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自公元前798000年由旧石器时代对打制燧石饶有兴致的穴居人类建立后,弗利就一直是一处工业中心。它的名字源于公元前188修筑这座城市的罗马人(Forum Livii);艾米利亚大道也据此命名,它是诸多在此地平定高卢人后修建的道路之一。在罗马统治之后,弗利又从伦巴底王朝易手教廷掌控,后在889年成为独立共和国。[1]

After the Roman rule, it went from Lombard hands into Church control. It became an independent republic in 889, infuriating the Vatican. The Vatican then spent the next 400 years trying to regain control over the city.[1]



Forlì became a military dictatorship at the end of the 13th century and power was then was passed to the Ordelaffi family. In 1480, with the Ordelaffi fighting amongst themselves over the chain of succession, Pope Sixtus IV stepped in and gave the city to his nephew, Girolamo Riario.[1]

In 1481, the Florentine Assassin, Ezio Auditore, visited Forlì en route to Venice along with his friend Leonardo da Vinci. During the visit, Ezio rescued the countess, Caterina Sforza, from a small island where she was stranded.[2]


主要词条: 弗利之战
Godfather 2

Checco and Ludovico threatening Ezio and Caterina

In 1488, Caterina hired the Orsi brothers, Checco and Ludovico, to assassinate her husband, Girolamo Riario. At the time, Girolamo had joined the Templars and had been developing a map of the locations of the fabled Codex pages.[2]

Later, in 1488, Ezio returned to Forlì along with Niccolò Machiavelli, intending to make the Rocca di Ravaldino, a castle inside the city, a haven for the Apple of Eden obtained from Rodrigo Borgia. However, before the Apple could be secured, the Orsi brothers, working on behalf of the Borgia, seized not only Forlì, but also Caterina's two young children, Bianca and Ottaviano. The Orsi brothers held them as hostages, intending to trade the children for the Apple.[2]

During the battle, Ezio was able to save the Sforza children and slay Ludovico Orsi easily, but was badly wounded while retrieving the Apple, after being stabbed by a dagger wielded by Checco Orsi. Despite his injuries, Ezio was able to kill Checco as well.[2]

Warm welcome 7

Forlì as the battle begins

Ezio, weakened by his injury, fainted. In the confusion that ensued, a black robed monk was able to steal the Apple of Eden still clutched in Ezio's hand.[2]

Following the battle, Caterina nursed Ezio back to health at the Palazzo Communale. Ezio learned from Darby O'Callahan and the monks of the Abbey of San Mercuriale that the thief was a Dominican friar by the name of Girolamo Savonarola, whom Ezio tracked down and killed in Florence, thus once again obtaining the Apple.[2]

After the events of the battle, Forlì fell solely in the hands of Caterina, who fought to prevent the Vatican from re-taking control.[2] Ultimately, however, Cesare Borgia conquered Forli after he had captured Caterina following the siege of Monteriggioni. The Countess perished in Florence after her escape and Forlì passed into Church hands despite her son's attempts to reclaim it from Pope Julius II.[3]


In 2012, Forlì was used as a simulated training location by Abstergo Industries during the first stage of their Animi Training Program.[2]

The simulation depicted the Abbazia di San Mercuriale and the surrounding area, which contained mostly housing, some of it in poor state, as well as plenty of market stalls. Forlì's streets were mostly spacious and long, with little alleyways connecting the more open areas, of which one was dedicated to the keeping of horses, with several stables present, as well as haystacks and watering troughs. Due to the low tide, the city drains were empty of water, turning one of the city's wells into a possible escape route.[2]

Forlì was not programmed to have aesthetic variations. As a result, it could only be used during the day.[2]


  • In Assassin's Creed: Renaissance, when the Orsi brothers attack Forlì, Caterina Sforza is forced to order the cannons to fire at enemy targets inside the town walls. As a result, parts of the city were destroyed.
  • After completing the Battle of Forlì downloadable content, the Flying Machine may be used in Forlì at any time.
  • There are two Glyphs in the region of Forlì, one at Avamposto Veneziano and the other at Abbazia di San Mercuriale.
  • Forlì is depicted in-game as being directly on the coastline. In reality, it is several kilometres away from any large bodies of water.




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