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ACO Karnak

Karnak in 38 BCE

Karnak is the name currently given to the northern half of the ruins of ancient Thebes, Egypt. During antiquity, the area housed a large temple complex dedicated to Amun.

Nitokris, and her daughter, Isidora, served as the High Priestess and the God's Wife of Amun in the late 1st century BCE.[1]



In 70 BCE, Bayek of Siwa visited the temple with Aya and Tuta, a street urchin he met in Zawty. There, Bayek consulted Nitokris for the whereabouts of his father, Sabu, but was instead directed to his friend, Kensa, who was in the city.[2]

Years later, Nitokris' daughter, Isidora, had succeeded her position as the God's Wife of Amun after her death. In 38 BCE, Bayek, now the Mentor of the Hidden Ones, visited the temple to sought the aid of Isidora regarding the "curse", having being directed by Merti. There, Isidora directed Bayek to visit a village outside the city which still worshipped Akhenaten and Aten.[3]

In 357 CE, the Roman emperor Constantius II had transported one of the obelisk of the Temple along the river Nile to Alexandria in celebration of his 20th year as sovereign.[4]

Islamic period编辑

In 1340, Egyptian Templars fled to the now-decaying Karnak after stealing the Scepter of Aset from the reigning Sultan, Al-Nasir Muhammad.[5] The next year, the Egyptian Assassin Numa Al'Khamsin and his apprentice Ali Al-Ghraib encountered the Templars at the temple complex.[6]




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