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Praxilla was an influential Greek lyric poet who lived during the 5th century BCE. She was the wife of Achaikos and the mother of Orchimedes.

Biography[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Hailing from the polis of Sikyon, Praxilla was a well known poet amongst her peers even in her youth. At some point, she met and married Achaikos who, understanding her passion for poetry, crafted her a lyre which she named after him. After having a child an naming him Orchimedes, Praxilla abandoned him and her husband to pursue her dream to be a wandering poet. This caused Orchimedes to harbor hatred against her. During her journey, she took in a helot named Ismene as her servant.[1]

By the Peloponnesian War, Praxilla had reached Port of Kreusis where a poetry festival was held. There, she met and made the acquaintance of Alkibiades, an Athenian who shared his love for her poetry.[2] Unbeknownst to her, her son Orchimedes found out her whereabouts and attempted to steal her lyre as revenge for abandoning him during his childhood. [3]Later, she was introduced by Alkibiades to the misthios Kassandra who, at the request of Orchimedes, recovered and gave her 5 Coral Roses. This distraction allowed Orchimedes to steal the lyre with Ismene's help, and try and sell the lyre.[2]

Having discovered her lyre missing, Praxilla enlisted Kassandra's help to locate and recover the lyre, which the latter correctly assumed to have been taken by Orchimedes. Kassandra recovered the damaged lyre from Orchimedes who was held by a group of bandits at the Temple of Athena Itonia and returned to Praxilla.[3] Later on, Praxilla brought Kassandra to Timycha, a master lyre maker in Kreusis to repair her lyre. Kassandra recovered the materials, allowing Praxilla's lyre to be repaired in time for the upcoming festival.[4]

With the lyre repaired, Kassandra accompanied Praxilla to the stage for her poet performance. Praxilla gave Kassandra the chance to perform the poet play instead, only to be attacked by a group of bandits. Dispatching the thugs, Kassandra regrouped with Praxilla at her tent, where the latter was reunited with Orchimedes, who had returned and revealed her relations to her.[5]

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