莱尔·怀特Dr. Lyle White)是一名美国独立战争期间居住在达文波特家园医生





Life on the Homestead and End of Slandering

Lyle settled in at the Homestead on the behest of Warren and Prudence, who wished for a doctor that would assist with her pregnancy. Later, his name was defiled once more by the British in Boston, and Connor was sent to halt their proceedings permanently. Upon arriving, Lyle's courier informed him that the slander was being distributed by paper boys around Boston, and Connor bribed them to end the defilement of White's name. He then went in search of their overseer, who he either beat up or pickpocketed, thus ending the defilement of Lyle's name.

Introduction of Assistant

Afterwards, Lyle became overwhelmed with treating the many wounded sailors of the Aquila following the Battle of the Chesapeake, to which he requested Connor to find someone with steady hands to assist him as a nurse and apprentice. Rushing to find someone, Connor located Diana, who he brought back to the medical station.

As Connor performed minor medical help nearby, such as realigning dislocated joints and treating cuts and burns, Lyle and Diana worked together on the more serious injuries. When all was done, Lyle was so impressed with Diana that he mentioned that she was more capable than any previous assistants he had worked with prior. He then took her on as his apprentice and nurse.


Following this, Lyle attended the wedding of Norris and Myriam, and celebrated afterwards in the Mile's End tavern as part of the reception. He also was present at Achilles Davenport's funeral, and laid a rose on his coffin.


  • 怀特是家园居民中少数几个识字的人之一,有时能看到他在读寄给Norris和Myriam的信。


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