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弗朗切斯科·德·帕齐Francesco de' Pazzi,1444年 – 1478年4月26日)是圣殿骑士组织的成员而且是一个富有的佛罗伦萨贵族及银行家。[1]







然而,1476年,弗朗切斯科被乔瓦尼·奥迪托雷指控谋杀。当乔瓦尼准备着在法庭上使用的证据时, 他被圣殿武士的乌贝托·阿尔贝蒂背叛了。乌贝托抓了乔瓦尼以及他的两名儿子,费代里科·奥迪托雷彼德鲁乔·奥迪托雷并且以叛国罪将他们三人处死。乔瓦尼的死亡意味着没有证据能证明弗朗切斯科的罪行, 使他过了不久便被释放了。[1]


“你的生命到此为止了, 洛伦佐! 你的全家都会死在我的剑下!”
―弗朗切斯科在多摩嘲讽 洛伦佐·德·美第奇[来源]
WGA 10 v

Francesco and his fellow Templars taking the pledge.

In 1478, Francesco met with a group of Templars at the southern gate of San Gimignano. The Pazzi family members, Jacopo, Francesco, and Vieri, met with Rodrigo Borgia. The group discussed their plan to overthrow the Medici dynasty, and to instate the Templars as the government of the city.[1]

Francesco himself was tasked with organizing the Templar forces in Florence, and then sending word to his fellow conspirators when the time came to carry out the plans. However, after the meeting ended, Vieri remained in the city. Mario Auditore was aware of this, so he informed Ezio, and the two led an attack on the city. Mario led the mercenaries into the city, while Ezio made his way to Vieri, and assassinated him.[1]

Later that year, Francesco met with another group of Templars in Florence in the catacombs under Santa Maria Novella. The group, Francesco, Jacopo, Rodrigo, Bernardo Baroncelli, and Stefano da Bagnone, talked about finalizing their plans to gain control of Florence and overthrow the Medici. The group joked about the Medici's arrogance and stupidity, but ensured Rodrigo that the plans would be carried out successfully. Once their discussion had finished, Rodrigo claimed that a new sun would rise over Florence the next morning, before leaving for Rome.[1]

WiSC 8

Francesco about to stab Giuliano.

As planned, during high mass the next morning at the Duomo, Francesco and his co-conspirators attacked the Medici family. Francesco and Bernardo charged at Giuliano de' Medici, and stabbed him multiple times, killing him. Stefano also stabbed Lorenzo de' Medici, however he only was able to injure Lorenzo, as the Assassin Ezio Auditore entered the battle. Ezio fought off Francesco and his men, successfully defending Lorenzo. Francesco fled, and Ezio escorted Lorenzo back to his home to receive medical treatment.[1]


“You again? Why aren't you dead? Men! Slaughter him!”
―Francesco upon seeing Ezio on the rooftops.[来源]
After bringing Lorenzo to safety, Ezio learned that Francesco was leading a battalion around the back of the Palazzo della Signoria, and began making his way there. Once there, Francesco greeted him from up on the prison ramparts, and ordered his men to kill the Assassin. However, Ezio evaded Francesco's men and made his way to the rooftops of the Palazzo.[1]
Farewell Francesco 8

Francesco's body hung from the Palazzo della Signoria.

Upon arriving on the rooftops, Ezio dispatched Francesco's guards while climbing to the top level where Francesco resided. Ezio then confronted Francesco, who cursed the Assassin and jumped off the top of the rampart, landing safely in a cart of hay.[1]

Ezio followed Francesco over the rampart, and began chasing him through the Florentine streets. Ezio eventually caught up to Francesco though, and assassinated him. In his final words, Francesco merely claimed that everything was over with the failure of their conspiracy.[1]

Later, Francesco's body was hung from the top of the Palazzo della Signoria by Medici supporters, which frightened Jacopo de' Pazzi, and caused him to flee from the city, knowing that their plans had failed.[1]


“Francesco de' Pazzi is many things - and none of them good. But even I never suspected he'd be capable of murder.”
Maria Auditore to Ezio regarding Francesco.[来源]
Farewell Francesco 5

Francesco's last moments.

Francesco de' Pazzi had a deep hatred for any middle-class civilians who attempted to make their way to the top, leading to his disgust at the quick ascension of Lorenzo de' Medici.[1]

He was also confident and had much pride in himself and his fellow conspirators, claiming the Medici were too arrogant and too stupid to notice the plans being made against them. Francesco backed up this confidence by claiming to Rodrigo that no mistakes would be made in their plans.[1]

Francesco was also violent and sadistic, stabbing Giuliano de' Medici multiple times after he was dead whilst yelling madly, demonstrating his desire to kill. Despite his violent behavior however, he fled when confronted by Ezio Auditore, and chose to run from the Assassin, rather than stay and fight.[1]

There is also a hint that Francesco often ignored his son, Vieri, either intentional or not. It is stated in the letter from Fra Giocondo that Vieri often acted brashly and competed in competitions he had rigged in his favor merely to gain Francesco's attentions, hoping to win his approval. Francesco also seemed to show little remorse after his son's death, further suggesting that their relationship was not a strong one.[1]


  • Ezio: Now Firenze will judge you for what you've done.
  • Francesco: It's over... It's all over...
  • Ezio: Meglio essere felici in questa vita che aspirare a esserlo nella prossima. (Better to be content in this life, than aspire to it in the next) Requiescat in pace. (Rest in peace.)


  • 根据维耶里的生日来看,弗朗切斯科成为父亲时只有15岁.[1]
  • 真实历史上,弗朗切斯科·德·帕齐被提到在疯狂地刺杀朱利亚诺·德·美地奇时不小心刺伤了自己的大腿.  尽管刺客信条 II中这一幕并未出现 , 他却在改编小说, 文艺复兴.中犯下了这个错误
  • 与埃齐奥对峙时, 弗朗切斯科从领主宫楼顶跳入一个干草堆以求快速逃生. 他和刺客信条III中海瑟姆·肯维以及康纳的母亲是目前仅有的已知几个不是刺客而能跳出某种形式的信仰之跃的人. [1]
  • 弗朗切斯科是埃齐奥第一次施行正式的“临终祷告”的的对象.
  • 他和他的儿子在刺客信条:兄弟会 中一段被抑制的记忆里被短暂提及.
  • 刺客信条:启示录 中的记忆片段The Prince's Banquet中, 埃齐奥在伪装成行吟诗人时歌唱了维耶里和弗朗切斯科的死亡.



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