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Bayek: "Our power burns in the shadows."
Rufio: "And we create those shadows."
―Bayek and Rufio regarding their ideals, 38 BCE[来源]

盖乌斯·尤里乌斯·路菲欧Gaius Julius Rufio,公元前38年去世)是罗马共和国的一名驻军官,同时也是上古维序者的一员。他原本是盖乌斯·尤利乌斯·凯撒的部下,在凯撒遇刺后转而效忠克利奥帕特拉七世马库斯·安东尼乌斯,并把他所管辖的西奈半岛当成了自己的领地。


During the mid-1st century BCE, Rufio served as an officer under Julius Caesar. At some point, he was inducted into the Order of the Ancients, adopting the cryptonym of the Leader. After Caesar's death in 44 BCE, Rufio gained command of the Roman forces stationed in Egypt. During this period of time, he gained the acquaintances of Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius, the lover and follower of Caesar respectively. He soon made plans to set up a meeting with Herod I, a Roman client king of Judea in an attempt to establish an alliance with both Cleopatra and Antonius. However, relations between Rufio and the two soon broke down. Not able to get along with either of them, Rufio plotted to invade Egypt behind Cleopatra's back.[1]

To this end, Rufio made plans to create a network of Egyptian and Greek collaborators throughout the country, via his captains Adras and Jibade. This was so that when Rufio invaded Egypt through Siwa, he would be portrayed as a savior of the country and met with less resistance from the local population.[2] In addition, Rufio also stationed three of his lieutenants in the Sinai to gain a firm hold on the peninsula: Tacito in Klysma Nome, Ampelius in Madiama Nome and Ptahmose in Arsinoe Nome.[1]

In 38 BCE, Rufio's plan to invade Egypt was discovered by Otis, a royal scribe who reported the findings to the Hidden One Bayek of Siwa.[2] After dismantling the invasion plans, Bayek travelled to the Sinai himself, assisting the Hidden Ones there against Rufio's men. After the deaths of his lieutenants at the hands of Bayek, Rufio brought it upon himself to eliminate the threat there, travelling to and docking his fleet in the harbors of Arsinoe.[1] Amunet, learning of Rufio's whereabouts, travelled to Arsinoe with Bayek, eliminating the Roman forces in the process. Bayek later boarded Rufio's octareme, eventually defeating and killing Rufio.[3]



Rufio was a true believer in the Order's cause, believing it to be their duty to unite the world under the Order's banner. He showed an ironic fascination with how his new opponents, the Hidden Ones, also wanted the same things as the Order, but was confident that the Order's faith and conviction were far stronger than those of the Hidden Ones. Even in his death, Rufio was deeply confident in the Order's survival, to the point where it terrified Bayek as he realized that the Order might as well be eternal.

Aside from his devotion to the Order, he was a highly capable military general. Amunet described him as an expert at intimidating others, stating that he could "cut" true fear into the hearts of the people. Rufio was also observed and described as being extremely cautious, with him deciding not to set foot onto the Sinai Peninsula. Amunet even stated that Rufio was a master at guarding himself, suggesting that he never let his guard down.




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