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Sigfred was one of the Viking leaders and prominent warriors that relocated to West Francia alongside his brother Sinric and the Elgring Clan. Sigfred was always given advice and wisdom from his brother, who calmed down any quick and violent notions he had. However, Sinric was later brutally murdered in his sleep by Bishop Engelwin of Paris and the Bellatores Dei, a group of religious zealots. An enraged Sigfred swore revenge and became the successor and leader of the Elgring Clan.[1]



Upon Eivor's arrival in Melun, Sigfred met with Eivor at the Burial Mounds, outside of Melun. Sigfred stuck an honorable deal with Eivor, after stating that Charles the Fat's forces would soon set their sights on England once their campaign against the Viking settlers in West Francia was over. He also spoke fondly of his idol, the Norse deity Víðarr, and stated that he wishes to walk a similar path to avenge his dead Viking warriors, especially his late brother Sinric.[3]

Sigfred, Toka, Eivor, and Elgring warriors were later feasting inside the longhouse, until a commotion outside interrupted. Outside, Bishop Engelwin ambushed the settlement, killed Sigfred's Norse warriors, and ordered the deaths of Sigfred and his ally, Eivor. However, alongside Eivor, Toka, and his men, Sigfred killed the Bellatores Dei soldiers. After the fight, Sigfred held one of soldiers captive to know Engelwin's location, but the soldier was unable to answer. Sigfred quickly crushed his head with his boot. Without any delay, Sigfred left to chase down and kill Engelwin, who was responsible for the murder and disregard of his late brother, Sinric.[3]

Leaving a bloody trail, Sigfred was soon accompanied by Eivor, who wanted to aid and be in his good graces. Sigfred led Eivor to enter the southern part of Paris, where they both saw a rally within the city. Sigfred told Eivor of the men in charge of rally, which were Count Odo of France and warrior Bishop Gozlin. However, both Vikings were seen by Gozlin and then Odo, who sent his Frankish soldiers to deal with Sigfred and Eivor. Before giving Eivor a distraction, Sigfred agreed to Eivor killing Engelwin, whom Sigfred found out was hiding at Sainte-Geneviève Church. Sigfred left Eivor to go about finding Engelwin her own way.[4]

After a brief period, Sigfred and Toka welcomed an incoming Eivor, who killed Engelwin[4] and talked with King Charles about a possible truce. However, Sigfred was not pleased with Eivor's talks with Charles, as it felt a betrayal. Sigfred views the Franks as monsters, due to his lost brother and the recent attack on his men, who were brutally killed by the Franks. Sigfred told Toka to show the bodies while he left to plan for the siege.[5]

After a period of time, Sigfred, alongside Toka and his thegn Goll, met with an incoming Eivor, who recently saved Queen Richardis from Little Mother and was betrayed by King Charles. Sigfred dictated that talk is meaningless against the Franks, but Sigfred was convinced from Toka and Eivor that Count Odo might be able to see reason, thus losing no more men.[6]

However, after Eivor returned, Sigfred was shown to be right as Odo appeared to not listen to any reason. Nevertheless, Sigfred prepared for the siege by planning to set his catapults and finding a weakness near the Île de la Cité. However, Sigfred also reluctantly approved of another attempt to talk with Charles. As Toka left to find Charles, Sigfred and Eivor talked about Toka's future as jarl and Sigfred agreed but also stated that Toka follows him, currently.[6]

Within the northern part of Paris, Sigfred awaited atop the tower of Saint-Merri as Eivor met with him. Sigfred pointed at the area of Defender's Rest as the perfect place to put down the catapults. Nearby, Sigfred and Eivor spot an execution taking place. When Eivor asked why, Sigfred surmised that the man was being executed for a sin of their religion. Sigfred was asked by Eivor about the two men leading the execution, as she recognized one of them. Sigfred divulged that those men were brother-warriors Gozlin and Ebels. Sigfred stated that Gozlin led the priests while Ebels led the Frankish armies.[7]

After the execution, Sigfred led Eivor and then his men to the Franks outpost, Defender's Rest. The Vikings force, led by Sigfred and Eivor, attacked the soldiers at Defender's Rest and eliminated their position at the area. Being successful, Sigfred began to lay his catapults and promised to Eivor to take down Paris and Count Odo on the day of the siege.[7]

After the siege preparations were finished, Sigfred found and interrupted a conversation between Toka and Eivor. Sigfred asked Eivor if she will follow if he promised bloodshed of any kind. However, Sigfred baited her and wanted to see her fire for the upcoming siege. The next day, Sigfred rallied his men alongside Toka and promised a day of vengeance and glory. From his speech, Sigfred, alongside Toka and Eivor, led his men and started the attack on Paris.[8]

Gaining his way through the slums and weakening the defenses, Sigfred and his company arrived at the gates of Île de la Cité. Sigfred was met with the opposing Frankish forces, led by Gozlin and Ebels. When Gozlin prayed aloud for the Franks' victory, Sigfred spoke aloud to his gods, such as Sif and Víðarr, to help sack Paris. Sigfred left Eivor to fight Ebels, who signaled Gozlin to leave. After Ebels' defeat, the Siege of Paris officially begun with Sigfred leading the charge.[8]

Throughout the siege, Sigfred, with his men and allies, found themselves battling through Frankish troops all the way to the gates of the Saint-Étienne. However, there was an ambush and Sigfred, Toka, Eivor, Goll, and his men fought against the soldiers. Within the battle, Sigfred lost his thegn, Goll, from a stray crossbow shot from Count Odo. Sigfred rushed to his lost thegn as he was advised by Eivor to retreat. After the retreat, Sigfred and Eivor devised a way to aim the catapults towards the gates while Sigfred rushed to find and aid his wounded warriors.[9]

After Gozlin was found and defeated by Eivor, Sigfred and Toka found Eivor inside the church within Saint-Étienne. Sigfred was then left alone in the church with the remaining townsfolk. After a while, Sigfred came out of the church and was covered in blood of the innocents, adults and children alike. Sigfred shouted for war as Toka and Eivor were shocked and noticed his bloodlust. Sigfred's madness led both Toka and Eivor to find Count Odo and convince him to surrender.[9]

At the Palais de la Cité, the siege came to a halt as Charles met with Sigfred for talks of a truce. Sigfred was offered both large amounts of silver and the title of Lord of Rouen. After confering with Toka and Eivor, Sigfred agreed to these terms and shook hands with Charles, signifying a truce between both the Frankish kingdoms and the Elgring Clan. After the truce, Sigfred, with Toka and Eivor, left for their base in Melun. Sigfred soon gave a speech of victory to his people and allies, but lost himself when mentioning the taste of blood. Sigfred then left abruptly as Toka finished his speech.[10]

The Siege's Aftermath[]

During the celebrations, Sigfred was visited by Eivor as they talked about how he avenged his deceased brother. However, Sigfred revealed to Eivor that he found no lasting peace from the siege and professed his declining faith in the Viking path. In fact, Sigfred felt more bloodshed may calm him now, such as prospects father around Francia, but was reminded by Eivor that he gave his word to Charles. Sigfred left Eivor in the longhouse after shouting at her. Later, at the Burial Mounds, Sigfred stood near Sinric's grave as he pushed Eivor to fight him. After a conversation with Eivor, Sigfred was no longer jarl and left the leadership of his clan in the hands of his niece, Toka.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Sigfred's fate was varied, as Eivor had the choice to talk him down and let Sigfred go about his life in another direction or fight and kill him in a holmgang. Either path, Sigfred left Toka as his successor and leader of Elgring Clan.



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