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Project Horus was an Abstergo Industries operation led by Laetitia England, and later William McCoy, with the goal to relive the memories of the Egyptian Assassin Numa Al'Khamsin through the genetic information stored in the eyeball of Jonathan Hawk.

In October 2012, the Templar agent Vernon Hest was tasked to retrieve the eyeball, after Jonathan had underwent an eye-surgery. Hest arranged a secret meeting with a contact who had somehow stole the eye from Terence's high optical technology clinic. The two met in a hotel in Cairo concerning the eye and after Vernon had made sure it was Jonathan's eyeball, he eliminated his contact during the price negotiations. Hest then contacted Laetitia to bring word of his success and awaited further instructions.[1]

Some time later, Hest was informed that he had played his part in the project, and due to new information regarding the Scepter of Aset, Hest was now responsible of finding it, since he was a descantant of the Egyptian Templar Leila.[1]

With the eyeball now in Templar hands, Abstergo was able to transfer Hawk's DNA into that of another person. Now led by the scientist William McCoy, the DNA was transplanted into the genotype of Mike, a test subject with incredibly flexible DNA. The DNA transfer was successful and Abstergo was able to view the genetic memories of their enemy, through Mike.[2]

However, the whole project had been in vain, since Numa Al'Khamsin's memories proved to be useless because he was trapped and killed by the Templar Leila. Mike was able to view Numa's death, because the Assassin had conceived a child with Leila.[3]


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