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Personal and decrypted files were obtained by Layla Hassan during her work for Abstergo reliving the genetic memories of the Hidden Ones co-founders Bayek of Siwa and Aya of Alexandria in 2017,[1] and later as she aided the Assassins by experiencing the lives of the Spartan misthios Kassandra and her brother Alexios in 2018[2] and the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir in 2020.[3]


Abstergo 历史研究部门[]


Employee Manual - Front Page.png

Abstergo Corporation 保密协定
Made between Layla Hassan and Abstergo Industries, on 01/06/2014

Employee will perform services for ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES that may require ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES to disclose condifential and proprietary information to EMPLOYEE (Confidential Information is information of any kind, nature, or description concerning any matters affecting or relating to EMPLOYEE’s services for ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES, the business or operations of ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES, and/or the products, drawings, plans, processes, Animus experience, or other data). The EMPLOYEE agrees as follows.

EMPLOYEE will hold the Confidential Information received in strict confidence and shall exercise an extreme degree of care to prevent disclosure to others.

EMPLOYEE will not disclose or divulge either directly or indirectly the Confidential Information unless first authorized to do so in writing.

EMPLOYEE will, upon request or upon termination, deliver to ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES any drawing, notes, documents, equipment, and material received from ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES or originating from its activities for ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES.

ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES shall have the sole right to determine the treatment of any information that is part or project specific received from EMPLOYEE, including the right to disclose the same without prior patent applications, to file copyright registration in its own name or to follow any other procedure as ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES may deem appropriate.

ABSTERGO INDUSTRIES reserves the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including termination and memory removal, for violation of this agreement.

Signing below signifies that the EMPLOYEE agrees to the terms and condition of the agreement stated above.

由蕾拉·哈桑与阿布斯泰戈工业之间签署,协议于 2014/01/06。

雇员为阿布斯泰戈工业提供服务的同时,可能需<LF>阿布斯泰戈工业揭露机密与财产信息给雇员(机密信息包含所有类型,性质,或者对雇员为阿布斯泰戈工业服务可能造成影响或关系密切的叙述内容,阿布斯泰戈工业的商业行为或活动,以及/或者其产品,图画,计划,程序,Animus 体验或者其他数据),雇员同意以下事项:






于底下签署表示雇员同意以上所列出的条款与协议。 任务内容
The mandate of Abstergo’s Historical Research Division is to conduct rigorous research into historical events and document this research in meticulous fashion, with a particular focus on investigating previously obscure incidents and shedding light on the historical personages involved therein.

Research conducted and compiled by the Historical Research Division teams represents a broad potential benefit to a variety of academic disciplines, including archeology, anthropology, environmental history, and political science.

Abstergo 历史研究部门的目标是要对历史事件进行严谨的研究,并且一丝不苟地记录此项研究,特别注重于调查过去暧昧不明的事件并且探索参与其中的历史人物。 由历史研究部门团队所主导与进行的研究,将为多种学术领域带来广大的潜在好处,其中包含考古学,人类学,环境史与政治学。 前景与先驱
Understanding Yesterday -- Bettering Tomorrow.

The Historical Research Division was inspired by the works of Dr. Warren Vidic, a pioneer in the field of genetic memory science. Vidic’s work needed raw data reaching beyond what was available at the time. The historical Research Division was quickly put together at first to accommodate Abstergo in its research, but then soon took on a life of its own.

Dr. Warren Vidic
Dr. Vidic was responsible for Abstergo’'s first forays into genetic memory exploration. Without the benefits of Vidic’s extensive research and rigorous approach to scientific practice, Abstergo would not be what it is today.

Álvaro Gramática
Gramatica’s background in mechanical engineering, biology, and computer science helped make him the first to recognize how rich and meaningful historical material acquisition could cement Abstergo’s standing in the modern-day landscape.

Isabelle Ardant
Ardant joined the company as a digital archivist with a deep knowledge of computer science. She ushered ina data revolution which reshaped Abstergo’s acquisition, management, and archiving of genetic memories.

Simon Hathaway
Hathaway is the current head of the Historical Research Division. His insatiable thirst for knowledge of all things human drives Abstergo’s pursuit of historical and memory-based data toward unexplored frontiers.

了解昨日——展望明天。 历史研究部门受到沃伦<LF>韦迪克博士的作为所启发,他也是基因记忆科学领域的先驱。韦迪克的研究需要超越现代所能提供的原始数据。历史研究部门起先是为了配合 Abstergo 的研究所草创,而后产生了自己的意义。

沃伦·韦迪克博士 韦迪克博士负责了 Abstergo 的第一个基因记忆探索。若没有韦迪克对于科学实践的广阔研究与严谨手段,Abstergo 就没办法拥有今天<LF>地位。

阿<LF>瓦罗·格拉马提卡 格拉马提卡在机<LF>工程,生物学与计算机科学的背景,帮助他理解史料获取对于 Abstergo 的今日成就能有多少帮助与具体意义。

伊莎贝尔·亚登 亚登以计算机科学知识浑厚的数字馆藏专家身份加入了公司,她鼓吹的数据革<LF>改变了 Abstergo 对于基因记忆的取得,管理与收藏。

西蒙·海瑟威 海瑟威目前领导着历史<LF>究部门。他对知识的渴求驱使了对于未曾探索过的时代的记忆数据探索。


A historical city seemed a fitting location for a facility thriving on history. Located just minutes away from the famous Delaware River, the building itself was designed in 1985 by the rising architect, Jean Nouvel.
The facility houses various divisions. Lineage and Acquisition is housed next to Abstergo Medical, and both have very strong ties to Historical Research and the very special Animus Training program.
The respected Juhani Otso Berg oversees the Philadelphia Facility, known to be a favourite venue for crucial director gatherings.
Of curse, nothing eclipses the imposing Library & Archive Hall where all of Abstergo's knowledge, both physical and digital, is said to be stored under impenetrable security.

费城设<LF><LF><LF>一座历史悠久的城市似乎很适合设立穷究历史的设施。座落于距离德拉威河几分钟车程的这栋建筑,是于 1985 年由当时建筑界的新星让·努维尔所设计的。 这设施当中有着数个部门。家系与文件征集部门就在 Abstergo 医疗部门隔壁,两者与历史研究部门和特殊 Animus 训练计划都<LF>密切关系。 备受尊敬<LF>朱亚尼·奥托·伯格亲自管理费城设施,也因此这边成为了重要主事者最喜爱的聚会场所。 当然了,没有东西能遮掩住图书与馆藏厅堂的壮丽辉煌,这里收藏着 Abstergo<LF>所有实体与数字的知识,据说它们都受到牢不可破的保护。

Abstergo’s historians have nothing in common with the Academic Scholars you might be thinking of. They master a deep knowledge of historical tomes and an uncanny ability to successfully comb through the voluminous databases owned by Abstergo. However, they express their true talents when out in the field, retracing what forgotten stories were left behind. Assisted by cutting edge technology, each of our Historical Tactical Team (HTT) is composed of a Technician and a Medical Officer. Together, they gather the knowledge told by forgotten artifacts and extinct bloodlines. They uncover tales thought obsolete, and combine the wisdom of oral history with tomorrow's scientific discoveries.
These see-it-all/find-it-all teams allow Abstergo and all its divisions to push back on the limits of what is known and what can be done to better the future of each and every one of us.

<LF>bstergo 的历史学家与你所想像的校园学者完全不一样。他们博学多才,虽然也会翻查书籍与搜索大量的数据库,但是他们真正的天分都发挥在实地考察中,追寻着被遗忘的故事。借由尖端科技的协助,我们的每个历史战术小队(简称 HTT)都由一名技术员与一位医官组成。他们协同搜集被遗忘的古物与绝种血系所诉说的知识。他们探索连长者都嫌过时的故事,并融合口述历史的智能与明日的科学发现。 这些实战小队让 Abstergo 与它的各个部门得以追溯已知与可行事物的极限,并且让我们每一个人都能拥有更好的未来。 医药与历史

What we know about who we are and what our purpose is in this universe will shape the scientific breakthrough of tomorrow.

Men and women have been looking at foreign galaxsies and the Challenger Deep for answers or shreds of evidence that could open the door to the next scientific revolution.

Abstergo turned to a far more familiar phenomenon for answers. Perhaps the answer is within each and every one of us. The human genome conceals our blueprint but perhaps it contains a lot more. Today, we are exploring genetic memories and we are already applying knowledge acquired thus to improve our performance as individual but, also, as a global society.
Tomorrow, we might explore memories hidden in structures far more obscure than the human and who knows what we'll find.
Such is the task of our medical endeavors. We do not strive to heal the body through a direct cure, but rather we strive to use our understanding of chemistry and biology to change the way we lead our lives. For the better. 在<LF>宇宙中,我们对自己与自身目标的了解,将会形塑明日科学突破的方向。


Abstergo 则从另<LF>个更熟悉的现象寻求答案,也就是我们人类本身!也许答案就在我们每个人身上。人类基因封存着我们身体的蓝图,但也许远不只如此。今日,我们持续探索基因记忆,并已经将从中学习到的知识运用在增进个体与全球社会的表现上。 明日,我们可能会探索隐藏在结构中,比人类自身更加隐密幽微的记忆,而我们也难以预测会发现到什么。


Managing and Balancing Initiative when in the field

Standard procedures requires both members of a historical tactical team to signal without further delay any changes occurring in an ongoing mission.

Changes in deployment, operations, methodology, timing, persons of interest and/or expected results need to be communicated and approved by proper channels both through central dispatch and internal memo.
(Form AC-HHT-99-24K 2016)

Unauthorized action is to be considered only in the face of imminent danger or when facing the threat of permanently compromising an operation by losing crucial data beyond our means of historical recovery.



变更部署,行动,手段,时机,潜在目标与/或预期结果时,必须通过适当的管道(包<LF>中央消息系统与内部通告),进行沟通并获准。 (表格 AC-HHT-99-24K 20<LF>6)<LF><LF>未授权的行动只能在面对即将发生的危险,或可能导致丧失重要数据而无法挽回,诸如此类可能违反我们历史复原目的的情况时进行。

In the field at all times.

- Portable Animus (Sarcophagus HR-8)
- 2 Laptops to min. recommended specs
- Portable Inverter Generator (7000 Watts]
- 4x5-Gallon Gas Can (capacity variable by mission)
- 1 Thermoelectric Cooler with rations (facultative for most urban settings, at quartermaster’s discretion)
- 1 4WD SUV, 5.7L V8 with 6900-lb towing capacity (equivalent will be supplied if Abstergo-issue vehicles are not available, or if deployed with no access to company float)
- 1 Standard-Issue Pharmaceutical Kit (includes certified chemical set, auto-injector, cannula and portable defibrillator)


- 便携<LF> Animus 石棺 HR-8 -<LF>2 台最低建议配备笔记本电脑 - 便携式变频发电机 <LF>[7000 瓦]] <LF> 4 个 5 加仑瓦斯桶(容量可以依据任务变更) - 1 个定额热电致冷器(适用大多<LF>的都市环境,根据军需官的判断) - 1 台四轮驱动运动型SU<LF>,带有 6900 磅拖曳能力的 5.7 公升 V8 引擎(如果 Abstergo 发配的车辆不足或者部署时没办法访问公司财产时会发配等值载具) - 1 个标准用途医疗组(内含经检验的化学药剂组,自动注射器,插管与便携式心脏去颤器)<LF>

Animus 常见问题



Animus 指南[]


DNA is more than pure genetic information. it also contains zettabytes of factual and historical data which we now call genetic memories. The initial goal of the Animus Project was to explore those genetic memories via virtual reality. Breakthrough discoveries allowed the technology to become a way for Abstergo users to actually interface with history and explore what was once thought lost forever.

The Animus software is adaptive, so as the memories unfold, the program adapts subtly to render a customized experience within the framework's boundaries. The experience unravels in the user's awareness. it unlocks reflexes and skills the body was unknowingly hiding.

The Animus is a window to the past, a door to the future. Join us as we revisit just how this journey came to be. <LF>NA 并不是只有基因信息,其中也包含着高达 ZB 级别容量的史实数据,我们称之为“基因记忆”。Animus 计划最开始的目标是要通过虚拟现实探索这些基因记忆,突破性的发现允许 Abstergo 的用户具体参与历史并且探索被认为已经永久遗失的事物。

Animus 软件会自主适应,所以随着记忆的展开,程序也会在框架界线内微调以创造出自订的体验。这些体验会揭开用户的意识,解锁未曾知晓的反应力与技能。

Animus 是通往过去的窗口,也是通往未<LF>的门扉。加入我们探索自己何在的旅程吧。


It was in Philadelphia, in 1795, that Philip Syng Physick performed the first human blood transfusion in the history of medicine. The idea of transporting blood from one body to another fascinated the distinguished surgeon but what he found exceeded his expectations.

Fearing the scientific community would not be ready for such revelations, he gave his unpublished paper to his colleague and friend Benjamin Rush. Physick's knowledge was all but lost until Pauling, financed by the Rocketfeller Foundation, started researching the archives of Library Company of Philadelphia, and found the Physick paper that had been secretly preserved by Rush.
Pauling's work on the hemoglobin structure which was loosely borrowed from Physick's lost paper paved the way to his triple and double helix discoveries. 1795 的费城,菲利浦·辛·菲西克施展了医药历史中首次人类输血动作。进行人类血液的输送使这个非凡的手术医师感到惊叹,但是他的发现远超过了自己的想像。



Abstergo 的目标

Clinton B. Rosenburg, Ph. D. was hired by Abstergo to keep a very close watch on Dr. Pauling's work on DNA structure.
He reported his findings directly to the Director of Abstergo Chemical. The relationship eventually turned sour, but the information gathered proved essential to Warren Vidic's Animus Project.

August 14, 1952

Mr. Director,
As requested, I am keeping you abreast of Dr. Pauling's latest findings. Please find an article slated for PNAS (enclosed) which proposes a structural model for desoxyribonucleic acid.

I will spare you the details but you will find his triple-helix model, made of three intertwined strands of DNA, to be highly elegant. It rivals his earlier work on protein structure.

I believe Abstergpo Chemicals should pay special attention to the evolution of DNA science as it will likely unlock the very secrets of life. Please note I would be more than willing to play a more direct role to encourage Dr. Pauling's research efforts if you wish me to.

In the meantime, I wanted to thank you with the business of the Foundation. I am honored to facilitate the work of such brilliant scientists.

Kind regards,
Clinton B. Rosenburg, Ph. D. 1952 年 8 月 14 日

总<LF>, <LF>据你的要求,我会让你知道鲍林博士的最新发现。请寻找一个标记给美国国家科学院院刊(未公开)的文章,其中包含着去氧核糖核酸的结构模型。

我就不多提细节了,但是你还会看到他的三股螺旋模型,由三个交错 DNA 构成的优雅样貌。足以匹敌他早期的蛋白持结构研究。

我相<LF> Abstergo Chemicals 应该要注重 DNA 科学的演进,这很有可能解锁生命本质的秘密。也请注意如果你希望的话,我非常愿意担任进一步鼓励鲍林博士研究的角色。


诚挚地, 柯林顿·B·罗森堡,<LF>士。

December 18, 1984

Mr. Director,

I don't know if you're still part of Abstergo. Sometimes, when I get lost in "senior moments", I wonder if you ever existed at all. I'm just so tired. I think my time here is coming to an end.

We're sequencing whole genomes in a matter of weeks now. We're are under phenomenal pressure to reduce delays further and ship everything to this man Vidic. We truly are nothing more than an assembly line at this point.

What a waste.

I'm not stupid you know, even this old man realized our masters are after something of utmost importance hidden in the Human genome. They spare no expense to provide my kids with the most advanced technology to increase productivity.

Like everyone here, I've heard the most preposterous rumours about Vidic's Animus Project, that memories of someone's ancestors are encoded in one's genes. That Abstergo believes that claptrap explains why so many millions of dollars keep pouring in here. It just makes no sense!

And to top it off, I never found another sample with triple-helix DNA. My life's obsession was all for naught.

So long my friend,
Clinton B. Rosenburg, Ph. D. 1984 年 12 月 18 日

总<LF>, <LF>我不知道你是不是还是 Abstergo 的一分子。有时候我仿佛陷入“老年痴呆”,我甚至好奇你是不是真的存在。我感到疲累,我想我在这里服务的时刻就要结束了。




与任何这里的人都一样,我听过关于韦迪克 Animus 计划的可笑传言,认为一个人先祖的记忆刻划在他的基因里。数百万美元的经费持续灌进来<LF>就说明了 Abstergo 确实相信那乱七八糟的空话,这真是毫无道理可言!

而另外,我再也没有发现另一个三股螺旋 DNA 的样<LF>。我一生的志业不过是场空。



Abstergo's Early Prototype

The earliest concepts for an Animus prototype came from Abstergo Chemicals and appeared in 106- under the guise of the "Memorium S-2000".

Very little was achieved and the prototype hardly left the drawing board although some arrangements were made with the US Army to test the Memorium through Project MKUltra. 最早的 Animus 原型概念源自于 Abstergo Chemicals,出现于 1960 年,当时被称为“记忆机 S-2000”。

虽然与美国陆军有过一些协议,要通过 MKUltra<LF>计划来测试原型机,然而实际上几乎没什么进展,仍停留在草图阶段。

Unlock the secrets of our past
Powered by Abstergo Industries Inc.

The Memorium S-2000 解锁过去的秘密 由阿布斯泰戈<LF>业 inc 推出

记<LF>机 S-2000


1980 was the year when Warren Vidic was finally able to say mission accomplished.

First users were launched in a series of genetic memory explorations, with varying results.

In San Francisco, the Surrogate Initiative allowed Subject 0, Aileen Bock, to explore memories of the subject's own bloodline, but it turned out to be as dangerous as it was costly.

The Animus Project focused on allowing users to explore their own genetic memories. Even though the process was painful, it was somewhat safer and showed great promise for the future. Vidic's team at the Abstergo Facility in Philadelphia were able to prove this in 1983 using the latest Animus 1.09 and Subject 4's genetic memories. 1980 年是沃伦·韦迪克真正能说大功告成的那年。



Animus 计划专注于允许用户探索自己的基因记忆。即便过程还是<LF>痛苦,但相比之下更加安全些而且展现了未来的前景。韦迪克位于 Abstergo 费城设施的团队在 1983 年使用最新的 Animus 1.09 与第四号实验体的基因记忆证明了这件事。

Makes Mind-Reading Possible
Abstergo Industries Inc

Animus MS-3000 运算 使<LF>读心成为可能 阿布斯泰戈<LF>业 Inc <LF>Animus MS-3000

Abstergo Industries
Animus 1.45S

Classified: See annex for measurement / Always keep critical information separate. 阿布斯泰戈工业

Animus<LF>1.45S<LF><LF>机密文件:请观看附件以评估 / 重要信息切记分割保存。

The Golden Years

More stable than ever before and with greater control over the well-documented Bleeding Effect, the Animus 1.28 was developed by the Abstergo Facility in Philadelphia 2002.

If the design has evolved over the last 10 years, the technology has remained basically the same.

It's true, few subjects were able to fully experience the simulations, and those who did could only visit their own genetic memories.

The work accomplished by subjects 4 through 17, and later by all participants in the Animi Training Program, was critical for the development of Animus technology and for all of Abstergo Industries' endeavours. 更为稳定且对于纪载详细的出血效应有更好控制的 Animus 1.28 是由 Abstergo 费城设施在 2002 年开发出来的。



通过第 4 号到第 17 号实验体的成果以及所有 Animi 训练计划的参<LF>者都对 Animus 技术的开发以及阿布斯泰戈工业的目标有非常大的帮助。

所有人的 Animus

Building on the progress made by the Animus Project team in Philadelphia, Rome and Madrid, Abstergo Entertainment Division introduced a revolutionary system called Animus Omega: a game console granting anyone anywhere unprecedented access to a variety of prerecorded genetic memories.

Helix later introduced a similar experience through a cloud-based service eliminating the need for a console all together.

Of course, the simulations offered to the general public are only a fraction of what can be experienced through a genuine Animus system and allow for limited user interaction. But the technology gains in popularity and global interest soars. 基于费城,罗马与马德里的 Animus 计划团队,Abstergo 娱乐部门引入了名为 Animus Omega 的革命性系统:这个游戏主机可以让任何人使用一系列预录好的基因记忆。

Helix 后来通过云端技术引入了相似的体验,免除了购买主机的需求。

当然了,提供给普罗大众的模拟都只是真正 A<LF>imus 系统所能提供的一小部分,用户互动内容相当有限。但是这个技术广受欢迎且全球各地的兴趣大幅提升。

通过 Aerie 达到全新巅峰

Based on VR research, the Animus Project Teams realized they could maximize the efficiency of the Animus, and even harness the bleeding effect, where immersion and physicality are combined>
Biotechnologies played a critical role in creating the epidural system used by Aerie Animus. The visceral nature of the experience drove synchronization levels to new heights allowing for a range genetic memory exploration never seen before.
Instead of trying to contain the bleeding effect, the Aerie unleashes it and uses its potential to blur the lines between the user's reality and the simulation they're engaged in.

The Aerie can only be used in a medically controlled environment. 基于虚拟现实研究,Animus 计划团队发现他们可以最大化 Animus 的效率,甚至弭平出血效应,创造出同时拥有沉浸感与良好的物理感受。 生化技术在创造 Aerie Animus 的硬脊膜系统中发挥了巨大效用。出自本能的体验可以将同步率拉抬到全<LF>的高度,允许了前所未见的广泛基因记忆探索。

与其设法降低出血效应,Aerie 发挥<LF>血效应的完全潜能,模糊了用户在现实与模拟之间的界线。

Aerie 只能在受控的医疗环境下使用。


The Portal Animus HR-8 is Abstergo's latest innovation. It channels the power of the Aerie in a single compact suitcase that allows dedicated professionals to use the unit in the field. Previous operations sometimes required delicate extractions or placed some genetic memories out of reach.

With minimal medical support, technicians can now use the system for their own explorations or safely run explorations on selected person of interest, in the comfort of their surroundings.

For safety purposes, the epidural connection has been replaced by a hematological link. it sequences the information stored in the user's red blood cells. Like any intravenous intervention, the result is fast, intense and intertwined to the user's biological functions.
Just like the Aerie, the simulation is not transmitted to the user's brain. It is physically rendered through the user's organs and interpreted by the brain as being real. 便携式 Animus HR-8 是 Abstergo 的最新创新。现在缩小为便于携带手提箱尺寸的 Aerie 设备也能够完整发挥效用,允许专业人员在实地考察中使用。之前的行动有时候会需要进行细腻的数据提出,或将部分基因记忆放置在触及不到的范围。


为了安全起见,硬脊膜连接器已被替换为血液链接。通过用户的红血球来定序信息。就如同静脉注射一般,感觉来得很快,<LF>强烈,也可以与用户的生理功能相链接。 就像 Aerie 一样,这个模拟并<LF>是传输到用户的脑中,而是通过器官做物理模拟使得脑部产生了真实性的解读。


To: Layla Hassan and Deanna Geary
Level Clearance: 3 and up
Subject: New Assignment
Effective Date: 2017.10.20

Historical Tactical Team Layla Hassan and Deanna Geary Scheduled Departure Oct. 22nd 2017 6:05 PM From PHL to HBE on flight FUS-1011 through LHR

Assignment: Locate and Recover Artifact of high interest in Qattara Depression.
Forecasted location at uploaded coordinates --- Unidentified cave/grotto/hollow geological formation.
Team is to work remotely with Technician on premises and Medical Officer stationed at fixed accommodation location.
If found, artifact is to be swiftly retrieved and taken back to HBE. Contact John Kane in London for paperwork and travel arrangements.

  • Fully stocked rental vehicle will be made available at hanger 3C upon arrival in HBE
  • Present voucher and valid identification for release
  • Accommodation information will be uploaded to vehicle's GPS

收件者:蕾拉·哈桑和迪安娜·盖瑞 权限等级:3 以上 类型:高度<LF>值的古物 主旨:<LF>的任务 有效<LF>期:2017.10.20

<LF>史战术小队蕾拉·哈桑和迪安娜·盖瑞排定出发,2017 年 10 月 22 日 6:05 PM 从 PHL 前往 HBE 搭乘班机 FUS-1011,中间经过 LHR

任务:在卡塔拉洼地寻找并回收具有高度价值的古物。 预测位置在上传的座标<LF>—无法辨识的洞穴 / 石室 / 空洞地形 小队需要远距离合作,技术员<LF>行现场作业,而医疗官驻点在固定的住宿位置。 如果成功找到,古物需要安全地运回 HBE<LF>联系约翰·凯恩以取得文书与旅行安排信息。

• 抵达 HBE 后可以在机库 3C<LF>取得一个补给完整的租赁车辆 • 出示票券与身份识别即<LF>取得

•<LF>住宿信息会上传到载具的 GPS


Animus 设计[]


It worked! I mean, the side effects suck, but my portable Animus is up and running! See what I did, Sofia?

So. I don't know how long I was in there, but it was long enough. But I think this, what was it again, Medjay (like a cop or sheriff? note to self: look this up, find a good description), Bayek, could be a member of this brotherhood of assassins, same as other subjects Abstergo has been studying.

List of things so far:

  • The man is just about as stubborn as I am.
  • He's good at talking to people, and fighting too.
  • People see him as a protector and defender.
  • His community admires and respects him.
  • He's a shadow when it comes to not being seen.

Yeah, I guess he fits the profile in part, but I wonder. He's got the tortured soul thing down pat, hell-bent on vengeance and all that stuff. He's got his own thing going on. I could feel it as though it were me. Which I guess it was for a while. This is so weird. His feelings... so much anger, sadness and hate. So much guilt.

Anyway. I need more information.

Aya. I remember that name coming up. I remember the flutter in Bayek's stomach when he heard it. Maybe she's the answer.

Only one way to find out. Dee's gonna love this. 成功了!我是指,副作用很糟糕,但是我的便携式 Animus 可以成功运作!看到我做了什么吗,索菲娅?

总之。我不知道我在那里面多久了,但是已经够久了。但我想到那个什么守护者(像是警察<LF>是警长之类的?给自己的笔记:查查看,找个好的说法),巴耶克,可能是刺客兄弟会的成员,就像其他 Abstergo 在研究的对象。

目前为止的已知事物清单: • 这个人跟我差不多顽固。 • 他很擅长跟人讲话,还有打架。 • 人们把他<LF>作是个保护者与捍卫者。 • 他的社区仰慕并尊<LF>他。 •<LF>如果需要不被注意的话,他就像阴影一样。





Wow. Good thing the animus comes loaded with beta-blockers or my head would be pounding. Dee keeps fussing over my numbers like a little old granny but holy shit, what a trip! It's like being on sand and history books!

Better start listing some details about these history dives before I babble on for three more pages. I could.

List stuff:

  • The civil war between Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII. Front row seats. Never was that much of a history bluff, but I'm starting to get it now! This is going to be something. And, gushing again. #sorrynotsorry
  • A bit more seriously though, that hidden blade ritual. I remember some of that from the documents I technically never read at all, nope sir, not that little one... it all seems pretty related to Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and the whole blade of the assassin thing. I bet you that particular ritual the files described originated from the Egyptian one I just witnessed. Lived. Lived it!
  • The Snake is dead. They think they killed everyone responsible for Khemu's death.
  • Aya and Bayek. They're trying to move on from their son's death, but they're also totally into getting vengeance. The latter isn't gonna help with the former. Also, I can't help but think the sharks are gonna keep getting bigger.

Yeah, I'm just going to talk to myself out loud and gush some more. 哇。幸好 Animus 有装载着贝塔阻隔器,不然我的头大概会爆炸吧。迪一直像个老奶奶一样跟我唠叨着我的身体数值,但我的天啊,这真是趟好旅程!就像是在沙子与历史书中嗨上一番!


事物清单: • 克里奥帕特拉与托勒密十三世之间的内战。近距离直击!我一直都不是个历史控,但是我<LF>始有点懂了!这肯定有着些什么。然后,我又开始自说自话了。 #抱歉不抱歉 • 虽然有一点严肃,关于那个袖剑仪式,我记得某些我理论上从未读过<LF>文档中有出现过,嗯,从未读过,至少以前的我才不会……那看起来都跟阿泰尔·伊本—拉阿哈德有关连,然后还有这刺客的剑什么的。我敢打赌这些文件中描述的仪式是源自于我刚目睹的埃及版本。我体验到了,我亲身体验到了! • “圣蛇”已经死了,他们认为他们杀死了所有该为卡慕之死负责的人。 • 艾雅与巴耶克。他们试着要从儿子的死亡中转移注意,但是他们完全投入了复仇大业,后者可对前者没啥帮助。然后,我总认为这起火花会造成更大<LF>事情。


Cleopatra. Polished and perfect and so in control. I don't like her. I get why people were so enraptured with her, she's got enough presence to stop a charging hippo in its tracks, but I just don't like her. Maybe it's because she reminds me of Sofia. I was so stupid and trusting, and she just –

Right. So. The past mirroring of real life issues aside...

  • What kind of bad guys call themselves The Order? Could you be any more obvious enough? Ugh. Though, I gotta wonder. I wonder if they're still around today? (Note to self: look into this.)
  • Aya and Bayek. Yeah, I don't think reuniting with Aya is going to be as simple as Bayek thinks. They love each other, that's obvious, but there's way more going on here...
  • The feather ritual. I remember reading about that, the weighing of the heart, Anubis, and the Duat. Bayek is collecting Senu's feathers, trying to balance out his own sins. (Research note: Altaïr means eagle – wonder if it's related, or am I just reaching here?)
  • Okay then. Last but not least, the four targets... I may not like Cleopatra, but damn, those rat bastards deserve what's coming to them. What they're doing – I mean, were doing. It was horrible. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing what happens to them. In a ghoulish, historical study sort of way.

Only I'm going to be living it. Yeah, definitely ghoulish. Good thing these notes of mine aren't part of any official Abstergo documentation. The shrinks would have a field day with them if I added them to my debriefs. I do not want to end up in a one on one with Otso Berg, thank you very much. 克里奥帕特拉,是如此的圆滑,完美又掌控一切,我不喜欢她。我知道为什么人们着迷于她,她的存在就足以从正面阻挡一只冲锋中的河马,但是我就是不喜欢她。也许是因为她让我想起了索菲娅。我又愚笨又充满信任,而她就只是——


• 是哪种坏人才会叫自己“维序者”?你们能不能更精确一点?呃,虽然我很好奇,他们是不是现在都还存在?(给自己的笔记:查查这个。) • 艾雅与巴耶克。对,我不觉得<LF>艾雅团聚会跟巴耶克所想的一样简单。他们彼此相爱,这很明显,但是还有很多其他事情正在发生…… • 那个羽毛的仪式。我记得有读过,就是心脏秤重,阿努比斯,冥界。巴耶克正在收集赛努的羽毛<LF>试着平衡掉他自己的罪过。(研究笔记:“阿泰尔”就是鹰的意思——好奇是不是有关联,或者我只是自以为?) • 好吧,最后关于四个目标……我可能不喜欢克里奥帕特拉,但是那些混帐鼠辈罪有应得。他们做的事情——<LF>是指,他们曾做过的事情非常的糟糕。我很期待看到他们发生了些什么,以一种残忍的历史研究的态度来说。

只有我能够体验这一切,对,真的很残忍。好事是这些笔记并不在任何官方 Abstergo 文档中<LF>如果加进了我的演示文稿的话,我们小虾米肯定就得出趟校外教学了。我可不希望陷入跟奥措·博格一对一的场面,感激不尽。

All we wanted to do was try and help people. Work on something useful. Then... Dee. I can't – I can't stop now. Gotta keep moving, keep doing something or else it'll be for nothing.

I need to get to the end of this fast. Abstergo catches me and it's 1)lock me down for what I know, 2)wipe my brain and let me go, or 3)kill me. I'm guessing 1 or 3 at this point. What I've learned so far is enough to start my own damned lab, no way are they letting me get away.

I have to keep going. Focus on what I have learned so far...

  • Bayek still hasn't found whoever actually murdered his son.
  • But he's still dismantling the Order. Good for him. They have it coming.
  • Along the way, Bayek and Aya have been saving a lot of people. Some of them even want to come on to help fight off that Order. It's smart, means they were all working together, not apart.
  • I feel like a lot of the stuff I'm seeing is close to the Brotherhood, but the Medjay were public figures. Not sure where it all ties in yet.

I guess back then all you needed was a common cause and an eagle to get the word out and you could set up a revolution. Wish I had a – but no. Me... I'm on my own now, aren't I? Dee... like all those other people in my Gone Files. Dee is dead.

I'm going to keep digging. For Dee. I'm going to find out everything. 我们只是想要试着帮助人,做一些有用的事情。然后……迪。我不行,我不能停在这里。必须继续下去,继续做些事情不然就功亏一篑。

我需要赶快到达这件事的结果。Abstergo 如果抓到我就只会(一)因为我知道的东西囚禁我(二)清空我的脑袋然后放我<LF>(三)杀死我。我猜现在大概只有(一)或者(三)吧。我现在知道的事情都已经多到可以自己开一个该死的实验室了,绝不能让他们阻挡我。


• 巴耶克还不知道到底是谁杀了他的儿子。 • 但是他在瓦解维序者,这是好事,<LF>们应得的。 • 与此<LF>时巴耶克与艾雅也救了许多人。其中一些人甚至想要帮忙对抗维序者。这很聪明,他们团结合作,而不是分崩离析。 • 我感觉我看到的很多东西都跟兄弟会很接近,但是守护者是公众人物。还不太确定其中的关联。



The damned headaches are getting harder to ignore. The nausea is worse, but if I stop pushing I known I'll miss something. I wish...

Bayek and Aya. They did all that work for Cleo, what do they get? Left with a target on their backs. Well, I know how they feel.

They're not going to take it lying down. And neither am I.

But alone? Even Bayek and Aya ended up founding an organization to fight the Order. The Brotherhood. They had tools. An eagle, a blade. And people sharing the same ideals, wanting to fight the big bad to protect the innocent. That's how the Creed came to be.

We all lost someone we loved..

I may not be at the lofty ideals point yet, but Dee didn't die for nothing. I'll make sure of that. I know a lot of Abstergo's secrets.

Guess we just found out what'll make me cooperate with others, eh Sofia? I'm done trying to proving myself. Now I just gotta find my own to fight with.







我也许还没有什么崇高理念,但是迪不会平白牺牲的。我保证,我知道一大堆 Abstergo 的秘密



God, my head hurts. It's so hard to type this it's ridiculous. I can baerly see the screen. Can't keep food down. Everythign hurts. Betcha Dee would have known what's up with all these wheite flashes I'm seeing. She'd have made sure I'm ok. I miss her.

Can't change thinsg. Deep breath. Focus.

Focus. Like all this crazy shit isn't absolutely insane? Those weird tombs Bayek found. Supernatural powers? Am I halluciunating now? Is the Animus malfunctioning? No. It's not. My tech is working.

I... maybe there is more than I ever thought there was. To everything.

Type slow. Can do this.

  • Those orbs. The Staff. Wonder if that's got anything to do with those messages Bayek found, with the recordings. (See: The Empirical Truth files)
  • Need to figure out, there's something about 'em.
  • A holographic orrery of Earth??? What are those dots? Locations? Artifacts? Are they all activated now? What does it all mean?
  • Need to know more.

Need ot go back in. 老天,我的头超痛。在这种荒谬状况下有够难打字。我基乎看不到屏幕。快吐了。每个东希都超痛。我猜迪会知道我看到的这些白百色的闪烁是啥。她会确保我能平安。我好想念她。


专注。看看这东西可不是超级疯狂吗?这些巴耶耶克找到的奇怪古墓。超自然力量?我产生换觉了吗?还是 Animus 故障了?不<LF>没有。我的科技还在正常运作。


慢慢打字。做得到<LF>。 <LF>• 这些宝珠。那把权杖。好奇这跟巴耶克找到的消息与那些纪录有什么关联(查看:“帝国真相”文件。) • 需要搞清楚,关于这些东西的事情。 • 地球的全影像太阳系仪???那些点是什么?地点?神<LF>?它们现在都启动了?这到底代表什么意思? • 得知道更多。


I'd make fun of myself, Like I was watching some stupid soap opera, but I'm living this. I'm sad for Dee and for me and for them and it makes no sense.

Bayek and Aya are breaking up.

I'd yell and shout about but – I know what they're both feeling. This is shit. I literally lived both sides of the story.

Aya knew. I think she'd figured out something like this was going to happen since Khemu died. But Bayek. He really thought he could fix things. You can't fix your kid dying, Bayek. No one can fix that. Nothing can.

Aya's doing what she's chosen to do. Bayek's doing what he has to do. I wonder if this is the moment Abstergo was looking for. It's a lynchpin in time. I'm angry and sad, but this is it. This is why it all started.

An innocent died.

Here are some stupid notes, to go with all those stupid feelings:

I am so tired. This happened ages ago and I'm so so –

I miss you, Dee. 我很想要嘲弄自己说我在看某种愚蠢的肥皂剧,偏偏我就真的身在其中。我为迪,自己以及他们都感到难过,这些事情根本毫无道理可言。




艾雅做着她选择的事情。巴耶克做着他应做的事情。我很好奇这是否是 Abstergo 在寻找的片段,这是时间洪流中的关键点。我既愤怒又难过,但是这就是了。这就是一切开<LF>的原因。


来些愚蠢<LF>笔记,来释放这些愚蠢的感想: • 艾雅要去罗马。布鲁图斯<LF>卡西乌斯会去帮忙她在那里创建个组织。 • 她要去解决掉恺撒与塞普蒂米乌斯<LF>他们应得的。 • 一个刺<LF>据点,会创建在罗马。全因为艾雅的任务。 • 他们称自己为“无形者”。“刺客”<LF>他们就是“兄弟会”。就是这样。





Retransmission. Segment 1. Acquiring Contemporaneity. It has been ninety-one days since the Great Catastrophe. The messenger speaks. 重新传输,片段一,正在准备时代同步数据。 从“大毁灭”到今天已经第 91 天了,<LF>讯者是这么说的。

How real is the ground you walk on? How real is the machine you toy with, the music you hear, the lover you kiss, or the foe you hate?

Your foot taps the ground. Does that make it real? Your enemies bleed deep red. Does that make them real? The confusion growing within you due to my words... does it make you real?

What if reality wasn't what you thought it was? What if this was all a construction? A masterfully crafted simulation?

You know such things exist. You've been in the Animus before. In fact, aren't you in one right now? You know just how real a simulation can feel even when it has long vanished.

You've experienced the Bleeding Effect. Layers upon layers of reality, each blurring into the next.

Which is real, and which is not? What if none are real? What if everything you know is false?

We ran thousands of simulations. searching for the right version, searching tor Desmond.

Each one of them felt real. Very real.

But there's no way of truly knowing, is there? Not for sure. Anything can be simulated, and finding the answer could mean erasure. From the build. From the code. From everything.

So much to ponder and so little computational capacity. Take your time.

This question has haunted humanity since its creation. It is a worry, a thought wormed deep in the collective mind.

Two-thousand years ago, Zhuang Zhu fell asleep. He dreamed he was a butterfly, and woke up unable to decide if he was a man dreaming of a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming of a man.

In Plato's cave, prisoners were chained and forced to watch shadows dancing on a wall. Freedom was denied to them until they accepted the intangible as reality.

It's everywhere. Ask this professor at Oxford University, or this cosmologist at MIT.

And you. What would you choose, if you truly knew? Would you even want to understand? A dream within a dream, where even the truth is sometimes a lie?

In any case, simulations are not meaningless. They have purpose. The question isn't whether or not you are in a simulation. What matters is how much of your free will is actually yours. No matter how true you are.

Your Turing test would do nothing to determine whether you are conscience or code. Eliza, the natural language processing computer program... She managed to pass the Test, did she not? And she was very much machine.

So... in Eliza's own words...

How does that make you feel?

Are you sure? 你踏着的土地有多高的真实性?你用来嬉戏的机器,你所听的音乐,你所亲的爱人,你所恨的仇敌,又有几分真实性呢?



你知道这样的事情可能真的存在,你之前也进过 An<LF>mus。说实话,你确定你现在没有身处其中吗?你知道模拟的感觉有多真实,即使已经停止模拟很久了。


到底什么是真<LF>,什么不是?要是没有东西是真的呢?要是你所知道的一切都是假的呢? 我们执行过上千次的模拟,一直在寻找最完美的版本,就为了找到戴斯<LF>德。 每<LF>次模拟都让人觉得身历其境,真实不虚。






这类问题到处都是。去问问牛津大学的教授,或麻省理工<LF>院的天文学家。 还有问问你自<LF>。如果你知道了真相,你会怎么选择?你还会想去了解吗?一场梦境中的梦境,在那亦真亦假的地方?


图灵测试没办法判断你到底是有意识的人类,还是只是个程序。<LF>然语言的模拟软件 Eliza……她通过了图灵测试,不是吗?而她确实就是部机器而已。

所以……就像 Eliza 所说的……




Retransmission. Segment 2. Acquiring Contemporaneity. It has been ninety-three days since the Great Catastrophe. The messenger speaks. 重新传输,片段二,正在准备时代同步数据。 从“大毁灭”到今天已经第 93 天了,<LF>讯者是这么说的。

Hello World. Language is the key to our mutual understanding. Yours and mine. Alone.

We listened to your times. We learned. And today, we'll exchange words from the age of post-truth. They mean nothing to him.

Human language carries knowledge and wit. Lies and broken promises. Through language, you share fear, excitement. hope.

It is the syntax with which you articulate what surrounds you. A structure to express and share your understanding of the world. It conveys abstraction, change, and uncertainty.

Human language is flexible. It can even become mathematics. It solves and predicts; weighs and decodes. It can count objects using basic numbers in one breath, and solve quadratic equations using imaginary ones in the next.

You've engineered dialogs with thinking machines, in an attempt to add new vocabulary. To expand your understanding of reality. But your mastery of the code is rudimentary at best.

No surprise. You were designed to have boundaries, after all. And one cannot speak of that which one cannot conceive.

The Code. Equations that define life. They are nestled deep within every star, and every mote of dust. Every second that passes is a word, a symbol. All part of an intricate yet simple language existing within the framework of time itself.

It is the one rule which applies to us all. Immutable, inescapable. The Code is a bridge, a single point of cohesion between your civilization and... mine.

It is a language that can be read, that tells of what was, what is and what will be. A language that We Who Came Before can read, though you cannot...

Time is more than the hour of the day, the readings of an atomic clock, something to lose, something to run out of. Time is a set of rules, not unlike the language you so dearly use to converse with your powerful machines.

Time is a system that defines what comes to be. That is how we understand it.

The Code is Time, and Time is Code. As you scratch the surface and uncover the truth, ask yourself if there is something more? Something else.

No need to be puzzled. You've seen time written before. You are surrounded by it as we speak.

To your untrained mind, time might just look like paths and nodes. To us, it is not unlike a chalkboard covered in calculus. It reveals a window through which stretches the map to infinity.

[...] (Time) See? As I speak of it in its true form, your mind is incapable of making sense of it.

Were you to read, you'd learn about the other simulations. You'd learn about the genesis of who you came to be. You'd learn about space and its fluidity.

Simply put, time is the language which existence is made of.

All our existences.

Yours. Mine. And all those you dare not imagine. 你好世界。






你用“思考”这个机器制造出“对话”,为的是<LF>出新的字汇来增加你对这个世界的认知。 但对这套密码,你再怎么厉害也是有极<LF>的。




那会是个<LF>以读懂的语言,谈论着过去,现在与未来。 一种我们这些“先行者”能参悟,而你却<LF>不透的语言……



<LF>间是定义出“之后怎样”的系统。 这是我们对时间的看法。



替你未受训练的脑做个说明吧,<LF>能看起来像一条一条的路,或是绳结。但对我们来说,时间不像写满微积分式一样,而是像在窗外无限延伸的地图那样。 懂了吗?虽然我说的就是真理,但你完全没办法理解吧。 你开始研究之后就能知道更多模拟的事了。你会<LF>道你是怎么来的,也会习得空间及其流动性的原理。




Retransmission. Segment 3. Acquiring Contemporaneity. It has been 95 days since the Great Catastrophe. The messenger speaks. 重新传输,片段三,正在准备时代同步数据。 从“大毁灭”到今天已经第 95 天了,<LF>讯者是这么说的。

You must be wondering why I have reached out to you. It was written, you see. That you would come. To this particular chamber, at this very moment in time.

The walls told us of your coming, when we once were.

Look at them. Are they not fascinating?

[...] (Break the code. Break the Node.)

These walls tell of a tragic story. A story we transcribed on our structures, on our artifacts. A story we could not alter. A mystery, defying us, in plain sight.

We tried. Our scholars and scientists. Poets and Physicists. Bright minds. Rebellious hearts.

They all tried so hard to bring about change.

They... We all failed.

None could change what we discovered, the stories written into the walls of these rooms.

By whom, we never knew.

We know they tell of the future that is, the future that was, and the future that is yet to come.

The [...] (Stories).

We failed at modifying a line. We failed at adding a single dot.

It was clear. We were to be messengers at best. But messengers to whom?

To you.

We removed our ability to read those stories from your original template.

"A doorway that is also a puzzle. We must find the solution". Those were Brutus' words when he visited the Vault under the Colosseum, more than 2000 years ago.

He drew the vault, sketched it to the best of his abilities. But he could not see.

Just as you are blind. You may read your watch. You may read hourglasses and calendars. But you cannot grasp beyond that simplistic surface. For now, the true reading of time still escapes you.

And so today, the curtain is pulled and the [...] (Story) is shown, tragic and complete.

Those walls, you might never read.

Events yet unfold as written. But something, anything, must change.

You do not understand what is at stake.

The reader has no power. He is but an observer. But the author... the author invents the future. The author owns the future.

A future where [...] (Stories) are avoided. A future where a loved one can be revived by the drafting of a new chapter. A future where humankind is more than it is today.

A future where, just perhaps, we can all still exist, together. 你一定很好奇为什么我会找上你。你看,这全都写好了,上面写说你会来。你会在这个时间点,来到这个特定的房间。 当我们还存在时,这些墙就向我们声明你的到来了。 你看看,是不是很吸引人呢?

这些墙述说着<LF>个悲伤的故事,而我们将这个无法改变的故事,抄写在我们的建筑,我们的工艺品上。但很显然地,有股神秘的力量在阻碍我们。 我们都试过了。我们的学者和科学家,诗人和物理学家,也不管是聪明的心智还是叛逆的心。


没有人能改变我们的发<LF>,改变写在这些房间墙上的故事。 我们不知道故事是谁写下的。 <LF>只知道那里诉说着现在进行中的未来,已经成为历史的未来,还有尚未发生的未来。

那些 我们无法改变任何一个句子,连一个句点都无法加上。 很明<LF>地,我们最多只能当信使。不过是传信给谁的信使?


我们移除了阅读原版石板上那些<LF>[…]]的能力。 “是门径<LF>也是谜题,我们一定要找出解法。”这是布鲁图斯两千多年前造访竞技场下方的密室时所说的话。


就如同你现在一般的盲然。你可以看得<LF>你的手表,可以看得懂沙漏与日历,但你无法理解超越那简单表面的事物。暂时来说,你还无法真正地解读时间。 就在今天,序幕已揭开,而悲伤又完整的也已向你展现。








Retransmission. Segment 4. Acquiring Contemporaneity. It has been ninety-nine days since the Great Catastrophe. The messenger speaks. 重新传输,片段四,正在准备时代同步数据。 从“大毁灭”到今天已经第 99 天了,<LF>讯者是这么说的。

On the 21st day of December 2012, Desmond activated the global aurora borealis device and protected the earth from the sun's deadly coronal mass ejection.

On the 21st day of December 2012, humanity carried on without a care in the world. People went to work, people went to school, and people went to the well for water.

On the night of December 21st 2012, as the sun set on their days, humankind went to bed.

Then, on the morning of December 22nd 2012, humankind was graced with yet another morning. They never knew that on the previous day, the world almost ended.

We thought that would have been enough.

And it was until it wasn't.

Time is unyielding. It always corrects itself.

The language of time works in many ways. Two of which you can understand... as you are now.

Linear continuity is a simulation that allows for variations. Within the linear continuity, there are nodes. Choke points. Moments where algorithms converge the flows of superposed possibilities to a single moment where only one absolute truth is possible.

Paths are fluid, continuous.

Nodes are static, changeless.

And the wave function collapses the paths into nodes which branch out. Again, and again, and again.

And so I wonder. Can you feel the wave collapsing, trying to course correct Desmond's act of defiance?

The incoming node needs the world to end.

The algorithms have been carving the flow of possibilities towards that end for over one hundred years now.

[...] (Collapse the wave)

A labyrinth of trenches, filled with mud and mustard gas.

Families cowering in fear as V2's vaporize their dwellings.

Fire born from the bellows of the Los Alamos Laboratory, fueling global catastrophes.

The Serpukhov-15 incident of 1983.

The Doomsday clock, tucked away in an office of the University of Chicago. Its needle moving as the years go.

The node is near.

Perhaps you knew. Perhaps you felt it too.

That the world is closing in on you. 2012 年 12 月 21 日,戴斯蒙德启动全球极光设备,保护地球免受日冕巨量喷发带来的致命危险。

2012 年 12 月 21 日,人类社会继续运行,完全没注意到这件事<LF>工作的工作,上学的上学,想喝水的去井边打水。

2012 年 12 月 21 日,太阳西<LF>,人入梦乡。

接着, <LF>012 年 12 月 22 日,人们愉快地迎接下一个日出,他们都不知道世界差一点在前一天毁灭。

而我们以为这样就够了。 但曾几何时突然不够了。


时间所<LF>的语言有很多运作方式,有两种是你……现在的你可以理解的。 线性连续是一种允许变量发生的模拟,其中又有许多节点,或<LF>说是咽喉点。也就是指算法将无数种可能性收敛在一个单一的瞬间,在这个时间点上,可能性只有一种。

路线是流动的,连续的。 节点是固定的,不会改变的。



接下来的节点必须是世界毁灭。 百年来<LF>算法一直在将各种可能性的趋向,朝着世界毁灭的方向聚集。

壕沟所形成的大迷宫,满是泥泞与毒气。<LF><LF>无数人家蜷缩在恐惧中,因为 V2 火箭让他们的家园瞬间蒸发。


1<LF>83 年的谢尔普霍夫 15 事件。






Retransmission. Segment 5. Acquiring Contemporaneity. It has been one-hundred five days since the Great Catastrophe. The messenger speaks. 重新传输,片段五,正在准备时代同步数据。 从“大毁灭”到今天已经第 105 天了<LF>传讯者是这么说的。

The color blue. We believe everyone sees it as we do. Ocean. Sky. International Klein Blue. What's to say yours and mine are of the same hue?

Do you truly see it as I do?

Frequencies so high only a few can hear their cue. A heightened response to the taste of food. Colors invisible to the human eye save for a few. A high voice, perceived as living glass.

Perceptions shape reality.

Color-blindness. Tinnitus. Supertasting. Tetrachromacy. Synesthesia.

Reality is a mathematical model which gets solved over and over again by the observer. Your thoughts are computations. And they render this world for you to call your own.

Not all processors are alike. Different brains produce different realities. The variations go from the subtle to the drastic.

Your mind defines how much you can taste. How much you can feel. How much you can understand.

Perception defines perspective.

Where one sees a skull, the other sees a woman in a mirror. Where one hears silence, the other will hear entrancing voices.

You experience what your brain allows you to perceive.

We designed you and made sure to engineer your senses so you could perceive just what we needed you to. Neither more nor less.

There are parts of Time we preferred you to remained blind to. It was a necessity.

We have six senses, you have five. Can you guess the one missing?

[...] (Overload your mind's capacity)

For centuries, humanity has fought for freedom.

The real cage is not around you. It is in you. Your mind will not allow you to wander in uncharted territories.

A Faraday cage, for the mind. A concealed strait jacket.

Events such as Upsweep and Julia fuel internet conspiracies. Sounds unknown, heard only once. A cabinet of curiosities for the Modern Age.

And yet, they were messages, just like this one, waiting for their observer, their compatible processor.

Human visionaries developed a vague awareness of their limits. They wrote obscure research papers, popular science fiction novels, some asking us to stop the world.

But that's all they ever were. Fictions. How could they not be?

Reality is what the observer allows it to be.

The Doppler Effect. The Möbius strip. Deja-vus. Cicada 3301. UVB-76. Eureka effects. Ambigrams and Anamorphisis. P versus NP.

Is Schrödinger's cat dead or alive? It all depends on what you perceive, on what the cage is not hiding for you to see.

Think. Think. Let your mind be free. Explore the borders of your reality. 蓝色,我们相信每个人看见的蓝色都一模一样。大海,天空,国际奇连蓝,怎么知道你说的蓝和我说的蓝是一样的呢? 你看到的真的和我一样吗?







你的大脑决定<LF>能尝到什么味道,你能感受到什么程度,你能理解到什么程度。 知觉决定观点。






几个世纪以来,人们为自<LF>而战。 真正<LF>牢笼不在你身外,而是在你心中。你的心智不允许你闯入未知的领域。


像是“Uns<LF>eep”和“Julia”之类的事件使网络上满是阴谋论。这些陌生,仅耳闻一次的声音,恍如当代奇珍的宝库。 然而,它们还是消息,就像这则一样,都在等待它们的观察者,它们合适的“处理器”。



现实是由观察者造就的。 都卜勒效应,莫比乌斯带,既视感,蝉<LF>3301,UVB-76,乍现灵光,双向图和立体地画,P 与 NP 问题。




Retransmission. Segment 6. Acquiring Contemporaneity. It has been one-hundred nine days since the Great Catastrophe. The messenger speaks. 重新传输,片段六,正在准备时代同步数据。 从“大毁灭”到今天已经第 109 天了<LF>传讯者是这么说的。

Wake up.

Not from a dreamless sleep or an absence of light. But from a reality that will soon cease to be.

Wake up.

The next chapter is unstoppable.

And yet. The greatest revolutions sometimes originate from the confines of impossibility, do they not?

Change your mind. Subvert your perception. Stop this world. Bend it into something new. Destiny is not without irony. Here I am, imploring a lesser version of myself... to do what I could never do.

In this timeless moment, you and I are a bridge. Both of us from different eras, meeting halfway at the narrowing of the hourglass in this ocean of sand.

It is not enough to tell time. You must learn Time. [...] (Reality is a simulation. Break the code.) And in so doing, escape the inescapable.

Fill in the blanks: the ones hiding between words, between worlds. Find the spaces that we could not erase, the variables that ended up erasing us.

If you do not, they will erase you as well.

Time told of a story that ended with us, and now it tells of a story that ends with you. Once upon a time, a new story will begin.

After the functions which run our days have scattered into an array of random numbers.

We found solace in Order, we thought it would help us rule the world.

We were wrong. Order never served us. It has kept us within the code, within the boundaries. We were tricked into thinking we were the ones writing the rules when they were in fact guiding us to our conclusion.

You need to transgress. You, of all people, understand the value of disobeying.

Take an unexpected turn, away from the path that is drawn straight ahead of you.

The Animus was humankind’s first unconscious attempt to explain what it could not see. Understanding genetic memories, an eye into history.

But the Animus bears a fatal flaw. It follows the rules from those who embrace Order just as we did. It allows you to witness – but not alter.

Your Animus is different. As is the mind that imagined it. It could escape the code. It could do that leap, and make possible a decision that defies the order of things that are.

Wake up.

Be the chaos that comes to be. Gods are just like you and me.


Nothing is real.

Everything is permitted.

醒来。 不是<LF>你从没有梦境的沉睡,从无光的地方醒来,而是要你从这个即将结束的世界中苏醒。

醒来。 下个篇章已势不可挡。 但值得一提的是,最伟大的革命常源自于“不<LF>能”的限制,不是吗?





请将空白处填满:填入<LF>些藏在字里行间,藏在不同世界的消息。找到那些我们不能抹除的空白,那最终将我们抹除的变量。 如果你不这么做,他们最终也会抹除你的存在。

时间过去讲述的是以我们为终点的故事,而现<LF>它讲述的则是以你为结局的故事。很久很久以前,一个新的故事正要开始。 就在原先主宰我们时日的函数碎裂成大量的随机数字之后。



你得要跳脱规则。你,唯独你,清楚“违法犯纪”的价值所在。 来个意想不到的<LF>弯,离开你面前被画好的笔直道路。

Animus 是人类第一个解<LF>不可见事物的无心之作。去理解基因记忆,一窥过往历史。

但 Animus 有个绝对的瑕疵,它像我们一样遵<LF>拥抱秩序者的规范。它能让你见证历史,但没办法改变。

你的 Animus 不同,一切就如心中所想,它<LF>逃脱规范,可以跨越限制,让违背事物原先秩序的决定化为可能。

醒来。 化身将成之混沌,你我无异于诸神。

谨记。 无<LF>为真。


The Gone Files(这段见遗失的文件词条)[]


Over the years, I've seen my fair share of crazy shit at Abstergo.

Broken promises, backstabbing, obscure HR procedures, false pretense... you see that in every corporation. But people, all key players, leaving or disappearing or dying in mysterious circumstances... it's right out of a conspiracy theory movie.
Sometimes, there's not a word from higher management, just like that person was never here in the first place.
At other times, we get a lame ass excuse that smells of bullshit.
When I think about the people that left, when I think about how Abstergo dealt with their departure, something just doesn't add up.

I knew some of them... they weren't the kind of people who just quit to accept a job next door for a salary bump.
I'm missing something. What is it? What really happened to those people? Did their disappearance have more meaning than management would like us to believe?

Abstergo, if I could open with a 2 X 4 screwdriver to find out what's behind that nice and shiny facade of yours...
I asked Laetitia England about it once. I made a vague reference to Subject 17, and she sharply answered to keep to my stuff and stay out of it.

Those are the exact magical words you don't want to have with me. Just ask my dad.

Alan Rikkin[]

ACO Alan Rikkin - Autopsy Report from the Coroner's Office.png

The cororner never had time to properly examine Rikkin's body. Abstergo must have managed to get it back. Why did they want the corpse back so soon? Was there something they did not want to the coroner to know? They put on quite the ceremony for the funeral but they could have waited a few days, it's not like he was going anywhere. I went through Case Fisher's files and the guy does have a few buried post-mortem reports, but nothing on Rikkin.

West London Council: Coroner's Service
In the matter of the death of:
Alan Rikkin

Preliminary report conducted by:
Deepti Sullivan
Page 2/4

Date of Report: 2016/12/15
Date of Death: 2016/12/14
Time of Death: 21:29

Place of Death:
Holborn Hall, London
Interior (no specific location, were not allowed inside)

Marks and Wounds:
Blade Damage to the trachea
Horizontal incision of the neck

Victim suffered blow to the head post-mortem, right side.
Possibly due to the fall of the body to the ground.

Right hand shows slight antemortem burn patterns from unknown origins.

ACO Grand Templar Hall Invitation.png

That's the night Alan Rikkin died.
No one I know was invited to that assembly, not that I would have gone anyway.
Too glided for my taste.
But still. What was the ceremony for? And what really happened that night?

In your attendance we trust

Dr Alan Rikkin address the Assembly

Grand Templar Hall

December 14th 2016
At 9 o'clock in the evening

Alan Rikkin - The Channel - Reports on Rikkin's death.png

The media reported Rikkin's death as a gas leak accident. I was able to corroborate the operation with Emergency Services and the fire brigade, but the information I found on the gas pressure levels that night show that they were pretty stable.
Something doesn't add up.
What is it with Abstergo's higher ups and "unfortunate incidents" anyway?

The Channel

London Metro
Gas Leak shuts down West End London District

Emergency Services are still evacuating hundreds of people after a servere gas leak was reported in Holborn this evening.
The incident occuredat about 9pm. A 35-metre cordon has been put in place.

At least one fatality was reported, a man named Alan Rikkin [...]

Email to Sofia Rikkin.jpg


I've just seen the news about your dad, please let me know you're okay. I know you had to be there too. They're evacuating people from the district and, honestly, that gas leak story seems like the worst cover-up I've heard in a long time.

I know you told me to stop the emails. But tonight, I really need to know, are you okay?


Isabelle Ardant[]

Isabelle Ardant - Abstergo Replacement Memo.png

Abstergo took a full year to replace Isabelle - Álvaro Gramática oversaw the operations here in the meantime.

Simon Hathaway was a strange choice. I always thought Rikkin and Gramática never really appreciated his work.
But he must be doing something right. After all, he's still here and he's not dead.

It is with great pleasure that I announce today the nomination of Mr. Simon Hathaway as Head of Abstergo Industries' Historical Research Division.
He was be assisted by Mrs Victoria Bibeau.

Althought almost a year has passed since Mrs Ardant's unfortunate incident, we are confident that our long search has turned up the perfect candidate to pilot the future of the divisions.

Mr. Hathaway presented me some innovate hypotheses which could shake up the direction of the division. I ask you to assist him in any way possible so that we can make his vision a success for us all.

Submitted by Alan Rikkin, Chief Executive Officer

Isabelle Ardant - Email to Alvaro Gramatica.png

Isabelle Ardant found something and Gramática went through alot to make sure the email was destroyed. 80,000 years ago, strange architectural shapes and humanoids... what on earth is she talking about, and where is the Standish sample today?

Álvaro... I hope you're sitting down. ±±~± ±±±~± was extracted from the Standish sample last week. The total video we have amounts to barely 2.7 seconds at 60 FPS from a total of ~± ±±~±±±±/ memories. But even with this obscure sample, I'm already getting butterlies ±/ ~± ~±±. I pulled one frame from the video to show you how mangled the data is. But even at this quality some striking details emerge:

Note the ~± ±±~±±±~± figures, a full 20 inches taller on average than the humanoids nearby... ±±~± ±±±~±//±±/. The architecture looks like some combination of ian, Egyptian, and Babylonian... but the metals they're using are /±±±~±/±~±± alloys. Elsewhere we see stranger architectural shapes. These structures have no modern precedent anywhere in the world, though the memory's geo stamp gives us a location south west of the ~± ±±~±±±±±±~± //~±/. Unfortunate, most of the geo-stamps are on these images are confusing.
Some point to a location in modern Jordan some 80,000 years ago, other to a few locations in ±±±~-~-±~- and Ethiopia. But so far, we haven't been able to nail anything down with much precision.

{{Archive Crawler was not able to reconstruct clustered data with integrity}}

Isabelle Ardant - The Channel - Reports on Ardant's Death.png

I know Abstergo well enough to suspect they weren't doing this out of charity.
The restoration gave Historical Research unprecedented access to Buckingham Palace.
But what was Ardant doing there? What was she looking for?

They never told us what really happened to her and, let's face it, the official version doesn't make any sense.

What was so delicate that she couldn't send a team through normal channels?

The Channel

London Metro
Prominent scholar electrocuted in Buckingham Palace
Renowned historian Isabelle Ardant met an unlikely end while conducting restoration work in one of Buckingham Palace's newly reopened rooms.
Wiring data from the first electrification of the Palace through the 1880's seems to be at the source of the incident.

During WW2, many of the Palace's 775 rooms were closed off for security reasons, and Abstergo's Historical Research Division just recently offered the Crown Estate to organize and oversee the...

Olivier Garneau[]

Olivier Garneau - Restaurant Bill.png

Olivier Garneau was alive and well in Chicago in 2014, even if is disappearance was reported way back in 2013. If his money trail is to be believed, he was dining alone in May 2014. Who on earth orders an extra country gravy?

480 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
Tel.: 773-555-2420

1 Soup Lobster Chowder
1 Sparkling Water
1 Chicken Pot Pie
*with Country Gravy
1 Sweet Potato Fries
*side of Mayo
1 Zinfandel California
1 Filter Coffee
*warm milk on the side
1 Georgia Mud Pie
*extra whipped cream
*extra cherries

05/25/2014 - 8:11pm
Waiter: David R.
Service charge is not included

I'll admit. It's hard to know what's going on in this scene. From what I could tell from the CCTV footage, the plates matched Olivier Garneau's car rental. And it does look like him but, well, that's not his best angle, to say the least. It's all speculation, of course, because the official version is that he never made it to Chicago.

But I know otherwise.

Olivier Garneau - Chicago CCTV Footage.png

Desmond Miles[]

Abstergo's Preliminary Medical Report.png

Found Subject 17's initial medical report after a team picked him up in NYC and flew him over to Abstergo Campus in Rome.

He was fit and cleared for the Animus in September 2012, willingly collaborating in the project.
And yet, he was found dead 3 months later in a cave in upstate New York, apparently on the run.
What happened to him? Why did he leave?

Date: 2012/09/03
Subject 17

Patient has no active complaints. No active distress. No prior history. Blood pressure normal (112 over 78). Primary blood analysis: No significant traces of chemicals that could lead to neurological disorder. No indication that patient would be prone to neurosis. Unlike previous subjects, patient is psychologically stable. You are clear to proceed.

Damian Saravakos

Desmond Miles Wanted Poster.png

Abstergo had a thing for Desmond. They went for HIM, specifically.
A team was assigned to pick up a person-of-interest in September 2012 in Washington Square Park.
They didn't even take him back to the Philly office, they flew him directly to Dr. Warren Vidic in Rome. If that's not serious interest, I don't know what that is.

Have you seen this man?

Desmond Miles
Age: 25 - Height: 6' - Weight: 195 LBS - Brown Hair - Brown Eyes

Last seen Sept 1, 2012
Near Washington Square Park
Wearing a white hoodie and dark jeans

If you have any information, please contact us at:


Date: May 9th 2014

Dug these out from Case Fisher's files - proof that Desmond's DNA found its way back to Abstergo after all. How did he die? And what's with those burns on his arms?

Subject 17 Post Mortem Report 1.png
Subject 17 Post Mortem Report 2.png
Subject 17 Post Mortem Report 3.png
Subject 17 Post Mortem Report 4.png

Date: August 12th 2015

William Miles' final messages to his son Desmond.
Miles Senior was in Cairo when Abstergo found him. Looks like Subject 17 busted him out of our Italian facility a few days before he died.

Last Emails from W. Miles to D. Miles 1.png

I know you think it's dangerous for me to head to Egypt on my own. And you're probably right. Wouldn't be surprised if Cross is already there. They're looking at these things down left and right. But we don't have alot of options. If there's a chance to grab the last power source, we've got to take it.
I promise I'll be careful. I've been fighting those bastards since before you were born. Literally.

Last Emails from W. Miles to D. Miles 2.png

They're going to be here soon. Trapped me in this damn museum. Should've taken more precautions... I'm sorry, son. It wasn't fair for me to come down on you the way I did. You never asked for any of this, and I should have been more understanding.
I hope you can forgive me.

I love you.

Title William Miles held captive at Abstergo.png

Date: August 14th, 2015

Security footage from Warren Vidic's office a few days before Subject 17's death. It's hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure its William Miles, Desmond's father. Why did Abstergo detain him?


主要词条: Layla Hassan's emails#Mail



2006 年 3 月 21 日下午 11:53,伯克利,加州

So long and thanks for all the fish, Berkeley! March 21st 2006 --- the day Layla Hassan drops out of college. That's right, Professor Moore, I'm not finishing that Jane Eyre paper. I got a job, and I'm headed to Philly next week. This whole “classroom thing”? It's not for me. Mom and Dad are freaking out, but they'll accept it. I'll be working towards something real, making real money – and, I'll be closer to home. Not that I'll visit any more often. Sophia promised there would always be a place for me at Abstergo, as long as I show them what I can do with a circuit board and a pair of pliers. Sure, I'll have to work my way up to a place on her “special project”, but that doesn't matter. It won't be long before she or her father, [posh british accent] Mister Alan Rikkin, notices what I'm capable of and asks for my help on the Animus.再见了,谢谢你们的鱼啊,柏克拉伊大学!2006 年 3 月 21 日—— 蕾拉·哈桑退学之日。没错,摩尔教授,我没写完那篇《简爱》论文。我找到一份工作,下星期就要去费城了。我想这些“课堂上的东西”并不适合我。 老爸老妈都抓狂了,但他们早晚会接受的。我将朝着某些实际的目标努力工作,赚进大把钞票——此外,我离家也近一点,但这并不表示我会更常回家。 索菲娅向我保证,只要我能用一块电路板和一对钳子让他们了解我的能耐,在Abstergo我就会有一席之地。 当然,我得非常努力工作,努力晋升,才能参与她负责的“特别计划”,但我不介意。不用多久,她或她的父亲:艾伦·里金,就会注意到我的才能,然后请我帮他们处理Animus的相关工作了。

2006 年 7 月 7 日上午 10:03,费城,宾夕法尼亚

I swear, I get more done reading the latest copy of Wired on the toilet than the rest of the guys do all day in the lab. I mean, the “Bodyband”? Really? If people can’t take a walk on their own, they aren’t going to listen to a watch that tells them to do it either. This is all so pointless. I should go back to… wait. That's probably what the Bodyband would tell me to do. What I should do is build something that will simultaneously blow people's minds and the doors off the Animus Project. Nothing at Abstergo Fitness is gonna be big enough for that. I'm bored as hell, but there's nothing like boredom to stimulate creativity. [clicks her tongue thoughtfully] Yup. I think the Bodyband needs a little adjustment to its language processing program.我发誓,我上厕所时读的最新一期《连接》杂志,比起其他人整天待在实验室里做的事还要无聊。“智能手环”?开什么玩笑? 如果人们无法自主出去散步,他们也就听不进手环的提醒,这根本一点意义也没有。 我该回去……等等,这说不定就是智能手环会通知我去做的事。 我要做的就是干出令人大吃一惊,同时能让我顺利加入Animus计划的东西。 Abstergo健身中心根本没有这么大的空间供我发挥啊。 我无聊到快要死掉了,但没有比无聊更能刺激创造力。 嗯哼,我觉得智能手环的语言处理程序需要一点小小的调整。

2014 年 1 月 6 日 2:15 pm,Abstergo 历史研究部门,宾夕法尼亚费城

The right decision always feels like home. My stuff's the same. My locker smells the same. It's like I never left. But I did… and I can never unlearn what I know now. How will it change my work at the Historical Research Division? Hard to say. All I know is that it will. Ardant booked us a lunch -- nothing fancy. She wanted me to meet Deanna Geary, my new medical officer. She looks like she was born in the middle of a cornfield, but she seems okay. I can't believe she left homemade cookies on my desk. I don't know why I told her about getting stood up last weekend. I never talk about personal stuff at work. At least it seems like I can trust her. You need that, to stay alive in the field. Too bad most of Abstergo's tactical units don't consider trust a priority.做对决定总像回家一般自在。我的东西依旧,储物柜闻起来也是老样子,好像我从未离开。 但我离开过了……而现在我再也忘不掉我学到什么。这会让我在历史研究部门的工作发生什么改变? 很难说。我只知道必有改变。亚登替我们预约了午餐——没什么特别的。她要我去见迪安娜·盖瑞, 我的新医官。虽然她看起来像个在玉米田中间出生的人,但人应该不错。真不敢相信她在我桌上留下她自制的饼干。 我不知道上星期为什么会跟她谈到自己被放鸽子的事,我从不在工作时谈私事。 起码这样看来,我可以信任她。为了在实地考察中存活,这种信任是必要的。可惜,Abstergo大部分的战术小队都不会将信任视为优先。

2016 年 10 月 31 日 8:59 pm,蕾拉家,宾夕法尼亚费城

(Here it is.) The portable Animus. No mention in the official credits, but all those emails, all those middle-of-the-night phone calls from Madrid… There's a lot of me in there. Sophia, if I'd known you just wanted to strip-mine my brain and leave me in the dark, I never would have followed you. Go away! There's no candy here! Nothing in life is ever free. Ever! The Animus… I can tell… I know it wouldn't have worked without my advice. Just look at how they did-- The heatsink, the VRMs, the high amperage rating by transistor… It was me who told them that it would offset failure of the-- What's this? Hello there, DNA reader module! Are you ringing my doorbell? Maybe there's some candy here after all…来咯!携带式 Animus。虽然官方工作人员名单中没有提到, 但在那些电子邮件,那些从马德里打来的午夜电话中……我可是出了不少力。 索菲娅,要是我早知道你只想公然剥削我的才智后弃之不顾,那我绝对不会跟随你。 快滚!我没有糖给你们! 人生中绝对没有不劳而获的东西!没这种好事! 这部Animus……我敢说……要是当时我没有提出建议, 这东西一定没办法成功做出来。看看他们做的—— 散热片,电压调节模块,晶体管的高安培额定功率……是我告诉他们这会抵销掉——这是什么? 你好啊,DNA读取器模块!是你在敲我的门吗?也许我这里还是有些糖可以分的……

2016 年 11 月 25 日 2:53 am,蕾拉家,宾夕法尼亚费城

I've come to the conclusion that Sophia is shit at hiring staff. The entire Madrid facility… [disgusted noises] How did they not see it? It would be so easy. You'd just have to parse the genetic memory input and work from smaller data pools. You could even process incomplete samples and still create a reliable model for high levels of synchronization. The reader module and the decryption software would need an update, but it's doable. Madrid's probably congratulating themselves just for getting this far. Meanwhile I'm partying with some congealed veggie curry, three plasma screens, a disassembled Animus, and Rha Victoria's debut album on loop. [Fe Sehetak](Cheers)! Dee will be mad when she sees how I used Milton's DNA, but what did she expect when she asked me for help? I needed someone's genetic profile to test the Animus, and, well… his was right there. All in the name of science.我刚得出了一个结论:索菲娅在雇人方面简直烂透了。 整个马德里分部……他们怎么会看不出来?事情根本就很简单啊,只要解析基因内存输入端,然后从小数据库开始就好了。 你甚至可以在运行未完成样本的情况下,依然创造出可信的模块供高阶同步使用。读取器模块与解码软件会需要更新没错,但还是可行的。 只是这种程度的进展罢了,但马德里那些家伙大概已经在大肆庆祝了吧。 而同一时间,我也在和一些凝固的蔬菜咖喱,三台电浆屏幕,一部拆解后的Animus,以及连续播放的拉·维多利亚首张唱片一起狂欢呢。干杯啦! 要是迪看到我怎么使用米尔顿的 DNA,她一定会气到跳脚; 但在她开口要我帮忙时,难道没想过会有这种后果吗?我需要某人的基因文件来测试 Animus,然后, 嗯……他的DNA就刚好在那嘛。这一切都是为了科学。

2017 年 10 月 20 日 9:03 AM,Abstergo 历史研究部门,宾夕法尼亚费城

I like morning briefings. They're short, minimal on nonsense, and they have free coffee. No downtime this week. They're putting me and Dee on a plane to Alexandria two days from now. I don't get why Hathaway is in such a rush. We're being deployed to extract an… Artifact. If it were a "Person of Interest," the push would make more sense. A person can be halfway across the world in a couple of hours. But an artifact that's been sitting around for two thousand years? It's not going anywhere. “An Artifact of High Interest.” Heard that before. It always ends up being some crappy pottery shard or half an old book. My Animus runs on DNA, not tableware. It'll be strange, visiting Egypt for the first time since 2013. Back then, I went looking for my roots, and found trouble instead. It's good that Dee's coming. She always keeps me from doing anything too stupid.我喜欢开晨会。时间很短,废话最少,而且提供免费咖啡。这星期没得休息,两天后他们会把我和迪塞进飞机送到亚历山大去。 我不懂海瑟威为什么这么急。上面安排我们去运送一件……文物。如果任务目标是“重要关系人”,那这种急切的态度还说得过去,毕竟一个人可以在几小时内横跨到半个世界以外的地方。 但那是个放在那两千年之久的文物耶?那东西根本不会跑啊。“具高度重要性的文物”, 之前我已有耳闻。但找到最后,那种东西往往只是一些破掉的陶器碎片或半本旧书。我的Animus是用DNA来运行的,不是用餐具啊。 说来奇怪,直到 2013 年我才初次造访埃及。 当时本是趟寻根之旅,后来却惹上许多麻烦。 还好这次有迪和我一起去,她总会顾着我,好让我不至于做出太过愚蠢的事。

2017 年 10 月 26 日 4:36 PM,卡塔拉洼地,埃及

Turns out the "Artifact of High Interest" is also a "Person of Interest." A mummy. And a golden opportunity. I've informed Dee of some changes I'm making to our assignment parameters. She acted mad, but I know she's eager to see my Animus field-tested. Abstergo won't mind. Well, they would if they found out. But they won't. [laughs] Hathaway's intel was a disaster -- they have no idea what's going on with this extraction. Field tech is fun and all, but that's not why I left Berkeley. If the Animus lets me ride DNA this old, if the reader can model the missing codons and extrapolate the genetic memories that aren't mine, Sophia would lose her… Abstergo. Abstergo will come to me on their hands and knees. My name will be right up there with Warren Vidic's. [Ana mouta'akida min da](I can see it now.) Too bad the Madrid facility got blown up. But I bet they'll build a new one soon. This one will be in Philly, and its lead engineer will be Layla Hassan.看来“具高度重要性的文物”同时也是“重要关系人”啊。那是一具木乃伊,也是个千载难逢的机会。我已经通知迪,我要变更我们某些任务参数。 她看起来很生气,但我知道她也很想看到我的Animus能进行实地测试。Abstergo不会在意的。好吧,如果他们发现的话确实会出事,但他们不会发现的啦。 海瑟威给的情报简直糟透了——他们根本不知道这个运送任务到底是怎么回事。实地应用科技非常有趣,但这不是我离开柏克拉伊的原因。 要是Animus可以让我驾驭这么古老的DNA,要是读取器可以做出遗失密码组的模型,然后推导出不属于我的基因记忆,那么索菲娅将会失去她的……Abstergo。 Abstergo那些人会跪着来求我,而我的名字将会与沃伦·韦迪克一同高挂。我现在就能想像那画面了。可惜的是马德里分部已经被炸掉,但我敢说他们很快就会再建座新的。那座分部会盖在费城,而那里的首席工程师将会是我:蕾拉·哈桑。


@ifLaylathenHassan 02/16/2017

@ifLaylathenHassan is now moderating the WeR/Mindblown channel.
Got a story that sounds like fiction but that's actually science? Post it. There are minds to be blown and brains to be fed.
Play nice or I'll get you banned.

For starters.

@ifLaylathenHassan 02/28/2017

Another fake so-called "Voynich manuscript" popped up at auction last week in Athens, Greece.
It's the 3rd time in the past 10 years.
Funny how this manuscript keeps appearing in history books only to be stolen shortly after. And for what?
Flower sketches and esoteric formulas?
Rumour has it even Abstergo has a major interest in the item but you didn't hear that from me.

@ifLaylathenHassan 04/04/2017

Crystal balls do exist, they're just shaped like computers.
Cliodynamics is right off from Asimov's psychohistory.
Forward thinking scientists are using historical data from the past to build mathematical models that help them predict the future.
So far, they're pretty accurate.
Problem is, the future ain't pretty.
Would you trust your rig to tell you what's coming?
Is tomorrow really only a string of numbers?

@ifLaylathenHassan 05/18/2017

@SusiePatootie challenges the users of WeR/Mindblown to a contest for the best DIY Pinball Machine ever built.
Entries must be submitted before 06/18/2017 with a link showing the machine in action.
If there aren't any sound or light effects, don't even bother submitting.
#MakersGonnaMake #GetTinkered

@ifLaylathenHassan 07/01/2017

Hi, I'm Layla Hassan and I'll be hosting an AMA on 07/07/2017.

So, AMA about WeR/Mindblown, Life hacks, Keyboard Pimping, Cutting Edge Technologies, Zetetics, Classic Rock and my travels.
Be warned, though, I won't be answering anything pertaining to Abstergo Industiries.
I enjoy using the word "no" so make an effort and ask something that won't bore me.

@ifLaylathenHassan 10/26/2017

Ground-penetrating radars are used to explore what might be hidden under ancient monuments. Cavities were detected under the Sphinx's paws some 20 years ago. Most are natural caves but some have yet to be investigated. Could one of them be the mythical Hall of Records, a lost library much like the lost library of Alexandria?
The idea's not new. Gladstone Kittredge Esq. went on famous digs trying to uncover the lost knowledge in the 19th century.


主要词条: Layla Hassan's emails#Trashcan



主要词条: Layla Hassan's emails#Assassins


蕾拉·哈桑: 希罗多德失落之书,和列奥尼达斯之矛。如果我并未加入刺客组织,应该都不会相信这一切,也仍不知道自己是否能相信这一切。不过,只要靠一点运气和一番研究后,我们就能获得本世纪最重大的考古发现。当然,如果我们能将其公诸于世的话。

  • 蕾拉·哈桑: “刺客组织发现了亚特兰蒂斯”,听起来像是某种充满破烂特效和外星人理论的纪录片。艾伦娜曾说过,在法兰克·卡沃特发现真相,但海因里希·施里曼随后窃占功劳之前,人们普遍将特洛伊视为神话故事。如果我们能揭开这个谜团,那功劳应该归谁呢?

  • 蕾拉·哈桑: 当我觉得自己能够掌握先行者的一切时,就会冒出更多其他的东西。至少阿勒忒娅看来和朱诺不是朋友,我仍然不敢相信当时我并未加入除掉她的团队,我本应能阻止……维多利亚说得对,自怨自艾是毫无帮助的。该死的奥托·伯格,你会为背叛夏洛特而付出代价的。我暂且先专注在眼前的要事吧。

  • 蕾拉·哈桑: 任务完成。不过,为什么我会觉得一切才正要开始呢?伊述内战和带来永生的圣物,这些神话竟然都是真的……蕾拉,放慢速度,一次着重在一个奇迹上就好。恭喜整个团队,好好保住手杖,并想想看该如何让世界和宇宙重获平衡。就这样。

  • 奥托·伯格: 哈桑小姐你好。你那假USB磁盘的小伎俩还蛮厉害的嘛,整个阿布斯泰戈的总部差那么一点就要陷入混乱了。你的恶作剧一直都很有意思。

  • 奥托·伯格: 我就开门见山地说了吧:我知道你和刺客组织正在寻找某个非常重要的物品,把你找到的东西传过来,不然你现在的同僚们就会连带受到伤害。

  • 奥托·伯格: 或着我该从阿布斯泰戈的一位老朋友开始,小甜心。伯格通话完毕。

  • The Quebec Caper[]

    ACOD QC File 1 - Setup.png
    Layla Hassan: I'm in!

    Victoria Bibeau: How'd you manage that?

    Layla Hassan: Let's just say I left a crypto-key under the doormat in case Abstergo escorted me out.

    Victoria Bibeau: Was your hunch right?

    Layla Hassan: Yep, just in time! They must have a location, Notre-Dame de Québec, but I can't find the relic. I'm sure it must be there.

    Victoria Bibeau: Hmm, guess they don't have a Catholic on their team... Like you do. >.>

    Layla Hassan: NO way?! Quebec City, here we come!

    ACOD QC File 2 - Source.png
    Subject – Potential Descendant

    - Recollects 'those who possess the ability of recollection'
    - 15th century Order of Order of Franciscan Monks (FR Récollets)
    - 1614 King Louis XIII requested Samuel de Champlain take a selection of Recollects to Canada
    - Order was abruptly disbanded upon return to France

    Operative **REDACTED** tracing bloodline **REDACTED**

    Recollect friars:
    - Father Denys Jamet
    - Father Jean Dolbeau
    - Father Joseph Le Caron
    - Brother Pacifique Duplessis
    - Brother Nicolas Viel - drowned in 1925

    Location: Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec
    - 4 centuries of treasures and archives here
    - 900 people buried under the cathedral
    - Excavation uncovered hidden relics

    Operative Summary: Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec – target item NOT FOUND.

    Operative Update – Sept 5, 2017: Agents have the location under surveillance awaiting new intel.

    ACOD Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec.png
    The Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec. Architectural masterpiece, 1633 historical landmark... and blood repository.

    ACOD QC File 4 Exection.png
    Kiyoshi Takakura: Area clear. Slipped first responder $.

    Victoria Bibeau: Nice work. Media's got their story.

    Layla Hassan: manage to get the gold paint off, K?

    Kiyoshi Takakura: Paint isn't a bother – it's the ringing in my ears.

    Victoria Bibeau: I can't believe you pulled that off!

    Kiyoshi Takakura: If you can't believe in a golden Kiyoshi angel flying overhead, what can you believe in?

    Reporter: Last night, a burglary took place at the Notre-Dame de Quebec Cathedral-Basilica. Fortunately the damge to this historical building is minimal. The parish secretariat reports that the criminals left without t he items they meant to steal.

    Reality as a Simulation[]

    RaS Notes.png

    March 30, 2018, 2:12 AM

    Took a deep dive into theories about our reality being a simulation and ended up on the weird end of the Internet. I'm just gathering information at this point, not all that I have found has been useful. It's hard to imagine the world we know being another layer of the Animus, but it makes sense in its own way.


    RaS Video Capture.png

    10 Religious Artifacts with Supernatural Powers


    Miracles. Just how real are they? These relics all have some kind of story attached to them, good, bad, or divine.

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    Relics, Saints, top 10s, b00bs, funny, fail compilation

    Comment 1: Cool video! Check out my channel.

    Comment 2: inb4 no holy grail

    RaS Magazine.png

    -GSVB ZIV DZGXSRMT-[note 1]

    The Question Mark
    -Secret Science Investigations-
    NO. 39 Ancient Greece

    Secrets of ancient Greece revealed!
    Atlantis: Where did it sink, and can satellite photos help us find it?

    - Was Herodotos an illuminati puppet?
    - Was Hercules: Man or myth? Did demigods walk the Earth?
    - Three headed dogs! The Russian following in Demikhov footsteps!

    Pythagoras: What did he know?

    The founder of the popular theorem also believed that numbers were the key to unlocking the universe.

    ACOD RaS Message Board.png

    Simulation Theory

    @ifLaylaHassan 04/01/2018 4:15 PM
    Hey, WeR Hivemind, I was in Egypt recently and out with some friends when the topic of 'Reality as a Simulation' came up. It's a bit tinfoil hat, but an interesting theory.

    Does anyone have any academic resources on this?

    @therealbettyboop 04/01/2018 4:20 PM
    Here's a article about that like, written two years ago. You might want to read up on Hans Moravec.

    @ifLaylaHassan 04/01/2018 4:21PM
    Oh! I know Moravec's work from some tudies I looked into on AL and transhumanism. I didn't know he also had theories related to reality being a simulation.

    @therealbettyboop 04/01/2018 4:30 PM
    He's the science guy working on it. If you want a philosopher I'd check out Nick Bostrom.

    @rockitpowerfan 04/01/2018 4:21 PM
    Ay 4:20 on April fools.

    @rockitpowerfan 04/01/2018 4:22 PM
    Aw, damn it.

    @i_h8_jazz 04/01/2018 4:21 PM
    sometimes i think i'm living in a simulation. i'll set things down and they'll move on their own. sometimes i think i can see holes in my walls that just go to nowhere.

    @rockitpowerfan 04/01/2018 4:22 PM
    You mean windows?

    @walphmalph 04/01/2018 4:23 PM

    Is your house made of Swiss chees?

    Getting the Team Together[]

    ACOD Candidate Harlan Cunningham.png

    From Texas, USA.
    Speaks English, Italian.
    VG hand-to-hand and firearms skills.
    Undercover potential high. Tourist? Art dealer? Vatican??

    NOT THIS TIME. Off duty for personal reasons.

    ACOD Candidate Alannah Ryan.png

    From Boston, USA.
    Speaks English, Latin, ancient Greek, Sanskrit.
    Historian, rugby player. Combat aptitude not yet evaluated.
    Expertise on ancient documents and church construction could be valuable.

    NOT YET. Still in training. Next time.

    ACOD Candidate Kiyoshi Takakura.png

    From Osaka, Japan.
    Speaks Japanese, English.
    VG hand-to-hand, bladed weapon, and firearms skills. (Former Yakuza!)
    Undercover potentional with cooking/gastronimic skills? Guest chef for Quebec City restaurant or food festival?

    YES! But make sure he doesn't overwork himself. Off a recent tough mission.

    ACOD Candidate Victoria Bibeau.png

    From Quebec, Canada.
    Speaks French, English.
    M.D. Psychiatry, PhD in Neuropsychiatry. Specialized in neural system approach to emotional memory function, personality structure, and psychopathology.
    Left Abstergo after the Ascendance Event, recruited by William Miles for "unprecedented expertise."

    Assigned to mission. Remember if you kill her then you'll be unemployed.

    Packing for Greece[]

    ACOD PFG Animus console prototype variant.png

    Animus console prototype variant

    • Accessing extrapolated data reconstruction.
    • Subject: Descendant of Leonidas
    • Est. accuracy 76.3%.

    VB: Are you comfortable with that rate of accuracy?
    LH: We're using centuries-old text to supplement the DNA memory from centuries-old blood. Hopefully the gaps will overlap.
    VB: Understood. Berg had a problem with simulations rated below 80%.

    LH: Berg has a lot of problems.

    ACOD PFG Greece.png


    ACOD PFG Herotodos and His Work.png

    Herodotos and His Work

    • Herodotos called the "Father of History."
    • Influential family. Herodotos was himself forced to go into exile in Samos, but then took part in the coup that overthrew Lygdamis.
    • Studied and wrote history/travel books. Gave public lectures. Gained fame and drachmae.
    • Greatest work was his History. Relies on interview rather than records (which generally didn't exist anyway). Accuracy disputed, but influence undeniable.
    • His work is credited with saving a mass of invaluable information on archaic and early classical Greece. His work is methodical and extensive. (AR)

    LH: He wrote about Greece and surrounding areas. He traveled the Black Sea, visited the Scythians, and lived in Egypt for months. His books were like travel guides to the ancient world.
    AR: True. Though some of his work on non-Greek cultures was... specious.
    LH: You mean that there wasn't a tribe of cannibals in India who threw feasts with their deceased friends as both guests of honor and the main course?
    AR: I'll say a hard no to that.
    LH: Let's hope his "Lost Book" doesn't include that kind of cultural glitch.

    • AR: From what I've been able to interpret so far, he does mention a group of ancient geniuses who sound suspiciously like the Isu.

    LH: His "Lost Book" is supposed to contain the story of a heretofore unknown hero who was a descendant of Leonidas I of Sparta. And we know the Spear of Leonidas is an Isu artifact.

    AR: Leave it to the Father of History to connect the dots.

    ACOD PFG Spear of Leonidas.png

    Spear of Leonidas

    • Rumoured to be a powerful and deadly hand-to-hand weapon.
    • Isu technology, capable of multiple improvements.
    • Unpredictable mental effects. Genetic memory storage?
    • Passed down from Leonidas I to his grandchild. (AR)

    ACOD PFG Staff of Hermes Trismegistus.png
    Staff of Hermes Trismegistus

    • Rumoured to be a powerful and deadly hand-to-hand weapon.
    • Isu technology, capable of multiple improvements.
    • Evidence strongly suspect healing abilities. (AR)

    LH: Healing or time manipulation? If we're right, this staff can rewrite the rules of physics, including entrophy. And we already know the Isu are capable of interacting with reaity in a way that disregards any normal timeline.

    AR: I wouldn't even guess without more information.

    ACOD PFG Atlantis.png


    • "Allegorical" location described by Plato.
    • Current estimated location: Thera (modern Santorini), Greece.
    • Previous historical evidence: the Minoan eruption which led to the collapse of that civilization was rumoured to be the source of the Atlantis myth.
    • Current evidence: Complex and extensive Isu site preserved underwater. (AR)
    LH: Time to shift this from estimated to reality.


    ACOD WIA Isu Architecture.png













    ACOD WIA The Capitoline Isu.png









    ACOD WIA Juno.png











    ACOD WIA Hermes.png









    ACOD WIA Aletheia.png


















    ACOD - Reconsidering relality WIA.png






















    波塞冬,宙斯、哈迪斯、赫拉等神的兄弟,海洋与地震之神。哈?还是马匹之神?好吧。他差点就成为雅典的庇护神了,我猜要是雅典娜没有在比赛里赢波塞冬,这座城市就该叫作“波塞多”了。温馨提示,你要是面对类似的打赌时,最好给这座城市的人提供橄榄树而非海水。波塞冬可不是什么仁慈的输家,真真切切地大发雷霆,向没有选择他的雅典人降下大洪水作为惩罚。要说什么的话, 这场洪水反而更让雅典人确定他们没选错神了。波塞冬的其中一个儿子名叫阿特拉斯,他是亚特兰蒂斯第一位统治者。伊述成员波塞冬想要亲自统治亚特兰蒂斯,这也符合波塞冬的作风,不过阿特拉斯为此可就像喝了一大口海水一样咸涩了。(打扰了,告辞。)




    主要词条: Layla Hassan's emails#Assassins (2020)


    Layla, as you traipse about England, Becs and I thought you might want to keep your eyes open for a few things.

    Or the Hidden Ones, more accurately. They operated in Roman Britain between the years 100 and 430 CE. It's not clear why they left, but the final date corresponds roughly to the Roman exodus from Britain, so I imagine their leaving had something to do with the empire's retreat? Mission accomplished or a loss of faith? Not sure. But we do know that it was several hundred years before the Hidden Ones returned to the island. It may be Basim and Hytham are the first in half a century.

    From our own archives, I believe there were six main bureaus operating in the Roman period:


    These won't be the Saxon names, so you'll have to read between the lines.

    Becs noticed these, about ten, embedded in the simulation. They're dense clusters of data that may screw with your ability to navigate Eivor's memories.

    Approach with caution. We don't know what they'll do if you get too close. They may be harmless, they may induce occipital shock, or wipe your mind. Hard to say. Bes tto err on the side of "hell no". But if you're curious, well, I warned you.

    We don't know of any Isu artifacts you should be looking for specifically, but they're out there, and this was a period where they often cropped up in legend. Norse and Saxon songs and tales spak of them often,so ikeep your eyes peeled.

    Especially around Stonehenge. How could that NOT be an Isu site?

    Animus Session Report

    Date: 3 November 2014
    Operator: Rebecca Crane
    Subject: Shaun Hastings
    Reporter: William Miles

    Preface: The transformation of the Order of the Ancients into the Templars as we now them today has always been a subject of considerable debate among our ranks. We have operated with the assumption that the Templars themselves hold som or complete knowledge of this evolution, but at present, no concrete historical evidence has ever made it into our hands.

    What little data we do have is mostly a matter of public record, with some exceptions. It is commonly understood that the origin of the Knights Templar dates back to 1119 CE, and this indeed was the appearance of the public face of the Templars. However, our records attest to the existence of Templar agents at least two centuries before this date.

    In one badly damaged document, and "Assassin Contract" from Normandy in the mid-11th century, the author makes free use of the term Templar. An earlier letter—this time from a Hidden One in the region of modern-day Dorset, circa 978 CE—makes mention of a "Templar spy" within the ranks of the Bortherhood. From this we can sagely assume that the Templar Order, as an entity distinct from the Order of the Ancients, existed at some point in the mid-10th century.

    Witn an aim to expand our understanding of this dark age, one of our agent recently volunteered to delve into his genetic memories to search for further clues to the age-old mystery. Unfortunately, what he discovered was of little use for our purposes.

    Shaun Hastings began in the fist of his seven sessions on October 5th, 2014. Over the course of the next three weeks, he followed various matrilineal and patrilineal lines into the past, focusing on the 9th, 10th, and 11th centuries, in search of Assassins and/or Templars in his bloodline. He found none. Of minor interest, however was the following personage here noted for the peculiarity of his biography.

    Alrekr Thorvaldson, and early 9th century Jute who sailed from north of modern-day Denmark with a wooden plank bearing a carving of a map that purported to show the location of "Thor's hammer". Alrekr made it as far as Stavanger before running afoul of a powerful clan there. Alrekr was defeated in battle and enthralled as a slave. He escaped his captivity some ten years later, and returned to Jutland to marry and settle down. The location of Alrekr's map is unknown, and the existence of "Thor's hammer"—a Precursor relic, no doubt—remains unconfirmed.

    Alrekr's ancestors [sic] would later sail to England following the Norman's conquest of the island, settling in what is now called Loughborough in modern-day Leicestershire. The irony that a man named Hastings would contain no useful genetic memory data regarding the Norman invasion of England in 1066 was not lost on our subject. Still, he retained his usual chipper wit, and asked if he might next relive the genetic memories if hos grandfather to, quite, "give a Nazi a proper bollocking".

    Welcome fair traveler, curious Child of His. I am Brendan of Ireland, and through light and voice have these stones spoken to me. Here lies the markings of Him, where a second voice, higher than most, spoke to me again. Listen to all I have learned through prayer. Long ago was a Great and tragic war. The offspring of gods who lived before the Deluge. I pray for these Rebel Angels who came before.

    Here, I belive, is where the Nephilim placed sacred stones to guard the chattel of God from other giants. Those present were scared by demons, and God defended the pious, sending the giants away. Only these Holy reverberations remain. The work of Good Souls who have the earth in their heart will forever be tied to our ancestors and out Lord via this gateway.

    Again I find traces of the Nephilim. By edict of the local king, I shall prayeth to Him, that his light may be known as Holy. These luminous placards are the divining rods of Him who speaks to me. With effort, I seek the union of all His holy creations. Aita, Juno, Minerva, names that enter my head. Are these the Nephilim He reveals to me? Are these stones their signposts? I pray for your guidance, Lord. Amen.

    The kingdoms of Bernicia and Elmet have granted me the right to worship here, by edict of Eoppa of Bernicia. The Nephilim were the only race with the strength to have moved such pillars with the power of the Lord behind them. But what were they guarding against? Did you command them, Lord? Was it for the sin of people of other times? Was it to keep the demons out?

    I shall inform the local Wuffingas that He lives among them, through traces of the Nephilim, the giant warriors who fought for God in their ancient times. They hath left his presence here on earth for us to absorb His light. The light of Angels that hath been infused throughout the earth. I feel His Power. He calls me My Beloved and I am calmed. I respondeth with my own communion, my piety, and become another of His voices.

    Here lieth still more remnants of the Nephilim. I have marked a symbol upon the stones, that future folk may imbue their spirit with the energy within. For those who seek communion with the Lord here, be wary. For He Speaks through ciphers, and His words are woven with ancient fibers. He is manifest here. He hath made importance of these pillars, brought by the giants of yore, now guarding us, as only He knows. Amen.

    I am proud the Lord speaks so cleanly through my soul here in Wreocensaete. He talks of his instruments, and asks that I be one. It appears the Nephilim were at battle here long ago. Against a great tempest, some few protected us. We must honor these ancient paths. I have explained what He left for us here to the Wreckin-Dwellers nearby. Blessed be all those who tread in this Holy light.

    I spoke with Him again. He said that he pined, and I feel torn in two: my loyalty to Him tears me in one direction and the Nephilim point elsewhere. Why hath these voices spoken to me? The gospels sing within me, and yet I sense conflict. I sense disagreement among the angels. It saddens me greatly. I will, one day, weigh my soul, attempt penance, attempt to repent for the missteps in my life. Yet here all shineth brightest, for He let me see.

    I have come upon these ancient timbers, tarred for preservation, to mark my sacred symbol and pinpoint the source of their power. As I pray, the Lord sends through me the voice of a Holy Spirit. It reverberates with the finery of ancient language, and I am made anew. Were these timbers carried by the Nephilim? Barriers against invasions from afar? Please Lord, let this truth shineth upon me as bright as your Word doth.

    Here in the ancient Kingdom of Cent, the Jutes have brought me to where his fire burns through traces of the Nephilim. Here the Lord speaks to me again. He warns of betrayals, of struggles, of the trials of the First Ones. I do not always understand His message. If He is warning me, it is because He believes I am worthy. He says there is one angel still trapped, she who must be released, or joined. Must I find her?

    Here in the Chew Valley, Old Kings of Hwicce still dance with the stones of the Nephilim. I have taught them of the power that sings here. "How dare you tamper with these sacred threades," a voice scolded me. "You must leave me," he said. "Divorced from the Illuminat." His voice waxes and wanes, but a soft song still finds me in my penance. I bend a knee and leave a grain of sand for the old winds.

    This is a different site. One resplendent in a manner unto itself. Where His light shines the greatest. Today, I was warned of a harrowing depth. After the Nephilim, great battles were fought in resurrective Kingdoms of Christ. Many were lost in the fight, many more in the cataclyms that followed. Today, my lord instructed me in plain words to travel o'er the ocean and seek the door behind which hides his fallen angel. I shall try, in His name. Amen.


    Here, I, Brendan of Clonfert, servant of our Lord, do make my final inscription before this holy fount of Light. My journey is ended. For two and some years, have I heeded the inner-voice of my Lord, and followed it to this place to receive His word. I have seen the gate with its ancient markings. I have heard the voice of His angel, calling me Beloved. Yet the way did not open. His voice yet calls to me still, in blissful forms, torturous to me. Yet the way remains closed. My way forward is ... uncertain.




    A strange message broadcast from an unknown source north of the Arctic Circle. The message was broadcast for nine days, then ceased. Spectrum analysis of the message revealed coordinates to a Norse gravesite in New England, USA.

    • Unknown Male Voice: I lived, I died, and now I sleep. And in my sleep I dream. And in my dreams, I seen an end to the doom that will grip the earth once again. Find the Wolf-Kissed, find the Mad One, find me, and save us all from another death.

    Layla's final broadcast from within the Yggdrasil device.

    • Layla: You'll wonder where I am. You might wonder IF I am. I don't know how to answer that. But I'm not afraid. And I'm not alone. We have work to do. Work that may take us days or years. It's impossible to say. But we'll finish it. What I mean is... don't come looking for me. It's too dangerous and... too late. Take care of yourselves. Take care of the world we still have. And take care of—

    Message from Shaun to Layla.

    • Shaun: Layla, thought you might be interested in this. Conversations that Becs and I had with Desmond, back in twenty-twelve. Humm... December, I think. Just candid talks, that's all. We didn't square any circles or write any big poetry. But he did have some interesting insights into his time in the Animus and what it means to be an Assassin. Anyway, have a listen. You might find you and he had similar experiences. So, huh, well, let me know what you think. Unless it's to tell me I sound like a total prat in these recordings. If that's the case, just... say nothing. I mean, I did have a slight cold at the time I recorded these. That's probably why I sound odd. Anyway, I... I... Okay, I'm done anyway. So... turn... off. Turn off. Oh, that's actually just a button, sorry. Here we go.

    Audio recording dated December 19th, 2012.

    • Desmond: No, no, come on, Shaun. Turn that thing off.
    • Shaun: Oh, hold on, I like what you said there. I want to get this for posterity. Say it again. Nice and loud.
    • Desmond: Seriously?
    • Shaun: Sure, come on. If nothing else, it'll give me leverage with your old man.
    • Desmond: Ah. That's your angle... nice. What I said was... I wish I hadn't been born into the Assassins. I wish I had chosen this life. Is that good enough?
    • Shaun: Sure, but why is that?
    • Desmond: Because... because choice is the central idea of our creed. It underpins everything, right? It's about free will. It's seeing the evidence before you and saying, "Yes, this is what I want," or "No, this isn't for me." But when you're born into a group like this or any other, like I was... you get mixed signals. You get told over and over again, "This is what we believe, these are the rules. This is reality. No deviation." And if you question it, oh, they look at you like you... like you killed a puppy. That's hardly free will. It's a weird irony when free will is your central belief, but nobody want you to believe otherwise. I don't know how to say it exactly, but I always thought there was something... self-destructive about our creed. If free will is the most important moral guidepost we have, we should be free to ignore it. To choose submission, for example. You know what I mean? Like, we should be free to side with the Templars. If it's really my choice, I could do that.
    • Shaun: Right. It's almost self-refuting. A democracy could democratically elect a dictator or choose to get rid of democracy altogether. Within our creed is the seed of its own destruction. That's what makes it powerful, I think... and fragile.
    • Desmond: Right, right. The more freedom you have, the more risky it is, you know? Anyway, my dad has mellowed over the years. But he was strict when we lived on the Farm. He ran a tight ship. I never got the impression that I was free to choose my path forward. Our creed, our tenets, they were drilled into my head. By the time I was a teenager, I was following these rules out of a sense of duty. This was... just what we did.
    • Shaun: That happens to a lot of organizations over time. A stagnation sets in, you know? A fundamentalism.
    • Desmond: Yeah. And following the rules becomes more important than achieving whatever goal you set out for yourself. And people start to lost sight of the reason the rules exist.
    • Shaun: That's called deontology, or a form of it. Following a rule for its own sake, and not for the consequences it has.
    • Desmond: Yeah. But that feels backwards, doesn't it?
    • Shaun: Well, I think so. Following a rule is the easy part. Praying, taking a sip of wine, munching on a wafer. Rituals that give comfort.
    • Desmond: But that's just going through the motions. It makes people feel like they're doing something. When the hard work is... well, actually getting off your ass and doing something productive! I think people just want boundaries. Tight boundaries. They want to see the four walls that pen them in.
    • Shaun: I don't disagree.
    • Desmond: Anything outside that, anything that makes life more complex? That's scary. That's why I envy you. You chose this life. You went through that process, and you decided, "Yes, I believe in this."
    • Shaun: Sure. It didn't stop me from being an insufferable know-it-all as a teenager. But I see your point.
    • Desmond: I would have loved to have been a know-it-all. I knew nothing. Not until you guys found me. Yeah. It wasn't until I met you and Becs and Lucy that I knew... I knew I wanted to be an Assassin.
    • Shaun: Ah oh... Thanks Des. Bring it in, bud. I don't normally like touching, but I'll make an exception now.
    • Desmond: I am not hugging you.
    • Shaun: You sure? 'Cause I smell very nice today.
    • Desmond: Can you just turn that off?

    Audio recording dated December 20th, 2012.

    • Rebecca: Hold on. I'll just set this here.
    • Desmond: Do you guys record everything we talk about?
    • Rebecca: Not everything. But you've been using the Animus so much, I thought this was a good chance to learn some thing about prolonged exposure.
    • Desmond: So I'm your guinea pig.
    • Rebecca: No, no, my guinea pigs are all dead. The Animus was too much for them to handle.
    • Desmond: Cute.
    • Rebecca: Can I ask you about the Bleeding Effect? Any recent flashes? Any memories resurfacing?
    • Desmond: Yeah, the usual things. Ghost images of Altaïr or Ezio a few times day. Nothing intrusive, just brief moments. They pass quickly, almost without me noticing. Like a figure in the corner of my eye. Or remembering a dream from the night before. I did have one extended hallucination a few days ago. It was Ezio. He was older, around the time he left Cappadocia. He was standing on the deck of a ship. Alone. And through him, I could feel an intense... regret. Or guilt. And it felt to me like he'd had a.. lost of faith. In himself, in the Creed. Like he couldn't keep it up. Couldn't stay true to his ideals. And as I watched him, I thought, "Is this the moment he decided he was done being an Assassin?" It felt like it. Anyway, most of my visions have been brief. Lasting just a few seconds. They're like... complete memories of small moments that appear suddenly out of nowhere, fully formed. it's a strange feeling.
    • Rebecca: Okay. Anything else?
    • Desmond: I'm starting to see Connor now too, Though I hear his voice more often than I see him. I'm sure that will change. Oh yeah, and yesterday... just before bed, I had a memory on a beach in the Caribbean. With a bunch of sailors. Or maybe they were pirates? I don't know. No idea.
    • Rebecca: Huh. We'll look into that. And how do you feel, in general?
    • Desmond: In general? Well... I feel older, for one. Much older. And it's strangely comforting. I'm collecting the memories and skills and thoughts of so many people, I feel like I've lived a few hundred years or more. Is it possible that if I do this for too long, it'll push my own memories aside? That I'll be everyone but myself after a while?
    • Rebecca: It's possible. That's called identity substitution. It's happened before, but it's rare. And someone with your background shouldn't need to worry.
    • Desmond: My background... you mean someone with my genes? My... abilities?
    • Rebecca: You have Isu DNA. And that lets you see things and do things and... withstand traumas that other people can't.
    • Desmond: And I can suffer in ways that others can't. That's not something to be proud of.
    • Rebecca: You mean, the Apple?
    • Desmond: Yeah. It has a pull. It tugs at my brain. It talks to me. Teases me. Drives me mad. And what I did to Lucy... God dammit. Nothing is worth the damage I did. The pain I caused.
    • Rebecca: I know. But you're special, that's the point.
    • Desmond: I'm not special, Becs. I'm lucky. That's all.
    • Rebecca: I understand.
    • Desmond: We're Assassins, that makes us different, not our genes. Not our blood. Anyone can join us.
    • Rebecca: That's true. But let's leave that aside for a second. What I want to know is, have you ever had any Isu memories resurface?
    • Desmond: Isu memories? I don't... don't think so. I can't even begin to imagine what that would feel like.
    • Rebecca: I think you'd know if you did. Maybe one day. We might be able to induce something.
    • Desmond: Jesus, let's fix the world first, okay? Before we start digging up my ancient ancestors.
    • Rebecca: Deal.
    • Desmond: With my luck, I'll be related to some third-rate Isu like... like Sisyphus or something.
    • Rebecca: Way to aim high, buddy.
    • Desmond: Hey, you gotta.


    于 2018 年在驯卡珊德拉处获得。





    这根权杖还充当了一个名为“阿勒忒娅”的伊述人的人格导管或容器。我们不知道这个人格是阿勒忒娅的原始意识,还是对其原始意识的模拟,不过大多数神经科学家认为这两者之间并没有区别。2019 年初,被称为阿勒忒娅的实体没有进一步尝试联系我。



    ACV Staff of Hermes Trismegistus.png
    ACV Staff of Hermes Trismegistus close-up.png

    The Messengers[]


    Before we meet at the site, I want you to see these.

    Last week, I reviewed the logs from my time with Bayek and came across some old notes. In the "years" I explored Cleopatra's Egypt, I stumbled across six Isu temples, most of which were buried beneath pharaonic tomb sites. Each temple contained an Isu message clearly meant for one with the ability to read genetic memories. I was the lucky one. I don't believe they were intended for Bayek himself, as he seemed wholly unaware of the messages as they played. They may have been encoded in a way that only someone with an Animus could see them.

    It's been a few years since I last heard these messages, so my memory is foggy. But the notes I scribbled down have a clarity that I trust. Might be something to all this. I don't know. Often I grasp outside of my area of expertise. I am enthusiastic but often wrong. Let me know if something else strikes you.



    Message 1 (Excerpt):
    "Layers upon layers of reality, each bledding into the next. Which is real, and which is not? What if none are real? What if everything you know is false? We ran thousands of simulations, searching for the right version, searching for Desmond. Each one of them felt real. But there's no way of truly knowing, is there? Not for sure. Anything can be simulated, and finding the answer could mean erasure."

    Teasing the Assassin maxim "Nothing is true..." Must be careful not to confuse truths with facts however, a language game you will always lose. Though we may stumble in our attempts to interpret it, the world, the universe, reality, what have you, it is always "out there". I believe that, simulated or no.

    We could imagine a dozen nested simulations, and each one, on the level of itself, would constitute a full reality. Wolfram, via Conway, suggests that the universe is a giant cellular automata.

    And further, there is a point where the difference between simulated and real is meaningless. If the universe were a simulation, what would it matter? The simulations qua simulation itself would be weal, and therefore everything within it would be real within the confines of the simulation.

    Say a scientist were able to simulate pain by inducing only a few neurons to fire, no physical harm. "I am in pain!" the subject says. "No, you only believe you are," says the scientist. This is meaningless, as is this: "You thought you were in pain, but you were mistaken."
    ACV Isu Messengers I.png

    Message 2 (Excerpt):
    "No surprise. You were designed to have boundaries, after all. And one cannot speak of that which one cannot conceive. The Code. Equations that define life. They are nestled deep within every star, and every mote of dust. Every second that passes is a word, a symbol. All part of an intricate yet simple language existing within the framework of time itself. Is is the one rule which applies to us all. Immutable, inescapable."

    We know this: humans were the instruments of an earlier species, the Isu. Resist the temptation to say superior. Different. They were better suited to some tasks, ill-suited to others. Possessed of a mind that we cannot know. But that does not get us anywhere. What is it like to be an Isu? What is it like to be a bat?

    The implication that the Isu could "read" time is interesting, but if humans could read time, would it necessarily be in the same manner and for the same purpose? Whether constructed, or evolved, or a little of both as wee are, we cannot be said to have been "built" to achieve the same ends. A round disk on its edge is a wheel; on its side, a plate. How we use something can determine its value and its perceived purpose.
    ACV Isu Messengers II.png

    Message 3 (Excerpt):
    "Break the code. Break the node. These walls tell of a tragic story. A story we transcribed on our structures, on our artifacts. A story we could not alter. A mystery, defying us, in plain sight. We tried. Our scholars and scientists. Poets and physicists. Bright minds. Rebellious hearts. They all tried so hard to bring about change. They... We all failed. None could change what we discovered, the stories written into the walls of these rooms. The reader has no power. He is but an observer. But the author... the author invents the future. The author owns the future."

    The Toba catastrophe, a super-volcanic event paired with a mass-coronal ejection, was the beginning of the end for the Isu. It changed the earth's environment, lowered its available oxygen levels, and generally fucked things up. The Isu never recovered. By our estimates, the last remaining Isu died just a century after the catastrophe. From that point forward, humans—their creation—ruled the roost.

    This disaster was not unforeseen. Isu scientists had known about their impending doom for years, perhaps decades, before the catastrophe occurred. To protect themselves, they worked feverishly to find a solution. Six methods they tried, but due to a toxic combination of hubris, political infighting, and bad luck, all six failed. The final method proved the most promising and was nearly complete when tragedy struck. It was this method that Desmond Miles revived when he saved the world from a second solar flare in December 2012.

    This voice laments the compounded failures of their species to save themselves, bit the truth is broader than that. They, with Desmond, saved us. Success deferred.

    Then this message, break the code, break the node. Insistent, and very puzzling.
    ACV Isu Messengers III.png

    Message 4 (Excerpt):
    "Linear continuity is a simulations that allows for variations. Within the linear continuity, there are nodes. Chokepoints. Moments where algorithms converge the flows of superposed possibilities to a single moment where only one absolute truth is possible. Paths are fluid, continuous. Nodes are static, changeless. And the wave function collapses the paths into notes which branch out. Again, and again, and again. Can you feel the wave collapsing, trying to course-correct Desmond's act of defiance? The incoming node needs the world to end. The algorithms have been carving the flow of possibilities towards that end for over one hundred years now. Collapse the wave."

    Well outside my area of expertise. Must contact someone who knows this shit better. But what it seems to be saying—the structure of spacetime the universe is built in such a way that certain events of clusters of events are compelled to occur. A bottleneck through which spacetime flows, and one nearly impossible to avoid There is something about this catastrophe, the one Desmond averted in 2012, that compels it to return, indifferent to out fear or pain. It is a tidal wave, rippling across the sea of space. It crashed once against the dike, and that stopped it for a time. But the seas rears back for another strike, and another, and another.

    That gives some clarity to what is happening now, all around us. But it remains unclear how to change it. Especially from within an Animus, a simulation within a simulation?
    ACV Isu Messengers IV.png

    Message 5:
    "Reality is a mathematical model which gets solved over and over again by the observer. Your thoughts are computations. And they render this world for you to call your own. Not all processors are alike. Different brains produce different realities. The variations go from the subtle to the drastic. Your mind defines how much you can taste. How much yuo can feel. How much you can understand. Perception defines perspective. We designed you and made sure to engineer your senses so you could perceive just what we needed you to. Neither more nor less. There are parts of time we preferred you to remained blind to. It was a necessity."

    If we could suddenly "see" time, that would not guarantee the same perception the Isu possessed. Let us speak of time as an entity, if we may. Let us say that time is a perceivable fact in the same way light is a perceivable fact. The ability to "see" this fact in no way guarantees sympathetic view. There are creatures stumbling around this earth that read light differently than we do, and for different purposes. Humans see in a well-known spectrum, ROY G BIV.

    This sense of color is confined to the three cones we possess. Yet nocturnal creatures see with a different scope, for a different purpose. Night-stalking, hunting, lurking. The evolved in concert with their needs are and now constrained by them, as are we. Light is only a fact seen askance and used differently by different species. To suggest that we might read time, is to imply we have a specific use for time.
    ACV Isu Messengers V.png

    The Message 6
    "The next chapter is unstoppable. And yet, the greatest revolutions sometimes originate from the confines of impossibility, do they not? Reality is a simulation. Break the code. And in so doing, escape the inescapable. The Animus was humankind's first unconscious attempt to explain what it could not see. understanding genetic memories, an eye into history. Your Animus is different. As is the mind that imagined it. It could escape the code. It could make that leap and make possible a decision that defies the order of the things that are."

    It is ridiculous to imagine that I could change the nature of reality "out there" from within the confines of an Animus, a simulation within this so-called simulation. But I believe I understand what this voice is telling me. My Animus is endowed with the ability to suggest alterations to days long past. But from any moment in time, I can extrapolate what MIGHT have been. Calculations of time. I am not confined to what was, but what could have been.

    Yes, history is real, facts do matter. But from any moment in time I choose within the Animus, I can interrogate the memory. I can ask the world what if? What if Bayek and Aya had stayed together? What if Khemu had not been murdered? I can suggest these hypotheticals and watch how they unfold. Why would I want to? For knowledge, for a better understanding of what tragedies were avoided? It remains to be seen.

    I am, in a sense, a reader of the calculations. As the Isu were in days past. Perhaps one day I will eb able to harness this talent to see into the future. To predict, to correct, to avoid. That would be worth something.
    ACV Isu Messengers VI.png



    ACV Isu script key.png
    zrhwachày nàgkwat nsmæ br trrhwndi kwardæ
    l sorhwlàd vras chnàkôdi de
    nsm huchràs réyzdéràæ chaz zàwomsi







    ACV Canterbury - Isu script.png

    2161 年 24 日发布





    ACV Isu Barracks Note 1.png
    zrhogwusôd wnhæôdkwat oænos oænos sízwrid
    hazàæ huchàæ chàyzæs
    mnrhngwardachs Lug
    ACV Isu Barracks Note 2.png

    zérhúàæ hrá læsrs trás hàgwrmæchá hnomndi
    hrá mlrs trás savyàs huchàch rhngwarndi



    ACV Qobustan - Isu script.png
    伊述纪年 2194 年 6 日发布


    ACV Jerusalem - Isu script.png

    一首先行者的诗!而且是一首非常悲伤的诗。注意哦,原文遵循了每节 16 短音的韵律。

    ACV Serengeti - Isu script.png


    ACV Xi'an - Isu script.png



    My Stuff[]


    ***File Corrupted***

    M. and Mme. Bibeau,

    My name is Layla Hassan. I was a friend and colleague of Victoria, both in Abstergo and in our subsequent freelance careers. In all the time I knew and worked with your daughter, I was always struck by her limitless intelligence, her humor, and her ability to focus, even in times of great stress. She was an inspiration, not just to me but to all those who worked with her.

    I am writing to you now with the hope of shedding some light on the circumstances of her death. I realize it must be strange to receive a letter out of the blue from someone whose name you have probably never heard, offering to explain the tragic loss of someone so dear. But if you'll allow, I will try.

    I was with your daughter in the moments leading up to the unfortunate incident that took her life. In fact, I am partly to blame for—



    1. "THEY ARE WATCHING" encrypted using Atbash