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The Robber

The Robber (harvested from: Fillan McCarthy) was an Animi Avatar used by the entertainment branch of Abstergo Industries, as part of their plan to influence the general public, via the console stage of the Animus technology. His specialty weapon was a crude grappling hook, ideal for climbing vertical surfaces.

Unique moves编辑

(Low Profile, Front)

Approaching his target, the Robber grabs his grappling hook, before swinging it in a downwards arc and piercing it into their left shoulder. As the weapon lodges itself into his victim, he kicks their left knee from underneath them, sending them spinning onto their back and his hook ripping a savage wound as it frees itself with the momentum.

(Low Profile, Back)

Casually walking over to his target from behind, the Robber draws his hook, before reaching around and stabbing it into their neck. As they stand vulnerable from the blow, he closes the distance and grasps their shoulder, before the Robber twists his victim and wrenches his weapon sharply to the right, slitting their throat and spinning them, where they stumble and fall to their death.

(High Profile, Front)

Rushing over to his target, the Robber suddenly leaps up and around them with his grappling hook drawn. While in mid-air, he drives his weapon into their throat, before he then goes on to roughly pull them to the ground with the momentum. Afterwards, as his victim lays pinned to the floor, the Robber swiftly wrenches his hook free, before abandoning them to die of their injuries.

(High Profile, Back)

Rushing over to his target, the Robber forcefully barges into them and sends them lurching forward. As they are caught by the momentum, the Robber hastily swings his grapping hook into their neck and pulls backwards, toppling his victim over and slicing a deep wound into their throat as he slams them to the ground. From there, he swiftly removes his weapon and disappears from the scene, as they choke on their own blood.

(Aerial Kill)

As he jumps from above a rooftop, the Robber removes his grappling hook as he drops, before using his target to break his fall. From there, he swings his hook into the side of their neck, stabbing it into their jugular, before yanking his hook free and standing up from his crouched position, subsequently storing his weapon away.

(Bench Kill)

The Robber grabs his seated target's foot and drags them off the bench, until his head rests against it. Before his victim can do anything to defend themselves, the Robber forcefully kicks them in the face, violently sending their head backwards and breaking their neck on the bench behind them.


  • "I will have blood!"
  • "Can't catch me!"
  • "You would challenge me?"
  • "You're so slow."
  • "I will make a fool of you!"
  • "You reek of failure!"
  • "I will put you down."
  • "This will be too easy."
  • "I expected something better."
  • "Don't underestimate me."


The Robber could be customized in several ways:


  • Color 1: Teal.
  • Color 2: Mahogany brown.
  • Color 3: Light grey.


  • White Costume
  • Dark Costume
  • Alternative Costume 1
  • Alternative Costume 2
  • Snatcher Costume
  • Warrior Costume

In-depth customization:

  • Heads:
    • Head 1: Orphan Haircut
    • Head 2: Pickpocket Haircut
    • Head 3: Burglar Haircut
  • Chests:
    • Chest 1: Orphan Buckskins
    • Chest 2: Pickpocket Buckskins
    • Chest 3: Burglar Buckskins
  • Accessories:
    • Accessory 1: Orphan Shirt
    • Accessory 2: Pickpocket Shirt
    • Accessory 3: Burglar Shirt
  • Legs:
    • Legs 1: Orphan Pants
    • Legs 2: Pickpocket Pants
    • Legs 3: Burglar Pants
  • Belts:
    • Belt 1: Orphan Belt
    • Belt 2: Pickpocket Belt
    • Belt 3: Burglar Belt
  • Scars:
    • Scar 1
    • Scar 2
    • Scar 3
  • War paint:
    • Primary war paints:
      • Primary War Paint 1
      • Primary War Paint 2
      • Primary War Paint 3
    • Secondary war paints:
      • Secondary War Paint 1
      • Secondary War Paint 2
      • Secondary War Paint 3


  • Hooks:
    • Grapple Hook
    • Quality Grapple Hook
    • Superior Grapple Hook
  • Daggers:
    • Dagger
    • Superior Dagger
  • Axes:
    • Halberd Blade
    • Superior Halberd Blade

Secondary weapons:

  • Hidden Blade
  • Knife
  • Short Hook



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