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Edward Kenway Memory 2

Duncan Walpole aboard the HMS Intrigue.

HMS Intrigue was a frigate in His Majesty's Royal Navy up until 1715.

In that year, while transporting the Assassin Duncan Walpole to Havana, the Intrigue happened upon and attacked the Jacobite, a pirate vessel captained by Abel Bramah off the coast of Cape Bonavista. At first the Intrigue fared well against the pirates, but a lightning strike and a chance gust of wind afforded the crew of the Jacobite the opportunity to land a full broadside, demasting and ultimately sinking the Intrigue. However, the ship had set the Jacobite's powder magazine alight, and soon the pirate ship was sunk as well.[1]

Of all the crew members of both ships, only Walpole and the pirate Edward Kenway survived and made it to shore.[2]