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{{Quote|枪支,刀刃,大炮,炸弹,任何能够杀人的东西我都乐意提供。|朱利安·迪卡斯,就他军火商的身份进行阐述,1715年|Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag}}
{{Quote|Guns, blades, cannons, grenadoes. Anything that may kill a man, I am happy to provide.|Julien du Casse, regarding his career as an arms dealer, 1715.|Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag}}
{{Character Infobox
{{Character Infobox
|image = Julien du Casse.png
|image = Julien du Casse.png
|birth = 1682<br>{{Wiki|Montpellier}}, [[France|Kingdom of France]]
|birth = 1682<br>{{Wiki|en:Montpellier|蒙彼利埃}}, [[法国|法兰西王国]]
|death = September 1715<br>[[Great Inagua]], [[Caribbean|West Indies]]
|death = 1715年9月<br>[[大伊纳瓜]], [[加勒比海|西印度群岛]]
|affiliates = [[French Navy]]<br>[[Spanish Navy]]<br>[[Templars]]
|affiliates = [[法国海军]]<br>[[西班牙海军]]<br>[[圣殿骑士]]
*[[West Indies Rite of the Templar Order|West Indies Rite]]<br>Crew of the El Arca del Maestro
|voice = [[Alex Ivanovici]]}}
|voice = [[Alex Ivanovici]]|appear = [[刺客信条IV:黑旗]]}}
'''Julien du Casse''' (1682 – 1715) was a [[France|French]] [[Firearms|arms dealer]] and a member of the [[Templars|Templar Order]] in the [[Caribbean|West Indies]]. He possessed a discreet hideout on [[Great Inagua]] to help him carry out his trade and Templar affairs.
'''朱利安·迪卡斯(Julien du Casse''',1682 – 1715)是一名[[法国]]军火商,也是一名[[西印度群岛]][[圣殿骑士]]。他在[[大伊纳瓜]]有一个藏身处来帮助他开展贸易和处理圣殿事务。
An experienced privateer and mercenary, du Casse was introduced to the Order by [[Laureano de Torres y Ayala]], [[Grand Master of the Templar Order|Grand Master]] of the [[West Indies Rite of the Templar Order|Caribbean Templars]]. Quickly proving himself to be an asset, du Casse functioned as Torres' hitman, as well as the Caribbean Templars' main supplier of weaponry and ammunition.
===Early life===
Du Casse was born in Montpellier, France in 1682. Joining his uncle, [[Jean-Baptiste du Casse]], Julien followed his example took to sea at a young age and fought in several skirmishes in the [[War of the Spanish Succession]]. During the war, he became disgusted at the French and [[Spain|Spanish]] monarchy for choosing reputation and bloodlines over talent and skill, but nonetheless continued to serve his country and became a skilled gunner.
朱利安1682年出生在法国的蒙彼利埃。他以自己的叔叔[[Jean-Baptiste du Casse|让-巴普斯蒂特·迪卡斯]]为榜样,在年轻的时候便加入他到海上闯荡,之后还在[[西班牙王位继承战争]]期间参与了几场小规模战斗。他在战争期间对法国和[[西班牙]]君主制度更倾向用名誉与血统选拔人才而非天赋与技能之事感到厌恶,但他还是继续为国家战斗,并在此期间成为了一名卓越的枪手。
In 1704, du Casse deserted from the [[French Navy]] and his uncle during the {{Wiki|Battle of Málaga (1704)|Battle of Vélez-Málaga}} and, seeking fortune, traveled to the New World. Initially, he found work in [[Africa]] as a [[Slavery|slave trader]], but found himself lacking the cruelty and detachment to continue partaking in said industry. After a year, he departed for the West Indies, in search of another vocation.
Du Casse spent his next ten years in the West Indies as a mercenary, working for anyone that was willing to pay him. In this way, he eventually came into contact with the Governor of [[Cuba]], Laureano de Torres y Ayala, in whom he found a friend and confidant.
===Joining the Templars===
{{Quote|Convened at last. And in such continental company... England, France, Spain... Citizens of sad and corrupt empires. But you are Templars now. The secret and true legislators of the world.|Torres to du Casse, Rogers and Kenway 1715.|Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag}}In July 1715, du Casse, [[Woodes Rogers]] and [[Duncan Walpole]] had arranged a meeting with Torres, to be inducted into the Templar Order. Staying at the [[Governor's Mansion (Havana)|governor's residence]] in [[Havana]], du Casse and Rogers found themselves waiting longer than expected, as the man they believed to be Duncan Walpole arrived a week late. In actuality, the man that joined them was a [[Piracy|pirate]] named [[Edward Kenway]] who had assumed his identity in order to claim Duncan's promised reward.
{{Quote|终于聚集起来了,在这个多国人组成的团体中,英格兰、法兰西、西班牙...你们都是活在腐败帝国中的悲哀人民。但你们现在是圣殿骑士了,秘密与真实世界的立法者。|托勒斯对迪卡斯,罗杰斯以及爱德华,1715年|Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag}}1715年7月,迪卡斯,[[伍兹·罗杰斯]][[邓肯·沃波尔]]与托勒斯安排了一个入团会议。迪卡斯和罗杰斯在[[哈瓦那]]的[[Governor's Mansion (Havana)|总督府]]等待了一周多,因为他们认为是邓肯的男人迟迟未到。而事实上邓肯早已死亡,这是一名叫做[[爱德华·肯维]][[海盗]],为了索取邓肯的奖赏伪装身份来到这里。
Following the introductions, du Casse, Rogers and Kenway passed the time with a shooting session, as Torres was not yet ready to meet with them. After Kenway beat Rogers' shooting challenge, du Casse noted the absence of "Duncan's" [[Hidden Blade|Wristblades]], which Kenway explained to be due to his previous pair having been damaged beyond repair. Du Casse then handed Kenway a new pair that he had collected from dead [[Assassins]].
[[File:Mister Walpole I Presume 9.png|thumb|250px|left|Du Casse and the others being told about the Observatory]]
[[File:Mister Walpole I Presume 9.png|thumb|250px|left|迪卡斯与旁人被告知观测所的事情]]
Before their meeting with Torres, du Casse and Rogers requested that "Duncan" show his skills in assassination techniques; thanks to Kenway's [[freerunning]] abilities, he was able to mimic these techniques with very little effort. The three then went to join Torres, who, after inspecting the [[Blood vials|blood vial]] Kenway had brought with him, led them inside, where he officially inducted them into the Order.
Torres subsequently revealed his plans of locating the [[Observatory]], with the help of a [[Sages|Sage]] named [[Bartholomew Roberts|John Roberts]], which would further the Templars' goals of a [[New World Order]]. Du Casse expressed his skepticism to the credibility of a Sage, noting it had been over four decades since the [[Thom Kavanagh|last]] Sage was found, though Torres reassured him they were certain. After toasting their schemes, the group of Templars made arrangements to convene the next day at the [[Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta]] and then retired for the night.
托勒斯随后透露了他寻找观测所的计划,这便需要一位名叫[[巴塞洛缪·罗伯茨|约翰·罗伯茨]]的圣者的帮助,而这会将圣殿骑士的[[新世界秩序]]目标提高到一个崭新的高度。迪卡斯多圣者的可信度表示怀疑,他说自从[[汤姆·卡瓦纳|上一个圣者]]发现之后已经过了四十多年,托勒斯向他保证圣者是真实的。圣殿骑士祝酒后安排第二天在[[Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta|圣卡瓦那城堡]]下的港口会面,之后便离开过夜了。
The next morning, du Casse and his Templar allies met the captured Roberts, and mentioned that a Sage's blood was required to enter the Observatory. While escorting Roberts to Torres' mansion, the Templars managed to fend off an Assassin attack, during which the Sage was nearly able to escape. With Rogers leaving for [[United Kingdom|England]], the other Templars decided to imprison Roberts and interrogate him the day after.
However, Roberts managed to escape later that night, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. When the Templars arrived at the prison, they found Kenway instead, who had just arrived with the intention of interrogating Roberts himself. Realizing he was an imposter, the Templars apprehended Kenway and sent him to be taken with the [[Spanish Treasure Fleet]] as a prisoner.
{{Quote|Is petty larceny the extent of your ambition? Have you no mind to comprehend the scope of ours? All the empires on Earth, abolished! A free and opened world, without parasites like you! (May the hell you find be of your own making.)|Du Casse's final words, 1715.|Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag}}
{{Quote|你的抱负就仅止于鼠窃狗盗吗?你到底有没有意识到我们的愿景有多伟大?让世上所有帝国彻底废除!打造一个自由开放的世界,而且没有你这样的寄生虫!(你迟早会自食恶果的。)|迪卡斯的遗言, 1715年。|Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag}}
Following this turn of events, du Casse earned Torres' trust and was tasked with ensuring a constant flow of weapons, ammunition and gold to the Grand Master. As well as this, he was appointed captain of one of Torres' largest [[Man O' War|galleons]], ''[[El Arca del Maestro]]'', which du Casse would frequently dock in the natural cove of Great Inagua, his island hideout.
在这事发生之后,迪卡斯赢得了托勒斯的信任并负责武器弹药以及资金的提供。除此之外,他还被任命为托勒斯最强大[[风帆战舰]]之一的[[El Arca del Maestro|大师的方舟号]]的船长。他经常将这艘巨舰停靠在它位于大伊纳瓜岛藏身处的海湾。
Unbeknownst to du Casse, however, Kenway had escaped his imprisonment aboard the Spanish Treasure Fleet, and later sought to acquire ''El Arca del Maestro'', so that it could be used as a defensive measure for the pirate republic of [[Nassau]]. To achieve this, and prevent news of his survival from getting back to the Templars, Kenway infiltrated the island and bypassed du Casse's [[guards]]. While du Casse was busy preparing for another voyage, Kenway snuck onto the [[Ships|vessel]]'s rigging and struck the Templar from above.
[[File:A Single Madman 8.png|thumb|250px|Du Casse's final moments]]
[[File:A Single Madman 8.png|thumb|250px|迪卡斯将死之际]]
As he lay dying, du Casse berated Kenway for his small ambition and ignorance, calling him a "parasite", though the pirate ignored these words and took the [[Templar keys|key]] that was in du Casse's possession. Refusing to tell Kenway about the key's function, du Casse cursed the pirate, before passing away.
Kenway would later take du Casse's hideout for his own, renovating the village and manor, and collect the four other Templar keys to gain access to a special [[Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag outfits#Templar armor|set of armor]].
*Julien is a French variant of Julian, ultimately derived from [[Greece|Greek]] ιουλος (''ioulos''), meaning "downy-bearded".
*JulienJulian的法语变体,最终可追溯到[[希腊]]ιουλος (''ioulos''), 意思是“柔和的胡须”。
*The way du Casse cursed at Edward during his final moments in the novelization was in English, not in French as in the game.
*His death is not updated in his database.
*Oddly, du Casse does not retrieve the Hidden Blades he gave to Edward after his real identity was discovered. In the novel, du Casse took off Edward's Hidden Blades after being captured and threw them off the ground.
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center" spacing="small" widths="180">
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center" spacing="small" widths="180">
Concept Art - Julien du Casse.jpeg|Concept art of du Casse
Concept Art - Julien du Casse.jpeg|迪卡斯的艺术设定
ACMduCasse.jpg|''[[Assassin's Creed: Memories]]'' art of du Casse
ACMduCasseCombat.jpg|''Memories'' art of du Casse in combat
Julien du Casse renders.jpeg|Renders of du Casse
Julien du Casse renders.jpeg|迪卡斯渲染图
Julien du Casse render 2.jpeg|Close-up of du Casse with his hat
Julien du Casse render 2.jpeg|迪卡斯戴帽近照
Du Casse render 3.jpeg|Close-up of du Casse without his hat
Du Casse render 3.jpeg|迪卡斯无帽近照
Mister Walpole I Presume 4.png|Du Casse participating in a shooting contest
Mister Walpole I Presume 4.png|迪卡斯参加射击比赛
Mister Walpole I Presume 5.png|Du Casse handing Kenway new Hidden Blades
Mister Walpole I Presume 5.png|迪卡斯交给爱德华袖剑
Mister Walpole I Presume 8.png|Du Casse with the other conspirators
Mister Walpole I Presume 8.png|迪卡斯与其他同谋者
A Man They Call The Sage 9.png|Du Casse escorting Roberts to the governor's prison
A Man They Call The Sage 9.png|迪卡斯护送罗伯茨到总督的监狱
Claiming What's Due 10.png|Du Casse and [[El Tiburón]] taking Kenway prisoner
Claiming What's Due 10.png|迪卡斯和[[鲨鱼]]将逮捕爱德华
*''[[Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag]]'' {{1st}}
*[[刺客信条IV:黑旗]] {{1st}}
*''[[Assassin's Creed: Black Flag]]''
*''[[Assassin's Creed: Memories]]''

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朱利安·迪卡斯(Julien du Casse,1682 – 1715)是一名法国军火商,也是一名西印度群岛圣殿骑士。他在大伊纳瓜有一个藏身处来帮助他开展贸易和处理圣殿事务。










Mister Walpole I Presume 9







―迪卡斯的遗言, 1715年。[来源]



A Single Madman 8





  • Julien是Julian的法语变体,最终可追溯到希腊语ιουλος (ioulos), 意思是“柔和的胡须”。
  • 小说中,迪卡斯诅咒爱德华也和游戏中一样使用的英语。
  • 他的死亡没有在数据库中更新。
  • 奇怪的是,迪卡斯在知晓爱德华的真实身份后并没有剥夺他的袖剑。在小说中他剥下了爱德华的袖剑,之后将他扔下甲板。




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