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图彭尼: "那些畜生只是在挥霍自己的积蓄而已,我们才是投资专家。没有我们的引导,任何东西都不会被建造或进步,也不会从这堆垃圾中跃升而起——未来无法被创造。他们已经得到跟他们自身等价的好处了。"
雅各布: "这是他们的城市,不是你的。"
图彭尼: "没有我们的投资,还能有什么城市。"

Philip Twopenny (1827 – 1868) was the Governor of the Bank of England alongside Thomas Newman Hunt, and a member of the British Rite of the Templar Order during the mid-19th century.

Using Plutus as a pseudonym, Twopenny periodically orchestrated bank robberies, redirecting valuables and funds into the Templars' coffers, providing the Order with additional means to carry out their operations.







Using his knowledge of the bank's inner workings to his advantage, Twopenny began orchestrating heists that targeted different branches of the bank. Each fiscal quarter, his men would enter the vault unimpeded, steal money and then leave it in one of Twopenny's storehouses to be picked up. The robberies eventually drew the attention of Sergeant Frederick Abberline of the Metropolitan Police Service, who began investigating the matter, to the ire of Twopenny.[2]

ACS S6 A Bad Penny 3


After ordering his men to deal with Abberline, Twopenny carried out another heist. While his underlings were collecting the money, the Templar examined one of the paintings stored in the vault and considered taking it as well. Suddenly, the Assassin Jacob Frye, who had been hidden behind the piece of art, tore through the canvas with a kukri and assassinated Twopenny. As he lay dying, Twopenny claimed that only the Templars knew how to make the right investments and push civilization forward.[2]

Due to the press' extensive coverage, word of Twopenny's death spread quickly following the arrest of his accomplices. This, coupled with the theft of the bank's printing plates, led to inflation and riots, as the populace had begun to mistrust its currency. Thankfully, Evie Frye managed to recover the plates and smuggle them back into the bank, restoring the citizenry's faith in the British economy.[2]




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