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The Wardens of War was one of five branches of the Order of the Ancients in Anglo-Saxon England, during the 870s, led by Gorm Kjotvesson, one of the Five Maegesters under "The Father."[1]

History[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Wardens of War was a branch of the Order of the Ancients during 9th century England. This branch was shown to have been made of members who used their war skills, expertise, cruelty, weapon-trafficking methods, and recruitment tactics to expand and enforce the Order's hold in England. By the 870s, the branch was soon led by Gorm Kjotvesson, son of the late Palatinus Kjotve the Cruel.[1]

During the reign of Alfred the Great, the Order started to spread their influence from England towards Norway and this led to the induction on one of the first Norway's first member, Kjotve the Cruel. Their influence had seem to reach Rygjafylke in Norway and parts of England, such as Lunden, Grantebridescire, and Ledecestrescire.[1] Their reach, however, came into conflict once Kjotve killed Eivor Varinsdottir's parents Varin and Rosta in 855 CE.[2] This led to seventeen years of ongoing raids and fights between the Kjotve's Wolf Clan and the Raven Clan, with Kjotve's death as the primary objective.[3] After Kjotve's death, Eivor recovered a silver medallion bearing an insignia of an ash tree from his corpse.[4] This led Basim Ibn Ishaq, who helped on Eivor's fateful raid, to tell Eivor of the secret organization, the Order of the Ancients.[5]

Soon after, when Sigurd Styrbjornsson and Eivor arrived and settled in England,[6] Eivor was asked by Hytham and Basim to look out for and assassinate members of the Order while securing alliances. While dealing with certain discoveries and assassinations in Grantebridescire and Ledecestrescire, Eivor was asked by Hytham to go and check Lunden, as news of the Order's grasp of the region reached the Hidden Ones.[7] When Eivor arrived, she met with Reeves Erke Bodilsson and Stowe, who helped her unravel the Order's hidden members in Lunden, especially when trying to solve Governor Tryggr's murder.[8] Unknown to the public and even the reeves, Eivor had then discovered both the identities of the Order members who operated under the cryptonyms of The Arrow[9] and The Leech,[10] who each had a hand in the governor's gruesome demise. Eivor also found a letter from a "Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ," who warned the governor of the Order's plot and thus led to the governor's untimely death. After Eivor's killings of the two Wardens of War, Order member known as The Compass came and tried to burn down Lunden in retaliation for their deaths, though Eivor defeated them and returned control of Lunden to the reeves.[11]

After the demises of six Wardens of War, Eivor reported back to Hytham and the notes gathered from each death led to the discovery of the Wardens of War's Maegester: Gorm, The Keel. By 873, Gorm was in possession of a Crystal Ball and set his sights to a location called Vinland. His task was to find the Grand Temple, which was in tune with the Crystal Ball, and he used slave laborers to achieve his goal.[12] However, Eivor tracked him down and assassinated him during a speech at his recovery site of Narfljot Camp.[13] Afterwards, the Crystal Ball was given to new owners, the Kanien'kehá:ka of Karonhiakèn:iate',[14] while Eivor travelled back to England to report back to Hytham and Randvi.[15]

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