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A new captain has come to Nassau, & I do not like him. Abel Bramah is his name, & he has the look of a scoundrel about him. I understand the humour what may be found in myself using that term. It is, as they say, the pot calling the kettle black.

——Edward Thatch, chronicling his opinion of Bramah in his personal journal, 5 January 1714.[来源]

Edward Kenway Memory 20

Duncan Walpole assassinating Bramah

Abel Bramah (unknown – June 1715) was a pirate captain of a brig known as the Jacobite, operating in the Caribbean by 1714.

Abel arrived in Nassau around January 1714. He was immediately disliked by the pirate Edward Thatch.[1] In June 1715, his vessel was traveling past Cape Bonavista, in western Cuba, when it was attacked by a Royal Navy frigate, HMS Intrigue. Bramah's crew managed to demast the attacking vessel, but the victory was short-lived as it was discovered the magazine had caught fire. Bramah immediately shouted for the crew to douse the flames, unaware of a hooded, shadowy figure behind him. Before Kenway could shout a warning, the figure, an Assassin named Duncan Walpole who had been a passenger aboard the British warship, leaped down and stabbed the captain in the back, killing him.[2]

Personality and characteristics编辑

Nobody but his own mother was going to mourn our captain's passing.

——Edward Kenway regarding Bramah's death.[来源]

Abel was a harsh and cruel man, fond of personally flogging his crew members and marooning them, which he referred to as "making a man a governor of his own island". For this, he was hated by his crew.[3]

Other pirates such as Edward Thatch also disliked him,[1] advising his fellow pirate Edward Kenway not to join his crew.[3]


  • Abel Bramah's character model is identical to those of pirate hunter captains.