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FC Port-au-Prince plantation


Throughout the 17th and 18th century, sugar plantations were highly prevalent and profitable in the Caribbean. Typically owned by a single family, they were normally worked by said family's slaves, and guarded by a sizable contingent of soldiers.

During the early 18th century, the Beckford and Drax estates owned the majority of the plantations in the Caribbean. Because of the possible rewards obtainable from a successful raid, sugar plantations were a promising, if risky, target for pirates.[1]

Up until September 1715, the Templar Julien du Casse owned a small plantation on the island of Great Inagua. After the pirate Edward Kenway killed du Casse and took the cove for himself, the plantation was maintained by the pirates.[1]

During the 1730s, there were a number of sizable plantations on and around the island of Saint-Domingue, including those at Wellington and Tortuga, as well as a number near the town of Port-au-Prince.[2]


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