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彼得鲁乔·奥迪托雷·达·佛罗伦萨(Petruccio Auditore da Firenze ,1463 – 1476)是玛利亚乔瓦尼·奥迪托雷之子,出生于刺客组织之中。他也是费代里科埃齐奥克劳迪娅的弟弟。




Petruccio Auditore was a young Florentine nobleman living during the late 15th century. His father Giovanni was a banker, but was also secretly an Assassin, who planned to prepare Petruccio and his brothers for their future in the Order.[1]

However, Petruccio was born sickly. His constant illness forced his parents to take him out of school, and keep him bed-ridden for most of his life.[2]


In 1476, Petruccio asked his brother, Ezio, to retrieve feathers for him, the reason for which he kept a secret. Ezio agreed, but only if his younger brother returned to bed afterwards.[1]

The next day, Petruccio was arrested alongside his father and brother on a false charge of treason against the ruling Medici family; he was publicly executed the day after.[1] That same night, he, Federico and Giovanni were given a proper burial by Ezio.[3]

Throughout Ezio's career as an Assassin, he would continue to collect feathers in memory of his brother. From 1476 to 1499, one hundred feathers were gathered and given to their mother Maria, who kept them in a chest similar to the one Petruccio had used. Later, from 1500 to 1503, Ezio collected ten feathers around the city of Rome and kept them in another chest in the Tiber Island Headquarters.[1]


  • When viewing Uberto Alberti's database video, Petruccio could be seen hanging from the gallows on the left-hand side, wearing different clothes.
  • Throughout the entire game, it was never hinted why Petruccio actually needed the feathers. In Assassin's Creed: Renaissance, it was suggested that he was collecting them as a gift for his mother.
  • Petruccio was one of the three children to feature in Assassin's Creed II, alongside Caterina Sforza's children, Bianca and Ottaviano.
  • The name Petruccio is a diminutive Italian derivation of the Greek name Petros, "rock, stone", thus meaning "piece of rock; little stone."