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哈拉什Harash,未知 – 1190)是刺客黎凡特支派的看守者,在他死亡为止一直是拉希德丁·锡南的副首领。尽管掌管这卓越的地位,但他暗中叛变成为了圣殿骑士并为圣殿骑士提供有价值的内幕情报。但他的背叛直到被阿泰尔的爱人阿德哈揭露,阿泰尔在希望能够保护阿德哈的情况下暗杀了哈拉什。



圣杯任务中,刺客大师阿泰尔·伊本-拉阿哈德在救出阿德哈之后得知哈拉什的背叛。这名女子透过传闻得知了真相,但由于圣殿骑士还在寻找圣杯,她不能与阿泰尔冒险回到阿勒颇。尽管他相信他的朋友,但阿泰尔知道,没有具体证据通知导师是没有用的。因此,他决定自己行动刺杀哈拉什—在没有与任何刺客解释的情况下—之前抛弃兄弟会并与阿德哈度过余生。 As a result, he resolved to assassinate Harash through his own initiative—without leaving an explanation to the Assassins—before abandoning the order altogether for a life with Adha.

In the meantime, Harash conferred with a Templar captain at the Alep citadel's courtyard in the middle of the night. The knight reported that his forces had discovered Adha hiding on a ship in Tyre. Suspecting she was waiting for someone, they had delayed their capture, for if this person was Altaïr, she would unknowingly serve as bait for their formidable adversary. Should the bait fail, the captain cautioned, then they would remain in the dark as to his whereabouts. As the Templar left, Harash anxiously warned him not to attract the attention of Altaïr, much to the knight's exasperation. Ironically, Altaïr had returned to Alep covertly, and had observed the entire exchange from the Mentor's office above.

With Harash's duplicity confirmed, Altaïr immediately stormed down to the courtyard to eliminate him. No words were exchanged as the confrontation instantly escalated into a ferocious duel. As the fight raged on, three of Harash's elite henchmen joined in the fray. In spite of the odds, Altaïr prevailed, slaying the three guards and disarming the traitor. Without giving him a second to recover, the Assassin swiftly followed through by leaping at him with his Hidden Blade, killing him.






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