.



Sforza Family编辑

Sforza Family


Leonardo glyph
  • Effect: 40% negative Crafting delay for 20 hours.
  • Description: "Leonardo was the definition of a Renaissance man."
  • Components: Armored Car, Flying Machine, Helicopter, Machine Gun.
  • Found in: Defensive Measures.
  • Remarks: Running the Ramparts (Costs 5AP; Chance = N/A).







Chapter 4编辑

Knights Templar编辑

Knights templars


  • Effect: Allows a redistribution of Skills.
  • Description: "Humanity has always required faith to thrive."
  • Components: Ares, Apollo, Zeus, Athena.
  • Found in: Life and Death.
  • Remarks: Bloodhound (All 4 Mnemonics), Mercy (All 4 Mnemonics).



Orsini Family编辑

Orsini Family

Borgia Family编辑

Borgia AC-B(PL)
  • Effect: Regenerate all APs.
  • Description: "A morally bereft dynasty with strong church ties."
  • Components: Cesare Borgia, Juan Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Rodrigo Borgia.
  • Found in: All Roads Lead To Rome.
  • Remarks: The "Scrambled Letters" memory is useful in obtaining the set.

De Templo Cristi编辑

De Templo Cristi
  • Effect: 25% additional item resell value for 20 hours.
  • Description: "Symbols for a better human existence."
  • Components: Sigillum Militum, Sigillum Militum Templi, S'Command Barbera, Secretum Templi.
  • Found in: Desperate Measures and Psychosomatic.

Promotional items编辑

Auditore Trail编辑

  • Effects: Regenerate all AP.
  • Description: "Shadow dynasty that wrote history."
  • Components: Florence, Forlì, Venice, Rome.
  • Found in: Turning The Tide, Bloodwork, People Skills and The Lady's Favor.

Completing this set rewarded exclusive content on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, being the Venetian Cape and the Medici Cape. This was also the only Mnemonic set that was distributed over different portions of Project Legacy.


Chapter 1编辑

Talking Statues编辑

Talking Statues


Gods PL
  • Effect: Allows a redistribution of Skills.
  • Description: "Only the names change."
  • Components: Apollo, Jupiter, Mars, Minerva.
  • Found in: Not while the Kid is Watching and Bombastic.


Martyrs PL


Games PL


Obelisk PL


Defeated PL
  • Effects: Increase to Skirmish success rate for 20 hours.
  • Description: "How the mighty fell."
  • Components: Cassivellaunus, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Vercingetorix.
  • Found in: Underground Army.
  • Remarks: The "Hired Muscle" memory is useful in obtaining the set.

Sacking Rome编辑

Sacking Rome PL
  • Effects: 25% additional florin gain from Skirmishes for 20 hours.
  • Description: "They have always wanted what was hers."
  • Components: Alaric, Brennos, Charles V, Robert Guiscard.
  • Found in: Black Market.

Chapter 2编辑


Rulers PL


Popes PL


Constellations PL
  • Effects: Increased defensive odds for Skirmished for 20 hours.
  • Description: Fate written across the sky.
  • Components: Capricornus, Leo, Scorpius, Taurus.
  • Found in: Finding Clarity.

Chapter 3编辑

Ptolemaic Dynasty编辑

Ptolemaic Dynasty PL


Helms PL

Papal Bulls编辑

Papal Bulls PL

Amanita Phalloides编辑

Amanita Phalloides PL


Writers PL


Artists PL
  • Effects: 50% additional Perfect Craft chance for 20 hours.
  • Description: "Held a different vision of the world."
  • Components: Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael.
  • Found in: Finely Tuned.

Chapter 4编辑

Aztec Masks编辑

Aztec Masks PL
  • Effects: Regenerate all APs.
  • Description: "The faces that drove the nation."
  • Components: Quetzalcoatl, Teotihuac, Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc.
  • Found in: Farsighted.
  • Remarks: The "Sun God" memory is useful in obtaining the set.

Human Sacrifice编辑

Human Sacrifice PL
  • Effects: Easier Skirmish opponents for 20 hours.
  • Description: "The ultimate offering."
  • Components: Beheading, Cannibalism, Organ Removal, Mutilation.
  • Found in: Temple Massacre.

Hernán Cortés编辑

Hernan Cortes PL
  • Effects: 25% additional XP gained from Skirmishes for 20 hours.
  • Description: "Pride of Spain, conqueror of Mexico."
  • Components: Carrack, Steed, Cannon, Blade.
  • Found in: The Night Of Sorrow.


Glyphs PL


Charles II of England编辑

Charles II of England PL

Campaign Medals编辑

Campaign Medals PL

Shroud of Turin编辑

Shroud of Turin PL

Mars Anomalies编辑

Mars Anomalies PL
  • Effects: 25% additional XP gain from memories for 20 hours.
  • Description: "Looking for a needle in a haystack."
  • Components: Sol 016, Sol 932, Sol 482, Sol 513.
  • Found in: Renegotiated.



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