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ACO Osorkon


Osorkon was a member of the Hidden Ones who operated in the Sinai during the reign of Cleopatra.


In 38 BCE, Osorkon was tasked with surveying the Klysma Quarry. During his surveillance, he discovered a Nabatean warrior by the name of Shaqilat liberating young children on a slaver's barge in the docks. Seeking to learn more about her activities, Osorkon followed on her trails but was later captured by Roman soldiers, who brought him to an underground outpost at the Quarry to torture him for information.[1]

His disappearance caught the attention of fellow Hidden One Paanchi, who sought the help of the Mentor, Bayek, to investigate. Bayek was able to discover Osorkon whereabouts and eliminate the Roman captors before they could torture him. Osorkon subsequently explained his findings to Bayek and directed him to courtyard between the Hidden Ones bureau and the quarry, where the woman had found safety with the liberated children.[1]

After the destruction of the bureau in the quarry, Osorkon, along with the rest of the Hidden Ones, moved to the new bureau in a cave in the Arsinoe Nome.[2]




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