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{{WP-REAL|Şehzade Ahmet}}
{{WP-REAL|Şehzade Ahmet}}
{{Quote|他是一个真诚的人。但他对圣殿骑士的幻想是危险的,这与现实背道而驰。|1512年,苏莱曼评价说。|Assassin's Creed: Revelations}}
{{Quote|他是一个真诚的人。但他对圣殿骑士的幻想是危险的,这与现实背道而驰。|1512年,苏莱曼评价说。|Assassin's Creed: Revelations}}
{{Character Infobox
{{Character Infobox
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{{Dialogue|Ahmet|Soldiers! Selim is not your master! You serve the Sultan! You carry out his command alone! Where is he? Where is our Sultan?!|Selim|He stands before you, brother. Father made his choice.|Ahmet and Selim shortly before Ahmet's death.|Assassin's Creed: Revelations}}
{{Dialogue|艾哈迈德|士兵们!塞利姆不是你们的主人!你们只服务苏丹!你们只遵从他一人的命令!他在哪?我们的苏丹在何处?|塞利姆|他就站在你面前,哥哥。父亲做出了选择。|艾哈迈德在死前对塞利姆的对话。|Assassin's Creed: Revelations}}
[[File:Escape 1.png|thumb|left|250px|Ahmet confronting Ezio in Cappadocia]]
[[File:Escape 1.png|thumb|left|250px|艾哈迈德在卡帕多细亚面对埃齐奥]]
In March 1512, Ahmet personally traveled to [[Derinkuyu|Cappadocia]], where Manuel Palaiologos was hiding and forming an army together with the renegade [[Shahkulu]]. Ahmet arrived shortly after Ezio had killed Manuel and taken the Masyaf key from him, giving him an opportunity to confront the Assassin.<ref name="ACR" />
1512年3月,艾哈迈德亲自前往曼努埃尔在[[卡帕多细亚]]藏身的[[德林库尤]],曼努埃尔与变节的[[沙阿库卢]]组建了一支军队。艾哈迈德在埃齐奥杀死曼努埃尔夺走马斯亚夫钥匙不久后赶到,让他有机会面对这名刺客。<ref name="ACR" />
Revealing himself to be the leader of the Byzantine Rite, Ahmet threatened to capture Ezio's love interest [[Sofia Sartor]], after Ezio claimed to not know of the other Masyaf keys. Ahmet left his subordinates to take care of Ezio, while he returned to Constantinople to order Sofia's capture.<ref name="ACR" />
艾哈迈德透露自己是拜占庭分册的首领,埃齐奥拒绝透露其他马斯亚夫钥匙时,他以埃齐奥的倾慕对象[[索菲亚·萨尔托]]为威胁。艾哈迈德留下部下去料理埃齐奥,而自己回到君士坦丁堡命令俘虏索菲亚。<ref name="ACR" />
The capture, which resulted in the death of the Ottoman Assassin leader Yusuf Tazim, infuriated the Assassins, and led them to an all-out assault on the arsenal within Constantinople, where Ahmet was temporarily hiding.<ref name="ACR" />
这次抓捕行动杀死了奥斯曼刺客领导优素福·塔齐姆,激怒了刺客们,导致他们对艾哈迈德藏身的君士坦丁堡军械库发动了全面进攻。<ref name="ACR" />
Though many of his men were killed during the attack, Ahmet managed to salvage his own life by reminding Ezio that he still held Sofia. Offering to spare Sofia in exchange for the Masyaf keys, Ahmet arranged a meeting with Ezio near [[Galata Tower]].<ref name="ACR" />
虽然艾哈迈德许多手下在袭击中身亡,他还是威胁埃齐奥索菲亚在自己手上,得以夺回一命。他提出用马斯亚夫钥匙交换索菲亚,并安排与埃齐奥在[[加拉达塔]]附近会面。<ref name="ACR" />
Ahmet met with Ezio on the rampart connected to Galata Tower soon afterwards, and after some mutual hostility, Ezio handed over the keys. Ahmet then directed Ezio to Sofia atop Galata Tower, but unbeknownst to the Assassin, the woman atop the Galata Tower was not Sofia, as Ahmet had ordered Sofia to be killed in a square not too far from the tower. Ahmet, finally having all keys in his possession, triumphantly hurried off to Masyaf.<ref name="ACR" />
不久后,艾哈迈德在加拉达塔旁从城墙上会见了埃齐奥,相互敌视之后,埃齐奥交出了钥匙。接着艾哈迈德让埃齐奥可以去营救塔上的索菲亚了,但刺客不知道的是,塔顶的女人并非索菲亚,而艾哈迈德下令让手下在离塔不远的一处广场处死她。艾哈迈德终于集齐了所有的钥匙,得意洋洋地奔向马斯亚夫。<ref name="ACR" />
[[File:End road 11.png|thumb|250px|Sofia and Ezio pursuing Ahmet]]
[[File:End road 11.png|thumb|250px|埃齐奥和索菲亚追击艾哈迈德]]
As Ahmet and his entourage left Constantinople by several [[Horses|horse]]-drawn wagons, they were followed by Ezio and Sofia, who had been rescued from Ahmet's men. Leaving his soldiers to take care of the two, Ahmet rode ahead, and a chase ensued.<ref name="ACR" />
当艾哈迈德和他的随从们乘坐几辆[[马匹|]]车离开君士坦丁堡时,埃齐奥和被救出的索菲亚追了上来。艾哈迈德让士兵们去料理两人,自己驱车前行,双方展开了一场追逐战。<ref name="ACR" />
Ezio was able to dispatch the other wagons, before Ahmet smashed Ezio's cart, causing Ezio to fall off. Ezio was able to catch himself by using a [[Parachutes|parachute]], holding onto a rope attached to the wagon as Sofia continued the pursuit of Ahmet.<ref name="ACR" />
埃齐奥破坏了其他的马车,而之后艾哈迈德破坏了埃齐奥的马车,让他摔下车。然而在索菲亚掌控马车时,埃齐奥用[[降落伞]]将自己维系在马车上。<ref name="ACR" />
After several more unsuccessful attempts from the Templars to shake Ezio and Sofia, Ahmet obliterated Sofia's cart, thinking he had finally lost them. As Ahmet proceeded onwards, Ezio lunged at him from a nearby ledge, and knocked him from his seat.<ref name="ACR" />
圣殿骑士又试图阻止埃齐奥和索菲亚几次之后,艾哈迈德撞毁了索菲亚的马车,以为终于摆脱了他们。艾哈迈德继续往前,而埃齐奥从一旁的岩石扑下,将他撞下座位。<ref name="ACR" />
[[File:End road 22.png|left|thumb|250px|Selim throwing Ahmet off a cliff]]
[[File:End road 22.png|left|thumb|250px|塞利姆将艾哈迈德扔下悬崖]]
This resulted in both men free-falling off a cliff, and the two engaged in melee combat in mid-air. As they neared the ground, however, Ezio deployed another parachute to break the fall, and Ahmet survived by clinging onto him during the descent.<ref name="ACR" />
两人都从悬崖上跌落下去,在半空中进行肉搏。而当他们即将摔落时,埃齐奥打开了另一个降落伞,艾哈迈德紧紧抓住他的腿才没掉下去。<ref name="ACR" />
As they faced each other again on solid ground, and wondered what would happen next, Ahmet's brother Selim arrived, accompanied by the Sultan's army.<ref name="ACR" />
两人跌落地面再次面对面时,不知道接下来会发生什么,而此时艾哈迈德的弟弟塞利姆带着苏丹军队抵达了此处。<ref name="ACR" />
Selim revealed that their father had abdicated the throne, and had chosen Selim as his heir. Selim proceeded to strangle Ahmet, before throwing him off a cliff to his death.<ref name="ACR" />
塞利姆透露他们的父亲已经放弃了王位,并选择了塞利姆作为继承人。紧接着,塞利姆掐死了艾哈迈德并将他从悬崖上扔了下去。<ref name="ACR" />
{{Quote|You are weak, Ahmet. Pensive in times of war and restless in times of peace. You lack passion for the traditions of the ghazi (holy warriors), yet you speak of fraternity in the company of infidels. You would make a decent philosopher, Ahmet, but you will be a poor Sultan.|Tarik, giving his opinion on Ahmet's character.|Assassin's Creed: Revelations}}
{{Quote|你太脆弱了,艾哈迈德。你在战争时患得患失,而在和平时又躁动不安。你对圣战传统缺乏热情,却陪着异教徒们谈论博爱。也许你会成为一个优秀的哲学家,但艾哈迈德,你只会成为一个差劲的苏丹。|塔里克对艾哈迈德的个性做出评价。|Assassin's Creed: Revelations}}
[[File:Shadows v 3.png|thumb|250px|Ahmet playing chess against his nephew]]
[[File:Shadows v 3.png|thumb|250px|艾哈迈德与侄子下棋]]
Ahmet, being a member of the most powerful family and rulers of Constantinople, was a proud and arrogant man. The fact that he had counted on his father's support of him becoming the next Sultan only made this worse, as he felt no doubt about his father's choice.<ref name="ACR" />
艾哈迈德是君士坦丁堡最有权势,也是统治者家族的一员,为此他非常自傲。他指望父亲支持他成为下一任苏丹,但他过于笃信,以至于影响了事态发展。<ref name="ACR" />
Ahmet constantly paid attention to his relations with the public, as he realized the equal importance of their support. Therefore, he was easily upset by events as Tarik Barleti's death, which he regarded as an assault on his public image.<ref name="ACR" />
艾哈迈德持续关注与公众的关系,意识到他们的支持同样重要。因此,他很容易被塔里克之死所困扰,他将此认为是对他公众形象的破坏。<ref name="ACR" />
However, a significant proportion of the citizens of Constantinople preferred Ahmet's brother, Selim, to become the Sultan. They argued that Ahmet was a weak man, who had difficulties with making important choices when it came to war, and who would become restless in times of peace.<ref name="ACR" />
然而有相当比例的人民更喜欢艾哈迈德的弟弟塞利姆成为苏丹。他们认为艾哈迈德是一个软弱的人,很难在战争中做出重要选择,而和平时又躁动不安。<ref name="ACR" />
As Grand Master of the Byzantine Rite, Ahmet was an intelligent and cunning man. Due to his age and charm, he was able to rule over men who would not normally accept another as their superior. Ahmet managed to set up a scheme to get his hands on the Masyaf keys, while simultaneously maintaining his good public image.<ref name="ACR" />
艾哈迈德作为拜占庭分册最高大师,他既聪明又狡猾。因他的年龄和魅力,他能够统治那些通常不接受外人为上级的人。艾哈迈德还设法在得到马斯亚夫钥匙的同时,保持良好的公众形象。<ref name="ACR" />
Ahmet deeply believed in the Templar cause, as he did not seek wealth for himself, but power and influence for the Order. His nephew, Suleiman, described him as a sincere individual.<ref name="ACR" />
艾哈迈德深信圣殿骑士的事业,他并不为自己敛财而是为组织谋求权势与影响力。他的侄子苏莱曼称他是一个真诚的人。<ref name="ACR" />
*Ahmet is a Turkish variant of the Arabic name ''Ahmad'', meaning "highly praised".
*Historically, Ahmet was executed in 1513 near [[Bursa]] after his army was defeated by Selim I when the latter learned of Ahmet's treachery.
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<gallery captionalign="center" position="center" spacing="small" widths="180">
ACR Artwork Ahmet.jpg|Concept art of Ahmet
ACR Artwork Ahmet.jpg|艾哈迈德概念图
Şehzade Ahmet.png|A render of Ahmet
Şehzade Ahmet.png|艾哈迈德渲染图
Discovery 7.png|Ahmet speaking to Ezio
Discovery 7.png|艾哈迈德与埃齐奥交谈
End road 20.png|Ahmet backing away from his brother
End road 20.png|艾哈迈德从弟弟面前退开
*''[[Assassin's Creed: Revelations]]'' {{1st}}
*[[刺客信条:启示录]] {{1st}}
*''[[Assassin's Creed: Recollection]]''
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{{Templars nav}}

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艾哈迈德王子Ahmet,1465年 – 1512年)是奥斯曼土耳其帝国的王子,巴耶济德二世的长子,塞利姆一世的兄长,以及苏莱曼一世的叔叔。








埃齐奥: "为什么选择圣殿骑士?"
艾哈迈德: "因为我厌倦了这些无谓的仇恨,让父子相争,让骨肉相残。为了实现真正的和平,人类必须行动如一体,思考如一心。"


1509年,在地震袭击君士坦丁堡之后,巴耶济德离开了城市。在他离开的时候,曼努埃尔·帕里奥洛格斯领导的拜占庭分册这些拜占庭残余进入了城市,努力复兴他们衰落的帝国。[3] 艾哈迈德加入了圣殿骑士,虽然这一行为给身为王子的他带来了极大的内部冲突,让他不能同时兼顾奥斯曼帝国和拜占庭人两面,为某一方行事也意味着放弃另一方的身份。[4]

而艾哈迈德比年老的曼努埃尔更加年轻也更加具有魅力,慢慢爬上了拜占庭分册最高大师的位置,而曼努埃尔成为了他的二把手。[4][5] 与此同时,巴耶济德也与塞利姆发生了冲突,因为塞利姆试图为自己赢得奥斯曼王位。[3]



1511年,艾哈迈德开始了几项计划来增加他在奥斯曼帝国的影响力。其中一个就是找到第一文明的大神殿的位置,他相信其位置能够通过进入位于叙利亚马斯亚夫的阿泰尔—已故的黎凡特刺客导师—的图书馆找到。艾哈迈德委托曼努埃尔·帕里奥洛格斯率领马斯亚夫远征队,寻找打开图书馆的钥匙,而他本人则将注意力放在君士坦丁堡的事务上。[3] 第一枚钥匙由艾哈迈德的密友哈桑·帕夏托普卡匹宫下地震打开的隧道中发现。[2]

Prince&#039;s banquet 11


在奥斯曼帝国的中心, 艾哈迈德发动了一场阴谋,他企图让圣殿骑士在一次文化展览中绑架自己的侄子苏莱曼。而成功之后的话,他将自己从拜占庭人手中救回他,并成为英雄。艾哈迈德自己也参加了宴会,而圣殿骑士伪装成客人进对年轻的王子苏莱曼进行绑架。[3]


Mixed tiding 5





艾哈迈德: "士兵们!塞利姆不是你们的主人!你们只服务苏丹!你们只遵从他一人的命令!他在哪?我们的苏丹在何处?"
塞利姆: "他就站在你面前,哥哥。父亲做出了选择。"
Escape 1







End road 11





End road 22






Shadows v 3








  • 艾哈迈德是一个阿拉伯名Ahmad(意思是高度赞扬)的土耳其语变体。
  • 历史上,艾哈迈德是在1513年背叛败给塞利姆一世的军队后于布尔萨附近被处决。




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