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威廉·迈尔斯的小队(William Miles' team)是一队在21世纪行动的刺客。他们在阻止会在2012年12月21日烧灼地球摧毁全球人类文明的第二次灾难的发生中发挥了重要作用。











克莱长时间暴露在Animus环境中,他的出血效应也日趋严重,开始看到祖先记忆的幻觉。他又被伊述人朱诺找到,被告知要帮助未来的实验体17号戴斯蒙德·迈尔斯。[7] 在调查中,克莱发现阿布斯泰戈想利用卫星加上伊甸苹果来统治人类。他还发现了露西背叛到圣殿骑士的事实,她正操纵自己为圣殿骑士取得苹果。[8]

苦于出血效应,又无法逃脱,克莱决定听从朱诺的建议,制定应急计划帮助继任者戴斯蒙德。他用基于自己的意识在Animus硬件中创造了一个人工智能以引导戴斯蒙德。他将其隐藏在埃齐奥记忆的字形中,里面包含有刺客-圣殿骑士战争的信息以及亚当夏娃伊述纪元偷走伊甸苹果片段[9] 他还在埃齐奥于罗马时的记忆中插入了裂隙,让戴斯蒙德能够与这人工智能交流。[10] 最终,克莱用他的血在实验室中画下了神秘信息,并在2012年8月8日自杀身亡。[11]


Lucy monitoring Desmond in the Animus

On 1 September 2012, Abstergo located Desmond Miles, who had became a barman in New York. They abducted him and sent him to the Animus project laboratory.[12] There, Vidic forced him to live the memories of his ancestor Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, a Levantine Master Assassin during the Third Crusade who had came across another Apple of Eden.[3]

Between the sessions, Desmond investigated his room and the Animus chamber. He discovered that Abstergo was the front company of the Templars and that Subject 16 had committed suicide. Lucy entered into contact with Desmond to earn his trust to find Ezio's Apple. After a team of Assassins was killed in a rescue mission to saved him, Lucy revealed to Desmond she was an Assassin and that she will help him.[3]

After a week in the laboratory, Desmond reached the memory where Altaïr witnessed a holographic map projected by an Apple of Eden which indicated the location of other Pieces of Eden.[13] Warren pretended that the Templars did not need to keep Desmond alive, but Lucy feinted to save him by assuring they needed more information. As the two left the Animus chamber, Desmond began to experience the Eagle Vision due to the Bleeding Effect. With his new ability, he could see the cryptic messages left behind by Clay.[3]


Desmond introduced to Rebecca and Shaun

At this point, the Templars launched Project Siren, whereby Lucy would pretend to help Desmond to escape the Abstergo laboratory. It was hoped by the Templars that Desmond would make far more progress in searching for the Pieces of Eden if they allowed him to freely collaborate with his Assassin allies. Lucy would then hijack the Assassin mission once they had located an Apple, seizing it from them for the Templars.[2]

Before leaving, Lucy made Desmond relived the birth of Ezio Auditore, who was also Desmond's ancestor. After that, she took the Animus hardware and they fled together from the laboratory in a car.[4] Arriving at their hideout, Desmond met Shaun and Rebecca. There, Lucy explained that they needed to train him as an Assassin by exploiting the Bleeding Effect and the memories of Ezio. Desmond accepted and explored the memories of his ancestor via Rebecca's Animus which was updated with the hardware of the original Animus.[4]

While in the Animus, Desmond found Clay's Glyphs which were in the hardware of the Animus. Deciphering them, he saw the footage of Adam and Eve when they stole the Apple of Eden.[8] Desmond developed Ezio's capacities in parkour and combat, but the Bleeding Effect also caused him to experience a memory of Altaïr conceiving with Maria Thorpe while outside the Animus.[4]

After a week exploring Ezio's memories, Desmond saw the moment when Ezio opened the Vatican Vault with the Apple and the Papal Staff of Eden. He entered in contact with Minerva, an Isu, who spoke directly to Desmond through Ezio as she knew beforehand that he would relive the memory of Ezio and witness her words. She revealed him that a long time ago, the Isu created the humans to serve them, but the humans rose in a devastating rebellion. Shortly after that, the Great Catastrophe, a cataclysmic natural disaster caused by a massive solar ejection from the Sun, wiped out nearly all the Isu and humans. The survivors worked together to rebuild their civilization before the Isu disappeared over time, having always been far fewer in number than the humans. Nevertheless, they knew that another disaster would occur millennia later in 2012, so they sent a message to warn Desmond to find a way to prevent a repeat of the tragedy.[14]

Lucy and Desmond confronting Warren Vidic and his guards

Just as Desmond left the Animus, the hideout was attacked by a Templar detachment led by Vidic. Desmond fought them with the newfound skills of Ezio and the feigning help of Lucy. As they reached Vidic, the Templars retreated. With their hideout compromised, the Assassin team fled in a van with their data and the Animus to discover how to prevent the Second Disaster.[4]



During their flight, Desmond continued to relive the memories of Ezio. He encountered difficulties synchronizing with a memory during the Siege of Viana in 1507 as a result of Ezio's memory recall at that moment and was forced to begin years earlier with the Siege of Monteriggioni in 1500. During the battle, Ezio lost the Apple of Eden to the Roman Templar Cesare Borgia.[15]

The team install in the Sanctuary

While Desmond explored in the Animus, the rest of the team drove the van to Monteriggioni, the old stronghold of the Italian Assassins at the height of the Renaissance. The team investigated the Villa Auditore and found a secret passage through the Auditore Family Crypt that led to the Sanctuary underground where they could not be located by the satellites of Abstergo. With Eagle Vision, Desmond discovered a strange triangle symbol with numbers left by Ezio after the attack. The team decided to set-up the Animus in the Sanctuary for their resumption of the search for the Apple.[16]

During their time in Monteriggioni, Lucy was contacted by William Miles who wanted information on the mission and his son. Lucy also sent cryptic messages to Vidic to keep him apprised of the status of her mission.[17]

While exploring Ezio's memories in Rome, Desmond found the Rifts left by Clay. Completing them, he entered in contact with Clay's AI, which instructed him to find Eve in the Eden and that her DNA was the key.[10]

In October 2012, Desmond reached the memory of Ezio during the Siege of Viana where Ezio killed Cesare Borgia.[18] After that, Desmond saw Ezio hide the Apple in a Isu vault under the Colosseum.[19] The team therefore realized that they had to return to Rome, but they discovered that they needed a password to open the vault. When they tried to consult Ezio's memories once more, a blackout prevented them from using the Animus. Remembering the symbol on the vault's door, Desmond understood the meaning behind the triangle Ezio had left in the Sanctuary. Shaun discovered that the numbers weren't dates but verses of the Bible containing the 72 names of God. He also deduced that the triangle was a tetractys whose numerical values, if combined with the Hebrew' letters of God's name within it, would add up to the number 72. Believing that this was the password they needed, the team proceeded to Rome.[16]

Arriving in Rome on the 10th of October, Desmond explored the underground tunnels of the Colosseum while the rest of the team searched another way to enter in the vault. During his travel, Desmond was contacted by Juno, but he believed it was a part of the Bleeding Effect. Finding an exit, he arrived in Santa Maria in Aracoeli where he was joined by the other members of the team. Seeing hallucinations of Ezio activating a lever, Desmond did the same thing which released a pedestal. When Desmond touched it, he activated an elevator that took all of the Assassins down to the vault. In front of the gate, he used the password "72" to open the doors.[16]

Desmond stabbing Lucy

In the vault, the team approached the Apple which projected myriad symbols, among which included the Eye of Providence and the Phrygian cap. When Desmond touched the Apple, however, the entire team was suddenly immobilized by an invisible force, such that none but Desmond could even blink or shift their mouths. Juno spoke to Desmond and told him that he must accomplish his destiny, but in the midst of her message, she detected a disturbance in the form of Lucy's treachery that could compromise her plans. As he tried to free himself from the control of the artifact, Juno projected a vision to Desmond revealing that Lucy was a Templar, and that if he let her live, she would hand the Apple over to Abstergo, for the Eye-Abstergo, a project that would fail anyways while the Earth would be left to the mercy of the Sun.[20] Desmond still resisted, not having yet fully processed the revelation, yet his will relented to Juno because deep inside, he understood what had to be done. With his Hidden Blade guided by Juno, he stabbed Lucy in the abdomen. As the time resumed his course, Lucy rapidly bled to death from her wound. Shocked by this deed, Desmond fell into a comatose state.[16]


As the team sent a message to William Miles to warn him they localized the Apple, the Mentor went to Rome with the Assassin Harlan Cunningham.[21] As they found Desmond unconscious, William decided to put his son in the Animus to stabilize his state. Desmond relived the memory of Ezio when he explored the Temple of Pythagoras with Leonardo da Vinci. In the Pythagorean Vault, the Italian Assassins found a set of GPS coordinates indicating the location of the Grand Temple, an Isu vault in Turin in New York state. William's team decided to follow this lead.[22]

As Desmond's case didn't improve, Rebecca put Desmond in the Black Room of the Animus to stabilize him. As nobody knew about Lucy betrayal, Shaun began to question the viability of Desmond, thinking he was a sleeper agent of Abstergo but William refuted this possibility. William and Rebecca decided to monitor Desmond in Florence while Shaun went to Marino to buried Lucy.[23]

Desmond meeting Clay's AI in the Black Room

Inside the Black Room, Desmond met the AI of Clay Kaczmarek which explained that Desmond needed to complete all the memories of Altaïr and Ezio to reach a Nexus which will permit him to wake from his coma.[23] While he explored the memories of Ezio in Constantinople who searched the Masyaf Keys to open the Library of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Desmond also relived his own memories, from his childhood to his abduction by Abstergo. After that, he fully accepts his duty as an Assassin.[24]

When Shaun joined with Rebecca and William, the team decided to go to the United States to explore the Grand Temple. While studying the Apple, William exposed the idea that Desmond could use the artifact thank to his Isu DNA, which was activated by the Bleeding effect, and maybe they could stop the Disaster.[23] As they tried to took a private jet to the U.S, the team was tracked by the Templars.[25] Cunningham lured the Templars in Florence which permitted to the team to take a fly to Syracuse, New York.[26] There, they met the Assassin Gavin Banks who gave them false passports to be undetected.[23]

In the Animus, as the Black Room began to deleting everything, Clay's AI protected Desmond by sending him in the last memory of Ezio. Arriving in Masyaf in 1512, Ezio opened the library and found Altaïr's skeleton with a Memory Seal. Activating it, Ezio saw the last moment of Altaïr, who hid his Apple of Eden in the library. As Ezio saw the artifact, he decided to not take it but the Apple created a Nexus that permitted to Ezio to speak directly with Desmond. Understanding that he was a vessel to a message for Desmond, Ezio asked to his descendant to listen.[27]

Desmond awakening from his coma with his father and Rebecca around him

Desmond arrived in a Nexus with Jupiter, a member of the Isu. He explained to him that Minerva, Juno and him tried six different ways to save the Earth from the Toba Catastrophe but they all failed. After showing what happened during the First Catastrophe, Jupiter said to Desmond that he needed to go to the Grand Temple where the different technologies to save the Earth were gathered and to use them. When the team arrived before the Grand Temple, Desmond woke up from his coma and talked with his teammates as he knew what to do.[27]


As the team entered in a cavern, they found a door of the First Civilization. Using the Apple, Desmond opened it and the team explored the tunnels. When they arrived in the main room, they found an Isu Power source. When Desmond replaced it, it activated the light-up of the room and permitted them to reach another door that they couldn't open with the Apple. At this moment, Desmond was contacted by Juno, as her consciousness was trapped in the Grand Temple. She triggered a Bleeding Effect to Desmond who fell unconscious.[20]

The rest of the team put Desmond in the Animus to stabilize him but he didn't fall in a coma, it was Juno who wanted that he explored the memories of Haytham Kenway, a British Templar and founder of the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order who went to the America colonies during the Seven Years' War to search the Grand Temple. As Haytham was in possession of the Grand Temple Key, Juno wanted that the Assassins found it. The team only discovered that Haytham arrived before the Grand Temple but didn't succeed to open the first door. [28]

As William wanted that Desmond continued to be in the Animus, his son had an argument with him, as he was stressed to receive orders as he tried to save the Earth from the disaster. When Desmond said that his father was not better than the Templars, William punched him. Shaun and Rebecca calmed the two as they hadn't time for this. Shaun remarked that three power sources were missing and they needed them to open the door.[20] While Shaun tracked them around the World with his computer, Desmond returned in the Animus to relive the memories of Haytham's son, Ratonhnhaké:ton, a Kanien'kehá:ka during the American Revolution that Juno tasked to become a Colonial Assassin to protect his people and the Grand Temple.[29]

Desmond with a power source confronting Daniel Cross

Locating one power source in a building in New York, the team went to the city to take it on the 16th of November. Climbing the construction site of the Freedom Tower, Desmond jumped from its highest point and opened his parachute to infiltrate the building where the power was secured. When he took the power source Desmond was confronted by Daniel Cross, a Templar sleeper agent who led the Great Purge and killed the Mentor. Desmond easily beat him and joined his team.[30] On their trip to return to the Grand Temple, the team went to Boston and rested to the Green Dragon Tavern.[31]

Shaun found a second power source was in possession of a woman who assisted to an MMA fight in São Paulo the 2 December. The team went in Brazil and Desmond infiltrated the event. When he reached the VIP lounge, he saw that Cross killed the woman and took the power source. Desmond followed him and after a fight recover the power source. Tracking by Abstergo men, he flew the Stadium.[32] The team left São Paulo with the help of Gavin Banks who took them back to the U.S on his ship, the Altaïr II.[33]

Arriving in the Grand Temple, Shaun's computer localized a power source in a museum in Cairo. William decided to go alone in Egypt while the other will continue their search of the Grand Temple key. William infiltrated the museum and took the power source but was captured by the Master Templar Juhani Otso Berg and the Sigma Team. They sent him to Warren Vidic in the Animus laboratory.[34]

Desmond using the Apple of Eden to save his father

The rest of the team received a message from Vidic who blackmailed them to give the Apple in exchange of William's life. On the 14th December, the team went to Rome to save William. Entering in the laboratory, Desmond fought Abstergo guards using his ancestors' skills. When Cross was about to shoot him, the Templar suffered from the Bleeding Effect and ran away. Desmond profited of this to kill Cross and took his pistol. When he arrived before Vidic who threatened William's life with his guards, Desmond used the Apple of Eden to manipulate the guards to kill Vidic and the other guards. He freed his father and took the power source and the team returned to the Grand Temple.[35]

In the Grand Temple, Desmond replaced the power sources. As he explored the different room, Juno talked about the six different solutions the Isu tried to save the Earth. They tried to construct towers to absorb the solar but it took too much time. They that a planet-size Shard of Eden could protect them but it was too difficult. They sent Apples of Eden in space to command the entire human race to think one thought, "Make us safe" but it ultimately failed as they couldn't control the artifacts. They tried to change the past by time travel but it was impossible so they sent messages to the future like Minerva with Ezio to warn them about the second catastrophe. Juno's husband, Aita volunteered in an experience to augment the bodies of the Isu, but the experience went wrong and Aita became catatonic. Juno decided to euthanize her husband. The last solution was to transfer the consciousness of the Isu in new vessels stronger enough to survive to the solar flare but it demanded to sacrifice life's to released the consciousness.[20]

In the Animus, the team reached the memory when Ratonhnhaké:ton took the Grand Temple key to the Grand Master Charles Lee in 1782. The Assassin was contacted by Juno who ordered him to hide the key. Ratonhnhaké:ton did this by burning it in the grave of Connor Davenport, his Mentor's son.[36] The 20th December, the team went to Davenport Homestead in Massachusetts, dug in the grave and found the key.[20]

Returning in the Grand Temple on the 21st December 2012, the day of the Second Disaster, the team opened the door and found the Eye. Juno told them that Desmond must touch the Eye to save the world thanks to his Isu DNA, but at this moment Minerva entered in contact with them by a Nexus. She explained that if Desmond touched the Eye, it will liberate Juno, who wanted to enslave humanity and ordered him to let the world be burnt. Juno told her to show to Desmond what will happen if he didn't save the world. In this vision, Desmond and the team survived the Disaster and helped to reconstruct the human civilization. See as a model of wisdom and courage, Desmond will be remembered as a god and some will use his teaching to persecute others.[20]

Desmond sacrificing himself

After seeing this, Desmond refused to let this happened, preferring to liberate Juno and let the Assassins fight her. Minerva warned him that if he touched the Eye, he will die. Desmond accepted his fate and let his teammates flew the Grand Temple after he bid farewell to his father. When he touched the Eye, a power beam killed him but protected the world from the solar flare in the process and releasing Juno.[20]


Journey through Americas[]

After what happened in the Grand Temple, the team mourned Desmond's death. Overwhelmed by this event, William decided to resign from his position as Mentor. He gave to Shaun and Rebecca his journal which contained clues to find him and he hid from the Assassins in his bunker in Norway. [37]

In May 2013, Shaun and Rebecca met Gavin Banks in Peru where they gave him William's journal. As the de facto leader of the Assassins, Gavin decided to continue William's work.[37] With the Altaïr II, the Assassins went to California. Gavin ordered to Shaun and Rebecca to be the eyes and ears of the Brotherhood in the United States.[38]

Shaun and Rebecca at Montreal

During the following months, the duo traveled through Jasper in Texas, Oklahoma City, Alliance in Nebraska and even in the ruins of the Farm.[39][40][41][42] During their investigation, they discovered that Abstergo recovered Desmond's corpse for the Sample 17 Project, an initiative officially ran by Abstergo Entertainment to use his genetic memory to create games and films. Knowing that the Sample 17 Project operated in their office of Montreal, the two Assassins went to Canada to infiltrate the company and recovered all the information of the Templars.[43]

Infiltrating Abstergo Entertainment[]

In October 2013, Shaun posed as the lobby's barista while Rebecca acting as a courier in Abstergo Entertainment. There, they associate with John Standish, Head of IT in the building, to hack the company. In fact, John was a Sage, a reincarnation of Aita who was a member of the Instruments of the First Will, a group who wanted the return of Juno to control the humans. As Juno's consciousness was trapped in Abstergo Cloud, John tried to find a body for his wife.[44]

Shaun and Rebecca undercover at Abstergo Entertainment

Soon after, Abstergo Entertainment hired a new analyst to explore the memories of Edward Kenway, a pirate and later Assassin who was in contact with the Sage Bartholomew Roberts and discovered the Observatory. As the analyst relived Edward's memories, John contacted them and tasked them to hack some computers in the office. As the analyst discovered in the files that the Sample 17 Project was a cover for using Desmond's genetic memory to find other Pieces of Eden. They also discovered that Desmond's corpse was destroyed by Abstergo. As they gave the files to Shaun and Rebecca, John blackmailed the analyst to force them to continue its hacking or he will denounce them otherwise.[44]

In November, as the company discovered the hacking, some employees whose the analyst were sent in the Bunker to discover who was the hacker. John helped the analyst to discretely escape from their cell to hack the Abstergo Cloud server. Juno appeared but didn't succeed to take the analyst's body. As they returned in his cell to relive Edward's memories, John infiltrated the Bunker and injected poison in the analyst to facilitate the return of Juno. The Abstergo security guards arrived in the cell, shot John and saved the analyst.[44]

With John's actions and the files found on his computer, the analyst was cleared of all suspicions to be the hacker. Later Shaun and Rebecca took contact with the analyst and apologized about what happened with John. They proposed them to work with the Assassins. When the analyst hacked all the files of Abstergo Entertainment, the two Assassins send them to William, who decided to return to the Assassins after what happened to his son.[44] Shaun and Rebecca left Montreal soon after to don't be detected by the Templars.[45]

Working with the Initiates[]

Recruiting the Initiates[]

By May 2014, Shaun and Rebecca reunited with William in Norway. When the Altaïr II docked in the bunker, Gavin had an argument with William for leaving the Brotherhood and distracted his team for searching him.[46] While Rebecca checked the Hephaestus Email Network, she discovered that a member of the crew sent message to a group name the Initiates.[47] William interrogated every member of the Altaïr II to find the mole.[48]

William used a ruse to detect the spy. He ordered to Galina Voronina before the crew to kill Stephanie Chiu, the doctor of the ship. Eric Cooper, the navigator and supervisor, intervened to protect her, revealing they were Initiates. William explained that he didn't want to kill them.[49] The two spies explained that the Initiates were a collective which promoted the liberty of information, publishing illicit information and the activities of the Assassins and Templars on their private network the Outernet.[50]

With this information, William decided to recruit the Initiates to the Brotherhood and made peace with Gavin.[51] In June 2014, Shaun sent an email on the Outernet asking to the Initiates to join them.[52] William chose the Assassin Bishop to lead the group.[53]

Sabotaging the Project Phoenix[]

The Assassins discovered that Abstergo worked on the Phoenix Project, using John Standish's body and DNA sample in Blood vials to recreate the Isu race and that they also searched for other Sages remains. Between June and August 2014, Robert Fraser, an employee of Abstergo Entertainment, relived the memories of Arno Dorian, a French Assassin who operated in Paris during the French Revolution. Abstergo took an interest on Dorian as he met a Sage during the Revolution. As Fraser began to believe he was Dorian due to the Bleeding Effect, Fraser sent the unsequenced memories of Dorian's to the Assassins and destroyed the data of Abstergo before being killed.[54]

In October 2014, Shaun joined Galina to infiltrate the Abstergo facility in Paris. They destroyed all the research and DNA samples.[55] While Shaun hacked their server, Galina threw a grenade on the Dr. Álvaro Gramática, the head of the Phoenix Project. He was hit by the explosion but survived thank to the original Shroud of Eden but the artifact was destroyed.[56] Shaun and Galina went to La Rochelle and escaped from the Sigma Team.[57]

A month later, Bishop and Shaun decided to analyze the memories of Arno Dorian to find the remains of the Sage before the Templars. Abstergo Entertainment launched the Helix, a cloud-based software that permitted to its users to experience the modified memories of Assassins and Templars to serve the Templars' propaganda while also collecting the DNA of their users. Bishop contact one of the user and revealed the truth about Abstergo and the Assassins. She sent them the first memories of Arno to show what it meant to become an Assassin.[55]

Bishop discussing with the Helix Initiate

As the user accepted to join them, they became an Initiate. Bishop showed to them about the Phoenix Project and that they needed to locate where Arno met the Sage.[55] As the Initiate explored Arno's memories, Abstergo performed server sweeps to detect them. Bishop and Shaun helped them to flee through Helix rifts, transporting it in Paris during the Belle Époque,[58] the World War II[59] and the Hundred Years' War.[60]

While reliving Dorian's memories, the Initiate discovered that the Sage during the French Revolution was François-Thomas Germain, a Templar who took the role of Grand Master of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order after killing François de la Serre, Arno's adoptive father.[61] They reached the memory when Arno killed Germain in 1794 and hid his remains in the Catacombs of Paris.[62] With that information, Bishop thought that the Sage's DNA would be too damaged to be analysed by Abstergo.[55]

The Initiate continued to explore Arno's memories when he was in Franciade and discovered an Apple of Eden which was sent in Egypt.[63]

By late 2014, many Assassins flew their safehouse after Otso Berg sent them a video announcing a new purge.[64]

Searching the Shroud[]

Rebecca and Shaun confronting Ardant

By 2015, William was reinstalled in his role as Mentor. The Assassins discovered that the Templars searched a new Shrouds of Eden for the Phoenix Project. In October 2015, Shaun and Rebecca infiltrated in London the office of Isabelle Ardant, the Head of the Historical Research Division of Abstergo. They hacked her server to find evidence on the artifact while Bishop sent to the Initiates the genetic memories of the twins Jacob and Evie Frye, two British Assassins operating in London during the Industrial Revolution and who were in contact with a Shroud of Eden.[65]

As Ardant returned to her office, the two Assassins decided to ambush her but they were held at gunpoint by Berg and Violet da Costa, the second-in-command of the Sigma team. The Assassins provoked an explosion that permitted them to flee and take refuge in their hideout. Bishop sent Galina in London to protect Shaun and Rebecca.[65]

Through the Frye's memories, the Initiate discovered that the twins impeached the Grand Master of the British Rite of the Templar Order Crawford Starrick to access to the Shroud hid in a vault under Buckingham Palace. As the twin Assassins decided to leave the artifact there, Shaun, Rebecca and Galina went to Buckingham to see if the Piece of Eden was there.[66]

Shaun taking care to a wounded Rebecca

As the team entered the vault, they saw that Ardant, Berg and da Costa were already there. The team launched an attack as the Templars took the Shroud. Shaun killed Ardant while da Costa left the scene with the artifact shooting on Shaun but Rebecca took the bullet for him. Galina fought with Berg and incapacitated him before the rest of the Sigma team arrived in the vault.[65] The Assassins escaped and Eric Cooper helped Shaun and Rebecca in their extraction from London.[64]

With the bug placed by Shaun and Rebecca in Ardant's server, the Assassins discovered that da Costa worked with Juno and wanted to use the Shroud to recovered her body.[65]

The Initiate explored the memories of Evie and Jack the Ripper during the Autumn of Terror and discovered the Assassins' implication in the Whitechapel murders. As many of the allies of the Assassins were arrested or had their lives broke by the Templars' influence, William ordered the Rooftop Garden Protocol, ensuring the end of communications between the Assassins and the Initiates recruits around the world and ceased the usage of the Initiates' communication network. The team stayed dark for some times.[67]







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