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AC4 Melanie Lemay render
Melanie Lemay

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克里斯蒂娜·罗萨托(Cristina Rosato)

梅兰妮·勒梅Melanie Lemay)是阿布斯泰戈工业子公司阿布斯泰戈娱乐的首席创意官,17号样本项目主管,也是圣殿骑士一员。

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On 21 January 2014, Alan Rikkin, the CEO of Abstergo Industries, wrote a letter to Melanie congratulating her on her promotion, offering a raise and informing her that her duty as the CCO will commence on 3 March 2014.[4]

A few days later, Melanie was contacted by the Head of the Phoenix Project Álvaro Gramática, who congratulated her on her promotion and sent her documents in regards to the project. He also told her of his upcoming trip to Montreal and convinced her to write a memoir about John who was revealed to be a Sage and was of interest to Gramática.[4]

On 27 February, Gramática again contacted Melanie, informing her of his current location in Toronto and would be arriving in Montreal later that night. She discussed the documents that was shared to her in their previous contact, remarking that she was stunned by the footage recovered from John's genetic memories. Melanie informed Gramática that she would task her researchers to look for more information in regards to Sages.[4]

On 30 May 2014, Melanie contacted Gramática, giving him an update on several Sage references she had found: one during the Hun Empire, one that was encountered by the French Assassin Arno Dorian as well as a singer by the name of David Jones in 20th century England. Sometime later, Melanie gave him a list of several Sages that her research team had found.[4]

In June, Melanie focused on creating new games, especially about different Assassins and Templars through history, asking for opinions to the employees, among them Robert Fraser. While looking at Robert's progress on the Arno Dorian project, Aidan St. Claire, Project Manager, handed her one of Robert's sketches, and she wittily left a posit on the sketch congratulating Robert for his work.[5]

On 25 June, Melanie sent Robert an email telling him to stop playing "games of chance" like Pharaoh since this would create tension within the employees and then encouraged him to find other ways to spend time with his colleagues.[5]

Sometime later, Aidan gave her Robert's psychological evaluation that was made to see if he had the Bleeding Effect and Melanie thanked him for keeping her informed. She as well asked him to watch Robert's behaviour closely.[5]

On 18 July, Melanie sent Robert some rough sketches for Arno's and Elise's figurines and asked him what he thought about them.[5]

On 29 July, Robert, after spending a week with Abstergo's psychiatrist Victoria Bibeau, sent her a reapplication letter for Arno's project claiming that he was now in perfect conditions to continue his work. After speaking about it with Aidan, she decided to reapplicate Robert. Unexpectedly, some days later both Robert and Victoria started burning documents and deleting every file related to Arno Dorian. They also leaked the unsequenced memories to the Assassins before they were terminated.[5]

Melanie ordered Aidan to recover what was left from the files to give it to Templar initiate Percy Westcreek for him to review and to help him finish Arno's memories. Since Percy had the Eagle Vision, Melanie would often give him some artifact for him to examine, like Arno's watch, the chalice from the Assassin Order initiation, and a Templar badge of office.[5]

When Percy relived Arno's memories up to his encounter with Sage and Grand Master François-Thomas Germain on 21 January 1793 at King Louis XVI's execution, Melanie gave him a promotion within the Templar ranks as well as the title of Journeyman, which gave him access to to confidential information on the Isu, their technology and Abstergo's Phoenix Project. After Percy had finished reading the information, Melanie revealed him the true purpose of his project, finding Germain's remains before the Assassins.

Thanks to Percy's swift work with Arno's memories and his abilities with the Eagle Vision, Melanie provided Percy with a trip on an Abstergo Entertainment private jet to examine the French Assassins' hideout underneath Sainte-Chapelle, hoping that Percy's Eagle Vision would help him discover some secrets others might have missed.[5]

On 6 August, Melanie informed Gramática of several intrusions faced by the facility, which he responded saying that the intruders are using the Helix software to sequence genetic memories like them. He sends one of his technicians to help her with the intruders, which she accepts.[4]

On 21 August, Melanie was contacted by Violet da Costa in regards to the several breaches they had encountered. She sents her a sample of the text that her team had decoded, believing that the group who breached the facility had relations to John Standish. Sometime later, Violet briefed Melanie on a breach that she had not encountered before, and that an 'entity' was possibly 'living' in the network.[4]

On 15 September, Gramática sent Melanie a report on the Phoenix Project that he was involved in, in light of the recent security breaches that she was facing.[4]

On 2 November 2014, Melanie was contacted again by Gramática, who wished to check on her team's progress with Arno Dorian. She shared that Arno was a gifted Assassin and his memories were difficult for her researchers to relieve. Gramática advised her not to stress her researchers and told her that she was invited by Alan Rikkin to attend a small party at his home in Cape Cod, which she accepted.[4]




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  • The name Melanie, as well as its French variant Mélanie, is derived from the Greek μελαινα (melaina), meaning "black, dark".
  • 梅兰妮已婚,这从数据库中“女王的阶梯”条目中可以看出,她说在拿骚度蜜月的时候看到过它们。
    • However, in a conversation recovered from Abstergo's servers, Melanie mentioned needing only one plane ticket in order to attend Alan Rikkin's party "unless something exciting happens", implying that she was single or divorced.
  • 梅兰妮的高曾祖父(爷爷的爷爷)参加过美国南北战争;他见过亚伯拉罕·林肯总统几次。
  • 她名字在质疑信条中的拼写为“Mélanie”。
  • Melanie has had contact with five members of the Inner Sanctum, including Álvaro Gramática, Laetitia England, Alan Rikkin, Isabelle Ardant, and Juhani Otso Berg.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Rogue, there is a document where Melanie mentions MMA fighters Guilherme Venancio and Luis Otavio Duris. These are the same fighters that fought in São Paulo, Brazil during the modern day in Assassin's Creed III.