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Ojeda (died 1492) was the head of the Spanish Templar army, exacting brutal punishment on any who dared oppose the Spanish Inquisition.


Capturing the Prince编辑

In 1492, Ojeda led a group that was sent to locate and capture Prince Ahmed of Granada, the son of Sultan Muhammad XII of Granada, whom the Templars were searching for in order to ransom him against the Apple of Eden they knew to be in the Sultan's possession. Unknown to the Templars, a group of Assassins were in the crowd. When Ramires and other soldires found the Prince, he stood outside and declared how with the Prince of Granada, Spain would finally be under one Templar rule. Directly after this, Aguilar de Nerha jumped from the roof of the building in which the Prince had been hiding in and assassinated Ramires. This was the signal to begin the Assassins' attack on the Templars.

Ojeda jumped on a horse and began to follow Maria, who had hijacked the carriage that held the Prince. A group of his soldiers followed behind. These soldiers attempted to retake the carriage that Maria had stolen, but she eventually fought them off. Ojeda was following the carriage from behind. Eventually, Aguilar caught up and Ojeda fought him. The carriage, not being driven by anyone, hit a rock and the wheel broke off, causing Aguilar and Ojeda to fall off, except that Aguilar jumped to Maria's carriage, where she was attempting to disconnect the horses from the carriage because sice no one was driving, it was headed for a cliff. Aguilar was left in the carriage where he unlocked the cage where the Prince was held. As soon as this happened, he grabbed the Prince and used his Grappling Hook from his gauntlet to keep them from falling. However, Ojeda captured Aguilar, the Prince, and Maria.

Escape of the Assassins编辑

Ojeda had kept the two Assassins in a chamber where they were taken outside to be burned at the stake along with Benedicto, their Mentor. Torqemada, along with the king of Aragon and queen of Castille, were present in the burning. Torquemada then gave a speech, calling the Assassins heretics and claimed they needed to be cleansed by the fire of God. Ojeda then told Aguilar how he was about to watch his Mentor be burned alive. After this, Aguilar began to mess with the lock on his feet in an attempt to free himsef to save Benedicto. Unfortunately for him, Benedicto was burned, and right after, Aguilar escaped his chains. Ojeda was about to light the fire beneath Maria's feet, but Aguilar knocked the stake over, letting Maria escape. The two Assassins began to run through the streets and along the rooftops of Seville. Ojeda was more chased them down, utilizing crossbows to try to take them down. He chased them to the top of Seville Cathedral, which was under construction. Ojeda was not able to catch the Assassins, as they preformed a Leap of Faith into the streets below.

Obtaining the Apple and Death编辑

As the Templars entered the city, both Aguilar and Maria made their way to the Sultan's palace, where they stood watch as the Sultan reluctantly handed over the Apple in exchange for his son's safety, before they made their move.

Dropping smoke bombs into the room, both Assassins quickly eliminated many of the Templars, before Aguilar captured Torquemada and claimed the Apple. Unfortunately for the Assassin however, Ojeda had managed to catch Maria. Ojeda promised to release her once Aguilar returned the Apple to Torquemada; Aguilar reluctantly agreed, but before he could act, he witnessed Maria take her own life with Ojeda's blade to prevent him from betraying the Creed to save her life.

Enraged by her death, Aguilar engaged Ojeda in combat but was gradually overcome by his opponent's sheer strength. It was only after he had been knocked to the ground that Aguilar managed to gain the upper hand, using Maria’s launchable Hidden Blade to attack Ojeda and render him defenseless to Aguilar's strikes. With Ojeda dead, a heavily wounded Aguilar was forced to make his escape through the tunnels beneath the palace as Torquemada opened the locked door of the room to the rest of his men.

Personality and characteristics编辑

An imposing presence, Ojeda had a serious hatred of the Spanish Assassin Aguilar de Nerha. The commander of a grand army, he would raze entire towns in the service of his master, Tomás de Torquemada.

Equipment and skills编辑

Ojeda was a skilled fighter, being able to use crossbows and swords well, however his weakness was using his strength over technique, which lead to his death by the hands of Aguilar. Ojeda used his strength well, being able to take down not only Assassins, but also civilians and believed that anyone related to the Assassins, the Prince, or anyone else who wasn't a Templar should be killed, hung, or burned at the stake.


  • In the official novelization for the movie, Ojeda is described as having heterochromia, a characteristic that frequently occurs among Sages. However, in the movie itself, both of his eyes appear to simply be brown.
  • Ojeda has a striking resemblance to McGowen in body size and facial hair/appearance, however the two characters were played by different people, discounting this theory.



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