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詹姆斯二世党号是一艘横帆船,在1715年7月之前,船长是海盗Abel Bramah[1]

同年,In that year, she was engaged by the Royal Navy frigate HMS Intrigue off the coast of Cape Bonavista on the island of Cuba, and though the Jacobite managed to sink her significantly bigger foe, the frigate's shots had set the pirate ship's powder magazine alight. Despite the crew's efforts to extinguish the blaze, the powder ignited and destroyed the Jacobite. The only member of the crew to survive was Edward Kenway, who made his way ashore, and was joined shortly after by an Assassin named Duncan Walpole, who had killed Bramah the night before.[2] 


  • Abel Bramah - Captain (unknown – June 1715)
  • Edward Kenway - Sailor (1713 – June 1715)
  • Hughes - Helmsman (unknown – June 1715)


  • The ship's name is derived from the name given to a group of political revolutionaries active in Scotland, and to a lesser extent, northern England, from 1688 to 1746.[3] One such rebellion took place in 1714, the year before the ship was destroyed.
  • The Jacobite is the only military-class brig equipped with swivel guns.