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希波战争(Greco-Persian Wars),也常被称作 波斯战争,是阿契美尼德王朝希腊城邦于公元前499年至公元前449年间产生的一系列冲突。[1]



主要词条: Battle of Marathon

The battle, fought on the Marathon Beach, was the culmination of the first attempt by King Darius I of Persia in his attempts to subjugate Greece.

After the battle was won by the Greek armies, the Athenians dedicated a treasury in Delphi to the god Apollo to commemorate their victory. In addition, a group of statues was also erected in the sanctuary, located near the southeastern entrance.[2]



主要词条: Battle of Thermopylae

Following Darius I of Persia's defeat during the Persian's first invasion at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BCE, Darius' son and successor, Xerxes I actively began planning a second attempt, backed by the Cult of Kosmos, who previously supported Darius. Upon ascending to the throne, he spent the next several years building up his military and naval forces in preperation. Finally, in 480 BCE the Persian emperor considered himself ready and crossed the Hellespont and invaded Greece. [来源请求]

They quickly overran Makedonia and Malis and had made it as far as the Hot Gates of Thermopylae before encountering significant resistance. This resistance took the form of a united Greek army under the command of King Leonidas I of Sparta. [来源请求]

After a long battle, the Greek and Spartan armies were gaining the upper-hand after forcing the Persians to fight in a narrow pass. Until the sudden betrayal of one of their own, who showed the Persians a way around the pass. The Persians then quickly overran the Spartan forces and killed them all.[3]


主要词条: Battle of Salamis

After their defeat at Thermopylae, the Greeks drew the Persians into naval combat. The Greeks would prove victorious and forced most of the Persian army to retreat into Asia.[2]