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Noise darts are darts designed to emit a chirping sound in flight or upon impact. Developed by the Assassins, these tools were used by Asian branches such as the Chinese and Indian Brotherhoods to distract enemies during their stealth operations.


Ass its name suggests, a noise dart is a dart which is intended to create distinct sounds along its flight path or upon impact. As such, its basic construction consists of a symmetrical blade that tapers to a sharp point and a short shaft that terminates in a hooped pommel. Unique elements to its craftsmanship enable its trademark ability to emit a chirping noise upon impact. However, the moment at which the noise is given off can be precisely controlled and set off mid-flight, granting users flexibility in determining the exact spot of the distraction.[1][2]

Due to their small size and the audible yet mild noise they produce, noise darts were highly effective as tools of distraction. A dart flown near a guard would often be detected as little more than a suspicious noise to divert their attention, but the exact source could escape their notice. Moreover, the chirping sound, akin to that of a bird, was natural enough that it could be easily dismissed after a short investigation. A common tactic of Chinese and Indian Assassins was therefore to throw the noise darts at point in space away from their location, momentarily diverting guards' attention, and allowing them to slip past behind them with ease.[1][2]


Noise darts were widely used by the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins in the 16th century for their stealth operations. From 1524 to 1532, throughout her quest to avenge the Chinese Brotherhood as its lone survivor, Shao Jun relied heavily upon noise darts in her infiltration of Templar strongholds, such as those in Macau and Nan'an and the Forbidden City itself. They contributed to the success of her missions, facilitating her assassination of the Eight Tigers, the corrupt eunuchs that led the Chinese Templars responsible for her Brotherhood's destruction.[1]

Owing to their efficacy, noise darts remained essentially unchanged throughout the subsequent centuries in spite of their simple designs. In the 19th century, they continued to serve as invaluable tools for the Indian Assassins. Among those who favored them was Arbaaz Mir, who utilized them throughout his missions to retrieve the Koh-i-Noor from the Templars.[2]