PL Truth SeekerHQ 我想问你一些事, 你… 你叫什么名字?


裂痕是被破坏了的Animus记忆中的编程,可以被鹰眼视觉看见。十个裂痕都可以在罗马的主要地标找到, and concealed 克莱·卡茨马雷克的 cluster puzzles.

Rifts were the equivalent of Glyphs, but instead of revealing a second Truth video, they simply relayed the message "The miracle is in the execution" over the apparent ultrasound of an unborn child, along with the inclusion of an executable file.

Unlike Glyphs, Rifts could not be seen or accessed without the use of Eagle Vision. Ezio Auditore da Firenze had to grab the edge of a Rift, whilst using Eagle Vision, and climb into it.

Various hidden messages such as coded numbers and letters, music notes and Morse code appeared in the Rifts, which when deciphered, explained Abstergo Industries' rise to power.

Locations 编辑


Inside the Pantheon, on the wall right above the main entrance. Ezio could obtain this cluster by entering the Pantheon through freerunning up the wall nearest the entrance and then walking around and jumping on it.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria di Montesant编辑

On the western tower near the left dome.


At the very top, northern side of the Colosseo, just west of the view point. It was on the outside wall, and Ezio could use the Colosseo's buy landmark sign as a point of reference, as the rift was almost exactly above that.

Acquedotto Claudia编辑

Near the small town where Leonardo frequently was located, on the north side of aqueduct. Ezio could climb onto the top of the aqueduct and then drop down over the side to reach it. It was very close to the Borgia tower but on the opposite side of the aqueduct.


On the Borgia tower facing north towards the city.

Caserma di Alviano编辑

East side of the wall, on the outside of the perimeter, facing the aqueduct.

Castra Praetoria编辑

In the inner courtyard where Octavian de Valois was assassinated, on the eastern wall.

Castel Sant'Angelo编辑

On the actual cylinder of the castle, on the south side where the top of the outer wall was closest to the cylinder, near a haystack, right below a circular window.