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塞努(Senu)是一只雌性白腹隼[1],who resided in the Ptolemaic Kingdom during the 1st centure BCE. She was a loyal companion of Bayek, former Medjay of Siwa and a founder of the Hidden Ones.


“Khemu would often speak of Senu as my 'Horus'. "Pappo, her keen eye protects you".”
―Bayek, reminiscing[来源]-[记忆]

At some point before 49 BCE, Bayek befriended Senu, and they grew close. This friendship extended to Bayek's son, Khemu; his friend, Chenzira, tried to get him to steal Senu's feathers, telling Khemu that Senu's feathers would ensure his passage into the Field of Reeds. Bayek scoffed at the notion.[2]

However, when Bayek's son, Khemu, died in 49 BCE, Bayek begun his hunt for the Masked Ones behind his death. However, as Senu was injured, she was unable to join Bayek on his journey.[3]

During Bayek's absence, Senu was nursed back to health and taken care of by the Siwan healer, Rabiah.[4] The following year, after Bayek had slain Rudjek and his bodyguard Hypatos, Bayek returned to Siwa, and was reunited with Senu.[5]


Senu shared a symbiotic relationship with her master, who, with the ability of Eagle Vision, could view the world from her perspective. As a result, she was a powerful medium of reconnaissance for Bayek on his adventures, who could not only see what Senu saw, but also hear conversations down on the ground below.[3]

Additionally, when her master was out in the field, she would always be loyally following him from high up in the air, and would assist him in one of two ways:

  • If Bayek was hunting, Senu could swoop down and kill nearby animals.
  • If Bayek was infiltrating restricted locations, Senu could swoop down and harass an enemy to distract them, giving Bayek a chance to deal the killing blow more easily.[3]


  • 塞努(Senu)的名字可能源于贝努鸟(Bennu),理由如下:
    • 传说中的贝努鸟是一种自我创造的生物,并且在世界的创生中发挥着重要作用。而塞努则是巴耶克的猎鹰,在“开创”刺客们的鹰眼视觉上发挥了重要的作用。
    • 传说中的贝努鸟是“灵魂the ba of Ra)”,给了阿图姆(Atum)创造世界的能力。而塞努(这里是与古埃及的灵魂观相照应)则被认为是巴耶克的“一部分”,在巴耶克的肉身死亡后仍能继续存在。并且作为巴耶克侦查敌情的媒介,她使巴耶克能够更加容易地计划刺杀或其他行动。
  • 另一种可能的解释是,塞努可被译作“姐妹”。
  • 在完成了探索之旅的所有探索后,玩家将获得一套特别的服装“白色塞努”。这套服装的总体设计灵感似乎来自于圣隼,圣隼是在中东和北地区的一种常被作为猎鹰来训养的鸟类。
  • 塞努的创意在《起源》的开发初期就已被提出。在早期的制作中,开发者们提出了控制真正的鹰的想法,因为鹰一直以来都是《刺客信条》系列的一个共同主题。[6]
  • If Bayek remains idle for a while, Senu will swoop down and perch on his arm. Bayek can then show her affection by petting her or feeding her a snack from his pouch. Moving will result in Senu flying off to resume normal activity.
  • When moving the left analog stick a certain way (while controlling Senu), she will do a barrel roll to either left or right.




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