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The Mediterranean Defense was a collection of strategic contracts given to Assassin apprentices in Constantinople during the Renaissance. Coupled with the direction of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the defense of the Mediterranean proved critical not only to the recruits' development but also to the expansion of the Assassins' knowledge and influence in the region.


During the early 16th century, the Assassin Brotherhood – under the direction of Ezio Auditore, the Mentor of the Italian Assassins who happened to be visiting Constantinople at the time – sought to expand its influence throughout the Mediterranean; considering this, they began to send apprentices and recruits to usurp cities controlled by the Templar Order. Their exploits ranged from simple acts, such as protecting merchants and officials who were loyal to the Brotherhood or against the Templars, to greater plots involving assassinations and freeing jailed allies. Some special requests, specifically the survey requests of Piri Reis, involved the Assassins traveling to certain cities and mapping the area.

Ezio meeting with Dogan

Many of these cities were eventually freed from Templar rule and came under Assassins' control. However, a constant danger in the possibility of Templar reprisal remained at hand. As such, the contracts needed to be completed regularly to maintain the Assassins' control of the city, though should their grip on the locations fall too low, the Templars would attempt a reclamation of the city, forcing apprentices to rally a defense.

The Brotherhood took special care to improve the standard of living in these regions by improving daily income and providing many opportunities for their newly liberated citizens. The apprentices who were sent on these missions gained experience, and the Assassin Order gained funds to further their operations, as well as regular benefits and bomb ingredients. After a local guild was established, certain apprentices from Constantinople could also be assigned to become permanently based in one of the cities. There, they provided protection and solidified the Brotherhood's goals more directly.



During a recent excavation of the destroyed library of Alexandria, the Mamluk Sultan's soldiers discovered two First Civilization Memory Seals in a chest dated 331 BC. Infiltrate the soldiers' barracks and acquire the seals before they are inaccessible.最近在挖掘亚历山大港的一座废弃图书馆时,马穆鲁克苏丹的士兵在一个公元前331年的箱子里发现两个第一文明的记忆封印。在封印受到严密保护之前,进入士兵的兵营并取回封印。


Templar soldiers have launched an offensive to recover the Memory Seals. Defend our headquarters and keep our blessed initiate safe as she works to unlock the mysteries of the seals.圣殿骑士的士兵发动攻击,意图夺回记忆封印。保护我们的总部,并在新成员努力解开封印秘密的时候保护其安全。


We had recovered the First Civilization Memory Seals and were preparing to decode them, when a contingent of Templars ambushed us and stole them away. Organize a search party and recover the seals. Use maximum force if necessary.我们已经发现第一文明的记忆封印,并且准备进行解读,突然出现一队圣殿骑士攻击我们,并将封印偷走。组织一支搜索队取回封印。必要时可以动用最大武力。

Our Mentor Iskender, descendant of the great Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, has been arrested and detained without explanation. His execution will occur in two day's time. Locate and rescue him.我们的导师,伊斯坎特,伟大的阿泰尔·伊本-拉哈德的后裔,毫无理由地被逮捕和拘留。他将在两天内被处决。找到并营救他。


The Spanish King currently ruling occupied Algiers has taken King Samis El Felipe hostage. His prison is too well fortified to break him out, but it should be possible to pass messages to and from the jailed King. Establish a line of communication.目前统治阿尔及尔的西班牙国王俘虏了萨米斯·艾尔·菲利普国王。他的监狱防守严密,无法把他救出来,但是应该可以和这位被囚的国王往来信息。建立一条通讯路线。


Former King Samis El Felipe has authorized the Assassins to employ the aid of the infamous pirate, Hayreddin Barbarossa, to chip away at Spanish influence in the area. Provide "Red Beard" Barbarossa with the support he needs.前国王萨米斯·艾尔·菲利普授权刺客组织雇用恶名昭彰的海盗海雷丁·巴巴洛萨来协助削减该地区的西班牙影响力。为“红胡子”巴巴洛萨提供他需要的支持。


With the Spanish influence on Algiers somewhat weakened, Ottoman Prince Korkut is eager to make friends with Mamluk Sultan Al-Ashraf, with the hope that he may gain influence over his brothers Selim and Ahmet. Spy on this meeting and report back to the Assassins in Konstantiniyye.由于西班牙在阿尔及尔的影响力受到削弱,因此奥斯曼王子克库特迫不及待想要和马穆鲁克苏丹阿什拉夫建立友谊,希望他能够获得超越其兄弟塞利姆和艾哈迈德的影响力。刺探这次会面,并回报给君士坦丁堡的刺客组织。

Amir Selim of Algiers has a proposal for the Assassins. He will turn a blind eye to our activities in his region if we will provide protection for a community of Moors living on the island Penon, now occupied by Spaniards.阿尔及尔的埃米尔·塞利姆向刺客提出一项提议。如果我们保护生活在皮农岛上的摩尔人小区(现在由西班牙人占领),他就对我们在他统治地区内的活动视而不见。


Sultan Bayezid's third and least capable son, Korkut, has been captured by Templar thugs and is being held hostage in Bursa. Send in a team of Assassins to eliminate all Templars and rescue the Prince.苏丹巴耶济德的第三个儿子,同时也是最无能的儿子,克库特,已被圣殿骑士抓获,囚禁在布尔萨作为人质。派遣一队刺客前去消灭所有圣殿骑士,并救回王子。


An attack on a local Turkmen philanthropist and ally has driven him into hiding. Provide him with protection until he can move his family to Constantinople.当地一位土耳其慈善家和他的朋友受到袭击,迫使他躲了起来。在他全家迁到君士坦丁堡之前,为他提供保护。

Follow The Money, Part II

Despite our best efforts, the Templars have captured the philanthropist's family and are holding them ransom. Organize a rescue party. Use lethal force wherever necessary.尽管我们尽了一切努力,圣殿骑士仍然俘虏了那位慈善家的家人,并且要求赎金。组织救援队伍。必要时使用致命的武力。

Follow The Money, Part III


Corrupt Janissaries stationed in Bursa are selling access to viziers visiting from the Sultan's Sublime Porte. We would rather these misers beg for their influence. Take out the corrupt soldiers.驻扎在布尔萨的贪腐禁卫军在出售管道,让人可以和苏丹的大臣通声气。我们宁愿让这些守财奴用乞讨的方式去取得影响力。消灭这些腐败的士兵。


Our brothers in Athens are finding it difficult to retain the trust of the people now that Athens is under Ottoman rule. We must work to convince them that the Assassins fight for no nation, but for the people as a whole.雅典落入奥斯曼人的控制之后,雅典的弟兄们发现我们很难维持人民对我们的信任。我们必须更加努力劝说他们,让他们相信刺客不是为了任何国家而战,而是为全人类而战。


Ottoman soldiers have been looting the homes of wealthy residents, against the explicit orders of the Sultan himself. Defend the people, but be prepared for an Ottoman backlash.尽管苏丹亲自颁布严格的命令,奥斯曼士兵仍然掠夺富有人家的财产。保护人民,但是必须准备面对奥斯曼人的反击。


We have discovered that Templar agitators have been paying Ottoman soldiers handsomely for looted goods. Find the Templar leaders in Athens and eliminate them.我们发现圣殿骑士旗下的煽动者一直支付非常丰厚的报酬给奥斯曼士兵,向他们购买掠夺得来的货物。找到雅典的圣殿骑士领袖,并消灭他们。

Remnants of First Civilization technology have been found in a tomb deep beneath the Acropolis. Guard the location until our scholars are able to make a full survey of the area.雅典卫城的下方坟墓中发现第一文明遗留下来的技术。保护那个地点,直到我们的学者能够对该地区进行全面调查为止。


Ottoman troops have blocked the roads north of Damascus, crippling many of the city's northern trade routes. In spite of our truce, we must side with the civilians affected by this blockade. Draw the army away from their position by any means necessary.奥斯曼军队已经封锁了大马士革北部的道路,瘫痪了城市北部的许多贸易路线。尽管我们签了休战协议,我们必须支持受到这次封锁影响的平民。用任何可能的手段将他们的军队引出阵地。


A detachment of Safavid soldiers from the East has filled the power vacuum north of the city, and yet are experiencing very little resistance from the Mamluks to the north. We suspect an alliance. Send spies into the Safavid camp and learn the truth.一群来自东方的萨非人士兵利用城北的权力真空进驻,南方的马穆鲁克并未强力抵抗。我们怀疑双方已经结盟。派一个间谍进入萨非人的营地查明真相。


We have learned that the Safavids and Mamluks are planning a joint attack on Bursa. Currently the Safavid high command is stationed in Damascus as the personal guest of Sultan Al-Ashraf Qansuh al-Ghawri. Assassinate their generals and cripple their command structure.我们知道萨非人和马穆鲁克正在计划联军攻击布尔萨。目前萨非人的最高统帅以苏丹的个人贵客身分驻扎在大马士革。刺杀他们的将军,瘫痪他们的指挥结构。

Our training facilities in Damascus are of middling quality and could use an upgrade. Perhaps a few local Templar luminaries would be interested in funding our project. If not, borrow their money without asking.我们在大马士革的训练场所只是中等质量,应该将它升级。也许当地的一些圣堂武士会有兴趣资助我们。如果他们不感兴趣,就不必问他们的意见,借了他们的钱再说。


The French have occupied Genoa and are using it as a launch pad for military excursions to the south and east. Naturally the Genoese are unhappy about this. Cripple the French military through clandestine means.法国人占领了热那亚,并且以此地作为对东方及南方发起军事行动的基地。当然热那亚人不喜欢这种情形。以秘密手段瘫痪法国军队。


With the French military now weakened, Genoese Captain Andrea Doria is orchestrating a citizens' revolt. Aid him with manpower and weapons.随着法国军队的力量减弱,热那亚指挥官安德烈·多利亚正在筹划一次平民的反抗活动。以人力和武器协助他。


Captain Doria's revolt was only a mild success, and his name is now known to the French vassals ruling Genoa. Protect the Captain and escort him out of the city before the French find him.多利亚的反抗活动仅取得些许成功,而现在他的名字已经被占领热那亚的法国官僚所知。在法军找到他之前保护他并护送他出城。

A corrupt Genoese banker has been funneling money to French interests while claiming to be the victim of numerous robberies. Eliminate this parasite.有一个腐败的热那亚银行家一直将钱送到法国,却自称是众多劫案的受害者。消灭这只寄生虫。


There has not been a stable Assassins' Guild in Jerusalem for over a century. Assess your resources and begin recruiting.耶路撒冷已经超过一个世纪没有稳定的刺客公会了,评估你的资源,然后开始招募人员。


The ruling Mamluks disapprove of our recruiting efforts. They fear the growing strength of the Assassins and have arrested Grand Master Mujir as part of a program of intimidation. Rescue Mujir in spectacular fashion, but harm no one. Send a message that the Assassins will not be intimidated.执政的马穆鲁克不赞成我们的招募工作。他们害怕刺客的实力会获得增长,所以逮捕了穆吉尔导师作为威胁。用引人注目的方式拯救穆吉尔,但是不要伤害任何人。发出讯息,让他们知道刺客不会忍气吞声。


A wayward party of Ottoman Sepahis recently clashed with patrolling Mamluk riders. Send your wisest Assassins and negotiate for peace before tensions boil over into more violence. Show both parties the value of peace through diplomacy.一帮嚣张的奥斯曼部队最近和巡逻的马穆鲁克骑士发生冲突。在紧张情势演变成更多暴力事件之前,派你手下最聪明的刺客去进行和平谈判。通过外交手段让双方明白和平的价值。

An Assassin traitor is taking refuge in a domicile adjacent to the Chapel of the Ascension. Take advantage of the large crowds that gather there and wait for him to appear. Apprehend him dead or alive.有一个刺客叛徒躲在阿森松岛教堂旁边的住所。利用聚集在那里的大量人群,等待他出现。了解他是生是死。


Emboldened by recent Portuguese colonization efforts, the Templars have started sending "missionaries" as far east as India. Collect intelligence on the activities of these agents and map their movements.受到最近葡萄牙帝国的殖民行动所鼓动,圣殿骑士开始向遥远东方的印度输送“传教士”。收集这些间谍的情报,并记录他们的移动路线。


King Manuel I of Portugal – a pious and credulous man – is paying large sums of money to fund these missionary expeditions, not realizing the Templars are diverting the money to their cause. Liberate this money from its owners and put it to better use.葡萄牙国王曼纽尔一世是个虔诚的信徒,他支出大笔金钱,资助这些传教士的远征,却不知道圣殿骑士把这笔钱移作他们私用。从这笔钱的持有者手中取得这笔钱,把它用在更好的用途上。


The man in charge of the Templars' overseas proselytizing is a sea Captain named Francisco. Board one of his ships in Lisbon and eliminate him at sea.负责圣殿骑士的海外传教行动的是弗朗西斯科船长。登上他停泊在里斯本海岸的船,并在海上消灭他。

Portugal's extensive wealth and power has created a cottage industry of explorers, many of whom are selling information of their discoveries to the Templars for large sums. We cannot compete with the Templars' wealth, but we have other means of acquiring that information. Use them.葡萄牙拥有巨大的财富和权力,创造出探险家产业,其中许多人将他们的发现高价出售给圣殿骑士。我们无法和圣殿骑士比有钱,但是我们有其他方法可以获得这些信息。使用它们。


The famous blacksmiths of Toledo have fled to Madrid after Templars commandeered their forges. Assemble a band of Assassins and reclaim their property from the Templars.在圣殿骑士征收了托莱多着名的铁匠的锻炉之后,他们逃到马德里。组装一群刺客,从圣殿骑士中取回他们的财产。


Grand Inquisitor Cisneros has continued his predecessor's bad habit of persecuting Assassins for crimes unrelated to our activities. Recently we have been blamed for a rash of murders of cardinals. Find the true culprits and bring them to justice.大审判官西斯内罗斯继承前任者的坏习惯,用与我们的行动无关的罪名迫害刺客。最近我们被控谋杀多位红衣主教。找到真凶,并让他们接受制裁。


From our investigations, we have learned that a small but dedicated band of Templars intend to murder King Ferdinand with the hope that will divide the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile. Protect him at all costs.根据我们的调查,我们发现有一群人数不多但信念坚定的圣殿骑士打算谋害费迪南德国王,希望这样做能够使亚拉贡和卡斯提尔王国分裂。不惜任何代价保护他。

King Ferdinand is safe but remains ignorant - or willfully blind - to the dangers brewing in his kingdom. It is time to seek out the leaders of the Templar network in Madrid and eliminate them.费迪南德国王安全了,但是他对于王国中酝酿的危险依然毫无警觉,也可能是刻意放纵。现在应该要找出马德里的圣殿骑士网络的领袖,并且消灭他们。


A treasure housed in a wealthy merchant's home is rumored to be of First Civilization origin. Break into the merchant's house and acquire the artifact to assay its true value.据说放在一个富商家的宝藏来自第一文明。进入富商的房子,取得该物品,以评估它的真正价值。


King Louis XII, tired of Marseille's constant threats of secession from France, wants all Assassins banished from the city. Hinder his army's efforts to expel our Order, but do not resort to violence.路易十二对于马赛脱离法国独立的持续威胁感到厌烦,因此想把所有刺客都逐出城去。阻止他的士兵驱除我们的组织,但是不要诉诸武力。

By Any Other Name, Part II

Our efforts to obscure our presence in the city have been successful. Now we must rebuild. Recruit disgruntled soldiers from King Louis's exhausted army and grow our ranks.我们成功地隐藏我们在城市里的行踪。现在我们必须重建。从路易国王疲惫不堪的军队中召募不满的士兵,壮大我们的军队。

By Any Other Name, Part III
Upon further investigation, it has become clear that King Louis XII has Templar advisors poisoning his judgment against the Assassins. Root out the traitors in his court and eliminate them.根据进一步调查,显然路易十二的身边有圣殿骑士的策士,影响他对刺客的判断。找出他宫廷里的叛徒,并消灭他们。


The Knights Hospitaller have captured some of our Assassins and are holding them prisoner in the Palace of the Grand Master. Organize a rescue and bring our men and women home.医疗骑士团抓住了我们的一些刺客,并把他们关在骑士团长的宅邸里。组织一次救援,带我们的同伴回家。


Most of our Assassins have been recovered, but Master Assassin Castor was taken to a secret compound near the peak of Ataviros for further enhanced interrogations. Reconnoiter the area in secret and make maps of this location.我们的大部分刺客都被救出来了,但是刺客大师卡斯特被带到阿塔维罗斯峰顶的一处秘密地点,进行进一步审问。秘密侦查这片区域,并制作这个地方的地图。


Master Assassin Castor has been murdered by the Hospitallers. We have no reason for caution now. Organize an assault on the Ataviros and destroy the Hospitaller compound.刺客大师卡斯特已经被医疗骑士团谋杀了。现在我们没有必要再谨慎行事了。组织一次袭击行动,摧毁阿塔维罗斯的医疗骑士团据点。

Corsairs have made a habit of raiding and sacking churches in villages along the sparser coastlines of Rhodes. Help the people defend and rebuild their houses of worship.海盗习惯于袭击和洗劫罗德斯岛沿岸村庄里的教堂。帮助人们击退海盗,并重建他们的教堂。


Find local explosives expert, Pedro Navarro, and offer him money and protection in exchange for knowledge of his renowned weaponry.找到当地的爆破专家佩德罗·纳瓦罗,提供他金钱和保护,以换取他的着名武器的机密。


Pedro Navarro has been abducted following his involvement with us. We suspect Templar interference. Locate Pedro and rescue him.佩德罗·纳瓦罗和我们建立联系之后就被绑架了。我们怀疑圣殿骑士牵涉在其中。找到佩德罗并救出他。


Newly rescued, Pedro Navarro tells us that the Templars in Tripoli are being commanded from Rhodes. Cut off their supply and communication lines end expel them from the city.在获救之后,佩德罗·纳瓦罗告诉我们,的黎波里的圣殿骑士是由罗德斯岛负责指挥。切断他们的补给线和通讯线,并将他们逐出城市。

The Knights of St. John are fortifying their position in Tripoli by building new fortifications and castles. Infiltrate the workforce and modify the structures to allow Assassins easy access to these buildings in the future.圣约翰的圣殿骑士正通过兴建新碉堡和城堡来巩固他们在的黎波里的地位。潜入工人之中,修改其结构,让刺客以后可以轻易进入。


Hafsid King Muhammad IV is receiving bribes from local Templars to keep local goods from coming to market. Only Templar approved merchants have been allowed to peddle their wares openly. Steal these bribes and redistribute them.哈弗斯国王穆罕默德四世接受当地圣殿骑士的贿赂,不让当地货物进入市场。只有获得圣殿骑士许可的商人才能公开出售他们的货物。盗取这些贿赂,并重新进行分配。


Now the Hafsid King is imposing quotas and mandates on local farmers that serve Templar goals rather than the citizens' needs. Protect the farmers and eliminate the King's extortionists.现在,哈弗斯国王对当地农民征收更多税金,并且颁布多项命令,但是得益的是圣殿骑士,而不是当地人民。保护农民,并消灭国王的勒索者。


To revive the crippled economy in Tunis, several Tunisian community leaders are going to meet with merchants from Europe to discuss fruitful trade arrangements. Accompany the leaders and ensure their safety.为了恢复突尼斯残破的经济,有几位突尼斯小区的领袖人物准备和欧洲的商人会面,商讨有利的贸易合约。陪伴这些领袖前去,并确保他们的安全。

Corrupt Hafsid ministers have been taking bribes from Templars in exchange for loosened restrictions on imports and exports. Eliminate the most corrupt ministers and send a message that corruption will be repaid with retribution.腐败的哈夫斯王朝的官员一直在接受圣殿骑士的贿赂,相对地他们则放松进出口货物的限制。除掉最腐败的官员,发出讯息,让他们知道贪腐会遭到报复。


  • Rhodes was only unlocked in Mediterranean Defense after playing a multiplayer match on each map in the city, namely Knight's Hospital, Souk and Ippokratous.
  • The achievement "Armchair General" could be earned by controlling all of the Mediterranean cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously.
  • Some Mediterranean Defense missions had a reward of automatically recruiting one apprentice into the Order, though this was only valid if Ezio had vacancies in his roster.
  • Managing Assassin Guilds increased the percentage-of-control capacity of the city. A city with no Assassins garrisoned had a percentage-of-control capacity of 50%. The maximum amount of Assassins garrisoned permitted was 5, where the percentage-of-control capacity was raised to 100% when a city's garrison was staffed by fully-trained Assassins. Placing 5 low-ranked Assassins in a city yielded a percentage-of-control capacity spanning from 50% to 100%.
  • Every 20 minutes, at the same time as Ezio received a revenue deposit at the banks from city renovations, all of the cities lost a random percentage of Assassin control or gained the same in Templar control if relevant. If that percentage reduced Assassin control to 0%, the Templars would lay siege to the city.
  • Some city missions required a specific fighting style from an Assassin recruit to be assigned as the first Assassin of the operation. There were four types, each signified by a symbol near their rank number: a marksman (crossbow), an enforcer (heavy weapon), a scout (short blade), or a soldier (Hidden Blade).