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[[File:The Trickster P2 4.png|thumb|250px|埃齐奥瞄准[[米蕾拉·久里奇]]发射毒镖]]
[[File:The Trickster P2 4.png|thumb|250px|埃齐奥瞄准[[米蕾拉·久里奇]]发射毒镖]]
Throughout his ventures in [[Constantinople]], Ezio was shown to have improved the poison darts' capabilities, enabling him to aim them at an enemy faster. He also began to use them in conjunction with more than the Poison Blade alone.
As such, it became available as a secondary weapon, compatible with the [[Short blades|dagger]], [[Hidden Blade]], and [[Swords|medium weapons]], while the upgrade to Fast Poison was also available for purchase from every doctor in the city.<ref>''[[Assassin's Creed: Revelations]]''</ref>
就这样,毒镖成为了一种辅助武器,与[[Short blades|匕首]][[袖剑]][[|中型武器]]相并肩,速效毒药的升级也能在城市里的任何医生手中买到。<ref>''[[刺客信条:启示录]]''</ref>
During the [[Golden Age of Piracy|early 18th century]] in the [[Caribbean]], the [[Caribbean Assassins|local Assassins]] crafted poison darts out of animal bone and poison retrieved from regional wildlife. They utilized two types of darts: berserk darts drove targets mad, causing them to attack anyone nearby, while sleep darts made targets fall into a temporary slumber. The effectiveness of both darts could be increased by crafting upgrades from the hides of different animals.<ref>''[[Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag]]''</ref>
[[Golden Age of Piracy|18世纪早期]][[Caribbean|加勒比海]][[Caribbean Assassins|当地刺客]]利用动物骨头和提取自当地野生生物的毒剂发射毒镖(吹箭)。他们使用两种吹箭:狂暴吹箭使目标发狂、攻击周围的人,昏迷吹箭使目标陷入暂时的昏睡。这两种吹箭的效力都能通过不同动物的皮毛制作升级。<ref>''[[Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag|刺客信条IV:黑旗]]''</ref>
[[File:Power of Voodoo 6.png|thumb|250px|left|Aveline using her blowpipe to poison a patrol]]
[[File:Power of Voodoo 6.png|thumb|250px|left|艾芙琳使用吹管命中一个巡逻兵]]
The Assassin [[Aveline de Grandpré]] was gifted with the [[blowpipe]] of [[François Mackandal]] by her [[Mentor]] [[Agaté]], which she would later use to silently take out guards from a distance with poison darts.
刺客[[Aveline de Grandpré|艾芙琳·德·格朗普雷]]从她的[[导师]][[Agaté|阿加特]]处获得了[[François Mackandal|弗朗索瓦·麦坎达]][[吹管]],她可以使用吹箭在远距离上无声无息地杀死敌人。
Later, she came across the [[Houngan (San Danje)|Houngan]] of [[San Danje]], who gifted her another poison for her blowpipe, similar in effect to the Fast Poison upgrade, though other guards would actively engage in combat with those afflicted.
后来,她遇到了[[San Danje]][[Houngan (San Danje)|巫医]],得到了另一种吹箭。其药效类似于速效毒药,其他卫兵会争相与中毒者打斗。
Following on from this, her fellow Assassin [[Gérald Blanc]] created a [[parasol gun]] for Aveline, which she could utilize in her Lady guise to fire poison darts unnoticed.<ref>''[[Assassin's Creed III: Liberation]]''</ref>
During the [[American Revolution]], the Assassin [[Ratonhnhaké:ton|Connor]] was able to use small [[throwing knives]] coated in a highly toxic poison known as {{Wiki|Cicuta|water hemlock}}, which allowed him a means of silently assassinating his enemies while remaining unseen. Accompanying this, the poison darts were good [[hunting]] tools, as many animals were weak to the poison's effect.<ref>''[[Assassin's Creed III]]''</ref>
[[American Revolution|美国独立战争]]期间,刺客[[Ratonhnhaké:ton|康纳·肯维]]能使用涂有剧毒(毒芹萃取物)的小型[[飞刀]],在不被察觉的情况下无声地杀死敌人。除此之外,这种毒镖也是绝佳的[[hunting|狩猎]]工具,许多动物都会因药效而变得虚弱。<ref>''[[Assassin's Creed III|刺客信条III]]''</ref>
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*Firing a poison dart at a [[Horsemen|horseman]] would force him to dismount, and the effects would skip to the poison's third stage.
*In the [[Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (novel)|novelization]] of ''[[Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood]]'', the poison darts were thrown by Ezio, and sometimes other Assassins, as opposed to being projectiles fired from his wrist.
*在''[[刺客信条:兄弟会]]''[[Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (novel)|小说]]中,埃齐奥(有时是其他刺客)是将毒镖“掷出”而不是以手腕处的机簧发射。
*In ''[[Assassin's Creed III]]'', the poison dart used the same model as a [[dagger]] featured in ''[[Assassin's Creed II]]''.
*In ''[[Assassin's Creed: Unity]]'', the effects of berserk darts would not wear off. In addition, firing a second dart at an already-poisoned target would cause them to collapse immediately.

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后来,她遇到了San Danje巫医,得到了另一种吹箭。其药效类似于速效毒药,其他卫兵会争相与中毒者打斗。





The darts had the same effect as the Poison Blade, but were fired from a distance in the same way as the Hidden Gun. They were, however, completely silent, which made them extremely useful during stealth missions. Aiming and firing a dart was an almost flawless motion, similar to that of the crossbow.

The effects of a poison dart occurred immediately after the target was shot:

  • First stage: The target stood at their post or walked alongside their group of guards, though they would soon begin to clutch at their chest and struggle to remain standing as the poison's effects set in. None of their fellow guards seemed to notice that something was wrong with the target at first.
  • Second stage: The poison began to have serious effects on the target. They began to flail helplessly in a circle, striking anyone who came within their reach. If they had a weapon, they may have drawn it and flailed it around as well. Civilians and guards alike were drawn in, making it a perfect distraction, though they kept enough of a distance to not be hit unless surprised.
  • Third stage: The target was overcome completely by the poison and fell on the ground, still experiencing the effects caused by the toxin running through their veins. After a short time, the target died, after the poison had sapped away all of their energy.


From a long enough distance, Ezio would not be noticed by guards even if he shot their comrades. However, they would attack him if he was close enough and they noticed him firing the dart. Poisoning guards, particularly Seekers with their long weapons and moderate health, provided a good distraction that could hold any nearby guards' attention long enough to bypass them. Following this, firing a dart at a target from amongst a crowd of civilians would not draw attention, creating an opportunity for a kill whilst blending.



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