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Rodrigo surrounds himself with snakes and murderers. Even his daughter Lucrezia has been sharpened into one of his most artful weapons.”

卢克雷齐娅·博吉亚 (1480 – 1519) 是罗德里戈·博吉亚 的私生女,切萨雷·博吉亚 的妹妹。她是圣殿骑士团 的成员,后来成为费拉拉公爵夫人。

Lucrezia was ruthlessly betrothed by her father twice before her thirteenth birthday, in order to secure political alliances. She was also rumored to have been sexually abused by her father and brothers.

Lucrezia later assisted Rodrigo and Cesare in their attempt to keep Rome under their control, mainly by monitoring the events that took place when her father and brother were away or unavailable. She was also responsible for Caterina Sforza, the Duchess of Forlì, when she was imprisoned in the Castel Sant'Angelo



卢克雷齐娅在1480年4月18日出生于苏比亚克——一个靠近罗马的小城镇。Her mother was the Countess of Cattanei, Vannozza dei Cattanei, one of Rodrigo's numerous mistresses.[1]

By the young age of thirteen, Lucrezia had already been engaged twice. However, her father, Pope Alexander VI, better known as Rodrigo Borgia, Grand Master of the Templar Order, called off the engagements and later forced her to marry Giovanni Sforza, hoping to establish an alliance with the powerful Milanese Ducal family.[1]

However, the marriage was brief, as the House of Sforza eventually lost their usefulness to the Pope. Rodrigo gave the order for Cesare and Lucrezia to send Giovanni away from Rome, and made an offer to Giovanni's uncle, the Cardinal Ascanio Sforza, to persuade him to agree to the divorce.[1]

However, Giovanni accused Lucrezia of having an incestuous relationship with her father and brothers. Thus, the Pope simply declared Lucrezia's marriage with him invalid, as it had not yet been consummated.[1]


“Finally, we are together! Neither of us believes it will last, that there is any way it could last, but for now it does not matter.”
―Perotto, regarding his relationship with Lucrezia.[来源]

In 1498, while she was living within the San Sisto convent, Lucrezia fell in love with one of her father's messengers, Perotto Calderon. However, unbeknownst to her and her family, Perotto was a member of the Assassin Order, who had been sent to spy upon the activities of the Borgia.[2]

PL Memory TheLadysFavour

Lucrezia with Perotto.

Lucrezia and Perotto went through great lengths to keep up the facade of noble lady and courier, with Lucrezia often suggesting violence as a solution to keeping their secret safe. However, eventually, their relationship grew more intimate, and Lucrezia became pregnant with Perotto's child.[2]

Nine months later, a boy was born; however, much to Lucrezia's devastation, the baby was malformed and expected to die within a few days. The child's birth also finally brought their relationship to light, and Perotto was thrown into jail.[2]

Perotto later escaped with the child, seeking an ancient artifact that was being kept by his Brotherhood, which he thought would be able to heal his son. The healing was successful, but Lucrezia never saw Perotto again, as he was executed by his Brothers soon afterwards, on the grounds of his breaking of their Creed.[2]

Lucrezia's son, later named Giovanni Borgia, was returned to Rome, and was adopted by Lucrezia's brother, Cesare, whom he came to know as his father. Though Lucrezia was able to watch the boy grow up, she would be little more to him than his aunt. On one occasion she was able to spend time with him, she warned Giovanni to not trust anyone within their family.[2]


Lucrezia's second marriage was with Alfonso de Aragon, the Duke of Bisceglie. Before the marriage took place, Cesare was impressed by the Duke's handsome looks and kind nature. However, this soon changed to jealousy and hatred, since Lucrezia was very happy with Alfonso, and had, since her marriage to him, stopped giving Cesare as much attention.[1]

By August 1500, Cesare decided that he wanted Lucrezia for himself. He ordered for Alfonso's execution at the hands of Micheletto Corella, an action that greatly distressed Lucrezia. In retaliation to his jealous rages, she began to rebelliously enter into relationships with other men, including Patrizio and Pietro Rossi.[1]


“Salve cittadini di Roma! Behold a sight most splendid! Caterina Sforza, she-whore of Forlì, has finally been brought to heel!”
―Lucrezia presenting Caterina Sforza to a crowd.[来源]

In January of 1500, Lucrezia accompanied Cesare in his siege of Monteriggioni. During the battle, the Borgia were able to capture Caterina Sforza and Mario Auditore. Afterwards, she returned to Rome with her brother and his generals, holding the Apple of Eden as their prize.[1]

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Lucrezia shows Caterina as a captive to the Roman citizens.

In 1501, she escorted the captive Caterina Sforza to prison cells within the Castel Sant'Angelo. There, Cesare briefly visited Lucrezia, and the two exchanged an intimate moment. After they kissed, Cesare promised Lucrezia that when he ruled all of Italy, she would be his queen.[1]

Soon afterwards, Lucrezia confronted Caterina in her cell, where she jealously demanded to know of Caterina's trip to Rome with Cesare. Caterina only spat an insult in reply, and Lucrezia struck her violently with a metal bar, injuring her in the hip.[1]

However, after Lucrezia had taken the cell's key from the prison guard and left, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze arrived to rescue Caterina. He sought Lucrezia out in the castello garden to retrieve the key, where she recognized and greeted him, before calling for the guards.[1]

Though Lucrezia ran from him, the Assassin eventually caught her and brought her back to the prison chamber, where she was knocked unconscious and left within a cell.[1]


“I know... I know where that bastard is going. San Pietro... The pavilion in the courtyard.”
―Lucrezia helping Ezio.[来源]

On August 18, 1503, Lucrezia found out her father had taken possession of her supply of cantarella poison from the Castel Sant'Angelo. When she subsequently heard that Cesare was also meeting with her father that day, she immediately realized Rodrigo's intentions.[1]

Hurrying to the Papal apartments, Lucrezia entered just in time to discover Cesare eating an apple that Rodrigo had left out for him, and was able to warn him of the poison within it before he had eaten too much.[1]

Apple a day 6

Cesare chokes Lucrezia.

Enraged at the attempt on his life, Cesare forced the rest of the apple down Rodrigo's throat, all the while demanding the Pope to tell him the location of the Apple of Eden. Lucrezia, in an attempt to save her father, yelled to Cesare that she knew where it was hidden.[1]

Cesare went on to threaten her instead, seizing her by the throat and rebuking any of her attempts to calm him. Tearfully, she asked him if he had ever loved her, but Cesare only answered that he saw her as his sister and nothing more. At this, she spat in his face, and was only slapped and further choked as he continued to interrogate her.[1]

Ezio, who had watched the scene unfold from outside a window, rushed to Lucrezia's aid, but reached her only moments after she had given in to Cesare's demands. Lucrezia watched as Ezio paid Rodrigo his last respects and closed his eyes, before deciding to inform him of the Apple's location as well.[1]


“My birthplace, my family, have been taken from me. You think Ferrara loves me? I am a stranger, a castaway. An orphan.”
―Lucrezia Borgia.[来源]

Having married her third husband, the Duke of Ferrara Alfonso d'Este, in 1502, Lucrezia sought sanctuary with him after the death of her father. Though she cut off all ties from the rest of her family as she lived with him in Delizia di Belriguardo, Lucrezia was considered a stranger by the townspeople, and was neither accepted nor loved by them.[3]


Ezio seducing Lucrezia.

In 1506, Lucrezia was visited once again by Ezio Auditore, who sought her out inside her palazzo. At first, she calmly asked him if he was there to take her life, but he only answered that he was there for the da Vinci paintings that had been taken by the Borgia during the siege of Monteriggioni.[3]

Lucrezia refused to give them to him, and, upon remembering that the Assassin could sympathize with losing so much, suggested that they "comfort" each other. Ezio appeared to agree and seduced her, thus she decided to tell him the locations of the paintings he needed, as well as give him the only one she had kept.[3]

However, as they kissed, Ezio discretely tied Lucrezia to the curtains of the room, before swiftly leaving. Lucrezia cried for her guards, but the Assassin was able to escape with the last da Vinci painting she owned.[3]


In the last years of her life, Lucrezia dedicated much time to her children, allowing them to live a quiet life. In these years, Lucrezia repented for the sins that she had committed, and spent much of her time praying.[1]

She died 24 June 1519, ten days after the birth of her last daughter, Isabella Maria d'Este.[1]


“Chiudi la bocca! None speak ill of the Borgia! The same will happen to any who defy us!”
―Lucrezia humiliating Caterina in Rome.[来源]
CCrasher 5

Cesare and Lucrezia kiss.

Lucrezia was a cruel and ruthless woman, much like Cesare. She was unafraid to curse her enemies in public, or use violence and poison to benefit herself.[1]

She was both bold and independent, daring to hold romantic relationships with various men despite being married. She also had an incestuous relationship with her own brother, Cesare, and seemed to hate it when other women got close to him.[1] In spite of this, inwardly, she was also extremely vulnerable, something that Perotto Calderon noticed and pitied.[2]

Additionally, Lucrezia genuinely loved her son Giovanni, and was agonized by her inability to reveal that she was his mother, once even breaking down into tears when he asked her if he could trust her.[2]


ACB lucrezia concept

Concept art of Lucrezia.

  • 卢克雷齐娅·博吉亚生了七八个孩子;乔瓦尼·博吉亚、罗德里戈·博吉亚 de Aragon埃尔科莱·德斯特二世, Ippolito II d'Este, Alessandro 德斯特、Leonora 德斯特、弗朗切斯科·德斯特和伊莎贝拉·玛丽亚·德斯特。伊莎贝拉出生在1519年,但是在同一天晚些时候死了。这次生产导致的并发症使得卢克雷齐娅在10天后死去。
  • 卢克雷齐娅在刺客信条:兄弟会中台伯岛藏身处的肖像把她的名字错拼成"Lucretia" ,是"Lucrezia"的拉丁文拼法
  • Animus数据库,卢克雷齐娅没有被列为目标,而更像是伙伴。此外,在鹰眼视觉中, 卢克雷齐娅不以任何一种颜色显示,尽管在整个游戏中与埃齐奥敌对(不包括记忆"一天一个苹果 ")
  • 刺客信条:启示录 中,当埃齐奥伪装成吟游诗人时,他在唱关于 卢克雷齐娅和她的前夫以及和她哥哥切萨雷的关系。
  • 埃齐奥在退休后作为导师时好像已经忘记卢克雷齐娅了,说她已经过了很多年"安静的生活"。他没有把她看作是威胁,选择了一位和费拉拉公爵打交道的继承者[4]


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