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An '''architect''' is an individual who plans, designs, and reviews the construction of building.
During the [[Italy|Italian]] [[Renaissance]], architects would commonly receive a commission from citizens or [[Assassins]], and would work with them to draft plans, before overseeing the renovations themselves.
===Mario Auditore===
{{Quote|我们的建筑师解释降低塔的高度可以帮助我们加强防御。因为我们能用更多的钱去购买强力的防御武器。这是个大项目,但我会在未来好好考虑。|马里奥奥迪托雷与城市建筑师交谈。|Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy}}当[[马里奥·奥迪托雷]]统治时,[[蒙特里久尼]]的建筑师们主要工作是升级和修复城市防御设施,包括城墙和塔楼。<ref name="Project Legacy">《[[刺客信条:传承计划]]》 - [[意大利战争:第三章-马里奥·奥迪托雷]]</ref>
{{Quote|Our architects explain that lowering the towers might actually help our defenses because we can purchase more powerful weaponry. A huge undertaking, but something I will consider in the future.|Mario Auditore speaking with the city architects.|Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy}}While under the rule of [[Mario Auditore]], the architects of [[Monteriggioni]] mostly worked on upgrading and repairing the defenses of the city, including its fortress walls and towers.<ref name="Project Legacy">''[[Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy]]'' - ''[[Italian Wars: Chapter 3 - Mario Auditore]]''</ref>
此外,1454年,建筑师们帮助马里奥研究一个据说藏在城市地底下的[[第一裹尸布|神秘圣器]]。为此,一名建筑师和马里奥一起研究了城市布局,还讨论了藏在每个建筑地下的可能性。<ref name="Project Legacy"/>
Additionally, in 1454, architects aided Mario in the research of a [[Shroud of Eden 1|mysterious artifact]] that was said to have been hidden under the city. To this end, an architect went over a layout of the city's buildings with Mario, subsequently discussing the possibility of hiding places beneath each.<ref name="Project Legacy"/>
===Ezio Auditore===
{{Quote|Ser Mario hired me to deal with this mess, but I'm an architetto, not a miracle worker.|The Villa Auditore architect.|Assassin's Creed II}}[[File:ACoP 18 v.png|thumb|250px|left|Ezio speaking with the Villa architect]]
{{Quote|马里奥先生雇我来处理这个烂摊子,但我是个建筑师,不是个魔法师。|奥迪托雷别墅建筑师。|Assassin's Creed II}}[[File:ACoP 18 v.png|thumb|250px|left|埃齐奥与别墅建筑师对话]]
当[[埃齐奥·奥迪托雷·达·佛罗伦萨]]于1476年到达蒙特里久尼时,这座城市和别墅都已年久失修。一名建筑师被雇佣监督整修,不过马里奥通常将资金和时间更多放在城市防御而不是整修上。<ref name="AC2">《[[刺客信条II]]》</ref>
Upon [[Ezio Auditore da Firenze]]'s arrival in Monteriggioni in 1476, the city and its [[Villa Auditore|Villa]] had fallen into disrepair. An architect had been hired to oversee renovations, though Mario commonly focused more time and funding on the city's defense than on its upkeep.<ref name="AC2">''[[Assassin's Creed II]]</ref>
这名建筑师将工作室设立在别墅中,仔细观察研究桌上的一个城镇等比例模型。而埃齐奥也能通过他来决定如何对小镇作出最好的升级。<ref name="AC2"/>
This architect based himself in the study of the Villa, looking over a scale model of the town, which was mounted on a large table. Through him, Ezio was able to make decisions on how best to upgrade the town.<ref name="AC2"/>
在蒙特里久尼的所有建筑与公会的重建和整修都带来了收入,并增加了城市的游客数量。<ref name="AC2"/>
All buildings, structures and guilds that were rebuilt and renovated in Monteriggioni generated income, and increased the number of visitors to the city.<ref name="AC2"/>
[[File:Collective Intelligence 3.png|thumb|250px|Ezio speaking with an architect in the Tiber Island hideout]]
[[File:Collective Intelligence 3.png|thumb|250px|埃齐奥与一名台伯岛总部的建筑师对话]]
与在蒙特里久尼不同,建筑师在[[罗马]]到处可见,他们愿意接受各种各样的工作委托,比如商店建筑、[[Aqueducts|水渠]]以及城市中其他建筑物。<ref name="Brotherhood">《[[刺客信条:兄弟会]]》</ref>
Unlike Monteriggioni, architects could be found in abundance in [[Rome]], and were willing to work on a variety of commissions, such as shop buildings, [[aqueducts]], and other structures throughout the city.<ref name="Brotherhood">''[[Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood]]''</ref>
在这方面,建筑师会重建[[艺术品商店|艺术商]]、[[医生]]、[[裁缝铺|裁缝师]]、[[铁匠铺|铁匠]]、[[银行]]家的店铺以及马厩,也包括城市[[Tunnels|地道]]的入口、破损的水渠和公会建筑。<ref name="Brotherhood"/>
In this regard, architects would rebuild the shops of [[art merchants]], [[doctors]], [[tailors]], [[blacksmiths]], [[banks]] and stables, as well as the entrances to the city's [[Tunnels|tunnel system]], broken aqueducts and guild buildings.<ref name="Brotherhood"/>
虽然埃齐奥被称作整修罗马的神秘赞助人,但埃齐奥只有和四个地点的建筑师有直接对话,分别是[[台伯岛总部]]、[[盛开蔷薇]]、[[阿尔维阿诺军营]]和[[睡狐居]]。<ref name="Brotherhood"/>
Though he became known as a mysterious benefactor aiding in the renovation of Rome, Ezio only directly conversed with architects in four locations, the [[Tiber Island headquarters]], the [[Rosa in Fiore]], the [[Caserma di Alviano]] and [[La Volpe Addormentata]].<ref name="Brotherhood"/>
埃齐奥也与掌管[[莱昂纳多·达·芬奇]]的[[战争机器]]建造的[[博吉亚家族|博吉亚]]建筑师有互动;经常审问他们关于机器图纸和原型机的位置。<ref name="Brotherhood"/>
Ezio also interacted with [[House of Borgia|Borgia]] architects in charge of [[Leonardo da Vinci]]'s [[War Machines|war machines]]; often interrogating them on the location of the machine plans and prototypes.<ref name="Brotherhood"/>

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