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“You need not worry about Le Chasseur. He is loyal to the Brotherhood. As it happens, he also has "friends" in both the French and English fleets, and he knows more about what goes on in these parts than you can ever hope to learn.”
―Chevalier describing Le Chasseur to Shay, 1752.[来源]

Le Chasseur (English: The Hunter; died 1756) was a French spy operating in New York and the North Atlantic during the Seven Years' War. He was also an ally of the Colonial Assassins, supplying them with intelligence he learned from his contacts.


Early life编辑

A Frenchman of African descent, Le Chasseur became a spy for the Kingdom of France, establishing connections with members of the Royal Navy and the French Navy, as well as various pirates. At some point before 1752, Le Chasseur became an ally of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins through his acquaintance with Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye.

Finding the Pieces of Eden编辑

“Gentlemen, I have news... On this same ship I spied the Manuscript you seek. It was written in an exotic language I did not recognize and full of drawings. Plants and animals out of an opium dream.”
―Le Chasseur describing the manuscript, 1752.[来源]
In 1752, Le Chasseur snuck into a Man O' War belonging to the Royal Navy and found schematics for a new type of gun. While on the ship, he also caught sight of the Precursor manuscript, though he was not aware of its true nature at the time.

Later, through his friend Chevalier, Le Chasseur learned that the Assassins were looking for that very manuscript and arranged to meet with them. In April, he was joined by Chevalier and his compatriots, Shay Cormac and Liam O'Brien, at the fort on Anticosti Island. There, Le Chasseur told the Assassins what he had seen, revealing that the manuscript had been brought aboard on orders of Lawrence Washington, whom the others recognized as an an important Templar.

One Little Victory 2

Le Chasseur informing the Assassins of Smith's location

Washington was subsequently assassinated by Shay, but the manuscript and Precursor box remained lost to the Assassins. Le Chasseur nevertheless kept looking and, in May 1754, met with Chevalier and Shay once more, this time at St. John's.

There, he informed them that Samuel Smith, the custodian of the Precursor box, had returned from Europe, and gave them a map detailling his whereabouts. Before the Assassins departed to hunt Smith down, Le Chasseur had his men equip Shay's ship, the Morrigan, with a Puckle gun for additional firepower.


Shay: "Don't make me do this, Le Chasseur."
Le Chasseur: "Do what, assassinate me? I thought that was your specialty."
Shay: "We could both just leave."
Le Chasseur: "Ah, but then I would tell your Brothers that you are alive. You have to kill me, Shay."
—Shay and Le Chasseur during their fight, 1756.[来源]
By 1756, Le Chasseur served as the commander of Fort La Croix near Albany. He was tasked with delivering poisonous gases to the Assassin-allied gangs of New York City, where they would be used against colonial authorities. However, when the fort suddenly came under attack, Le Chasseur found Shay bursting into his war room. The former briefly pretended to be ignorant of the latter's change in alliance, before challenging him to a swordfight.
Circumstances 9

Le Chasseur's final moments

Shay attempted to convince Le Chasseur to call off the battle, but the spy retorted that he would have to report Shay's survival to the Assassins, who thought him dead. Le Chasseur was eventually bested in combat and, as he lay dying, revealed he had been a mere delivery man for the Assassins, with the poisonous gases still posing a threat to New York City.




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