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“I find myself at a crossroads; to return to my wife and child, or join my kinsmen.”
―William Kidd.[来源]

William Kidd (1645 – 1701) was a Scottish sailor and privateer for the English Parliament. During his career as a privateer, Kidd was accused of piracy and subsequently captured and executed by hanging.




1699年,基德回到了西印度群岛,发现他已经被通缉。他在伊斯帕尼奥拉岛(即海地岛)卖掉了他的船奎达商人号 ,并搭乘他的新船沿海岸线北上。基德清楚他最终会被逮捕,他开始将他掠夺的宝藏藏起来。During his travels, he discovered that he was being hunted by English soldiers who he concluded did not fight on the Crown's behalf, but wore rings adorned with a red cross - Templars - who were after Kidd's Shard of Eden. Kidd buried the artifact on Oak Island and wrote four letters to the most trusted members of his former crew, each containing a clue to the artifact's location.[1]

基德回到了他在纽约的家之后最终被捕。他试图申明罪状,并试图以财富行贿脱狱,但并无效果。1701年,威廉·基德因海盗罪在伦敦处被以绞刑。 His execution attracted a lot of spectators, most of them hoping he would use his last words to reveal the whereabouts of some of his treasure, but he remained quiet until the very end.[1]



Kidd's renown was so great in the West Indies that the Assassin Mary Read took on the alias of his son, James Kidd, to become a pirate. There were also many songs written about Kidd and his life of piracy, with one of the most well-known being simply titled "Captain Kidd". It told of his disdain for decency and his bloodthirsty character, and was eventually taught to the crew of Edward Kenway's ship, the Jackdaw, by its captain.[2]


Oak Island 10

Connor retrieving Kidd's Shard of Eden





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