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“I remember mater's stories of Kirrha and the sacred wars. I wonder if she ever came here.”

Kirrha (Ancient Greek: Κίρρα) was a polis of ancient Greece. In classical antiquity, it was located in the Pilgrim's Landing region in Phokis and acted as the harbor of the Sanctuary of Delphi.


In the 6th century BCE, the town was a prominent polis whose antics led the nearby Sanctuary of Delphi to wage war against the city. With aid from Kleisthenes of Sikyon , Kirrha was defeated and destroyed during the war.[1]

By the 5th century BCE, the town had been rebuilt and served as the seaport for Delphi. Elpenor, a member of the Eyes of Kosmos branch of the Cult of Kosmos, was born and operated from his residence in the town by the Peloponnesian War.[1] In 431 BCE, the misthios Kassandra travelled to the town, having completed Elpenor's work offer of hunting down her adoptive father Nikolaos. Presenting her father's helmet to Elpenor, Kassandra reported her father "dead", with Elpenor soon revealing her true motives to her. Kassandra was ambushed by Elpenor's men while he escaped, though she was able to eliminate them and search his estate for clues.[2]


  • Historically Kirrha wasn't rebuilt until sometime after the end of the Peloponnesian War, which ended in 404 BCE.



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