沙哈尔(Shahar)(未知 - 1192)是沙哈尔的孪生兄弟,摩洛之子及圣殿骑士团的一员。

生平 编辑

During Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's search for the Templar Archive onCyprus, he spied on Shalim to find the location of Maria Thorpe. However, being no use to the Master Assassin, Shalim went to abrothel with some of his guards, harassing the citizens andmerchants of Kyrenia beforehand to gather some money for their visit. There, Shalim took one of the courtesans, and eventually returned to Saint Hilarion Castle, telling his guards to find more women for him when they were done.

调查 编辑

Later, one of the scholars Altaïr had conversed with, told him that the people suffered from Shalim's oppresion. When Altaïr asked about Shalim's attitude, the scholar replied that the opposition would mean death, and when he inquired about the Templar Archive, the answer was cut by a speech being given by Shalim's brother, Shahar.

Once Shahar had taken a place on an orator's stand and announced Armand Bouchart's intentions to the people of Kyrenia, Altaïr mistook him for Shalim, since he was unaware that the two were twins.

After his speech, Shahar returned to Saint Hilarion Castle. Altaïr infiltrated the fortress along with a group of courtesans, with Maria disguised among them, who were transported there by Shalim's guards.

死亡 编辑

As Maria questioned Shahar about the Templars' intentions towards the use of Apple of Eden, Altaïr interrupted the meeting, and learned that Shalim and Shahar were twins, as he faced both of them in combat. Maria had fled, leaving Altaïr to fight alone against the two skilled duelists. Eventually, Shalim and Shahar were both defeated, and the Assassin escaped the castle.

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