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古尔的伊甸苹果Gull's Apple of Eden)是伊述人留下的伊甸苹果之一。

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By 870, the Apple was kept within the Temple of Heimdall in Rygjafylke, high atop the Feiknstafir mountains.[2] Gull, Kjotve the Cruel's slave and reincarnation of the Isu Idun,[3] had visions of the "bounty beyond the dreams of Njörðr himself", on a place high on Feiknstafir's peak. She would inform both Kjotve and, when willingly captured, Eivor Varinsdottir of this treasure.[4]

The Apple on its pedestal

Another vision of the Isu told Gull that "The King's desire lies at Himinbjörg, where Heimdall dwells". During a fight against Kjotve's thugs, Eivor discovered a painting of Himinbjörg on the wall, and kicked it in. Behind the wall was Heimdall's treasure, a mountain of gold coins and other riches, and among these, a pedestal with the Apple of Eden. As Eivor reached for it, she was thrown to the ground again by Erland, who claimed the treasure belonged to Kjotve. Eivor kicked Erland off the treasure pile, sending him and the other thugs through the weakened floorboards and to their death.[2]

Gull grabbed the apple and stood up, the contact with the Piece of Eden seemingly restoring her memories as an Isu, for when Eivor called out to her, her response was "That is not my name. And this is not my life." and she tore off her slave collar to reveal a marking on her neck. Eivor attacked, but Gull commanded her to stop and with the power of the Apple, Eivor could not move. As the rest of the temple continued to crumble around them, Eivor pleaded Gull to release her from the stasis or they would both die.[2]

Gull wielding the Apple

Gull was unafraid to die, but accidentally dropped the Apple, cancelling the stasis. Eivor, now free, realized the power the Apple held and wanted it for her father. Gull warned Eivor that she did not understand that the world was not as it seemed as she scrambled to get back the Apple as the floor broke apart. Eivor held out her hand for the Apple promising to help, but Gull refused for the Apple to go into Styrbjorn's hands. With the ledge as weak as it was, any attempt to take the Apple would definitely kill them both. Gull gave Eivor two choices; "Risk everything for glory, or save [her] people". Eivor chose the latter and left Gull to her fate.[2]

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