Shahar (1)

沙哈尔(Shahar)(未知 - 1192)是沙利姆的孪生兄弟,摩洛之子及圣殿骑士团的一员。

生平 编辑

Shahar was first seen giving a speech to the citizens of Kyrenia, mistaken by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad as Shalim. Shahar told his audience of Armand Bouchart's wishes and the consequences for those who did not obey. After his speech, Shahar made his way into Saint Hilarion Castle, disappearing. Altaïr, having found a quick route into the castle by following a group of courtesans, with Maria Thorpedisguised among them.[1]

死亡 编辑

Inside the castle, Maria interrogated Shahar about the Templars' goal and an Apple of Eden, soon to be disrupted by the intrudingAssassin. At that point, as Shalim joined Shahar, Altaïr discovered that they were in fact twin brothers, and not the same person as he had believed them to be.

Maria fled shortly after, leaving the Assassin to fight the brothers alone. As adept swordsmen, Shalim and Shahar were confident they would quickly overwhelm their opponent. However, Altaïr was able to defeat both of them eventually, and escaped the Saint Hilarion Castle by performing a Leap of Faith, shortly after.

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