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“No mercy, men! This is an island of superstitious heathens! Remember, they do not want you here, they do not like you, they do not understand the true meaning of your cause! And they are scheming at every turn to cast you out! So stay on your guard, and trust no one!”
―Fredrick addressing his men during training.[来源]

弗雷德里克Fredrick,1191年死亡),也被称为红色弗雷德里克Frederick the Red),是在利马索尔地区活动骑士的的领袖及圣殿骑士团的一员。


As a high commander, Fredrick was tasked with training Templar guards after they arrived in Cyprus. One day in 1192, while training his men in the Limassol Castle courtyard, the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad arrived to assassinate him.

After a fierce battle, Fredrick eventually perished at Altaïr's hands. Fredrick's death caused Grand Master Armand Bouchart to tighten security, and kill Osman when he questioned Bouchart's actions.

Personality and characteristics编辑

Fredrick was the highest ranking Templar in Limassol, with the exception of Armand Bouchart himself. According to Osman, he was a brutish man, likely referring to his strict and hard personality.

In hopes of bolstering the confidence that Limassol's citizens had in Fredrick, Armand described him as a man who "served God and the people of Cyprus with honor."

Skills and equipment编辑

In combat, Fredrick wielded his own personal Lucerne hammer.


  • During Fredrick's speech to the training guards, two additional soldiers can be seen standing behind him. However, they were absent once his speech was finished.




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