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True to the multi-ethnic demographics of the Ayyubid Sultanate, the soldiers of the Saracen armies were drawn from a diverse pool of peoples, including, but not limited to, Arabs, Turks, Egyptians, Armenians, and Nubians serving as either infantry or cavalry. The slave military caste known as the Mamluks fought among their ranks, generally as cavalry.[1]

The cavalry generally wielded sabers, maces, lances, and longswords, but prominent among them were also the horse archers, typical of Western and Central Asian militaries of the era. For field battles, the infantry were equipped with spears and javelins alongside divisions of archers.[1] Standard equipment of the infantry garrisoned as a city's defense force chiefly consisted of swords instead, or for rooftop guards, bows.[2]

Regardless, Saracens soldiers most commonly donned lamellar armour, in contrast to their Christian adversaries who favored chain mail, plate armour, and great helms.[2] Despite this, leather armour and chain mail were also used by some Saracens in large-scale warfare.[1]

The common Saracen soldier of the lowest rank were often not trained to perform grappling maneuvers or counter-attacks in swordsmanship. Due to their inexperience, they were often easily felled in a single counterattack by Assassins such as Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, and as such, they lacked the stouter morale of their superiors and were the most prone to fleeing from battle in fright.[2]

High-ranking soldiers of the Saracen army were provided with greater armor and better equipment. In contrast to their lesser comrades, these soldiers generally harbored the skill to grapple, counter, and outmaneuver even Assassins. Their expertise allowed them even to stave off the swift counter-attacks of Master Assassins such as Altaïr. Nevertheless, they were not adapted to combat against the iconic Hidden Blade of the Assassins, whose surprise employment could bypass all their defenses and kill them instantly.[2]


During the Third Crusade, Saracens in the city of Damascus generally wore green tunics under their lamellar armour. However, guards who harassed civilians wore grey armour instead. In contrast, the uniform of the Jerusalem garrison were dark red.[2]


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