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The XIXth Century Search Engine was a 19th century-theme satirical website released as promotional media for Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.



Hidden in the search engine was a puzzle that when granted gifts users a redeemable code to unlock Edward and Elise's outfits, exclusively for PlayStation 4. It was separated into three parts each granting a section of the code.

The first part is solved by searching for "Londonian Brotherhood", users will then be shown the following message, "I: Soul of the first brother, II: Soul of the second brother, III: Soul of the third brother, IV: Soul of the fourth brother, V: Soul of the fifth brother, VI: Soul of the sixth brother, VII: Soul of the seventh brother, VII: Soul of the eighth brother, COME PRESENT YOUR TREASURE: And I will show you mine". after doing so a pop-up appears with the message "Search all the pieces of my gift in the shadow, brothers." Then, when the code "2342-8967-8007-4533" is inputted users will be given the first part of the code: 83R6.

The second part is solved by searching for "Victorian Mirror". Users will then be shown the following mirrored text, "The engine has a response for everything if you know what you're looking for. Otherwise, ask it to show you the road". Then searching for "show me the road" will award the second code: YND6.

The third part is solved by searching for "God save the Queen" and a page containing the first eight lines of "God Save the Queen" with an added lyric at the end "And long live the Assassins". Clicking on the last words takes users back to the search box with "if you promise to Protect the Londonians from oppression you’ll be rewarded for it" inputted into it. Searching with that gives the link Found A Hidden Gem, after clicking the third code is awarded: S3RK.

To unlock the full code, search "PlayStation" and click the page for "Gamodrone", on the page will be the code to redeem the outfits.



4 Dead After Last Night's Bloody Revenge Attack[]

Search Engine - Revenge Attack 1.jpg

Reportedly the victim of an ambush the previous night, the 'top hat murderer' left the bodies of his four attackers behind him in a sea of blood. "He fought the devil himself", said witness who preferred to remain anonymous. left not one survivor behind him. Lawful self-protection or not, police are keen to identify him.

Search Engine - Revenge Attack 2.jpg

A New And Fearsome Weapon
One of the aggressor's victims, who was wearing a scarf like the other three was found with a dirty set of brass knuckles in his skull.

6 things you were dying to know about Queen Victoria[]

Rapturous Reception For the New Dickens Novel[]

Search Engine - Dickens.jpg

Arguably his best yet: that's the critics' view having read Our Mutual Friend, the latest novel by Charles Dickens. A masterpiece telling the true love story of the author's friend John Harmon. As the author says: "I draw most of my inspiration from my daily life!"

Anti-Football Lobby Invents Rugby[]

Search Engine - Rugby 1.jpg

The debate has been raging for months at the heart of the newly formed Football Association: should the rules be relaxed to allow ball-handling in the game. In disgust, the "yes" camp has decided to secede to create a sport of their own. 21 founding clubs have thus formed the first Rugby-Football league.

Search Engine - Rugby 2.jpg

Different Balls for Football and Rugby-Football?
To distinguish itself from Football, Rugby-Football intends to adopt an oval, instead of a round ball.

Begging: A Second Career for Retirees[]

Search Engine - Retirees.jpg

It is common for old people to become depressed once they are obliged to retire, often of health reasons. There is however a simple and clever remedy them to begging. This occupation, which requires little physical exertion, enables them to end their isolation whilst earning a little extra money to bring to the household every evening.

Can A Woman Propose?[]

Search Engine - Propose 1.jpg

Traditionally it is the man who asks for the hand of his future wife. However Queen Victoria, a headstrong lady, refused, for many years, to marry, even once she was on the throne. That is, until she fell for Albert, to whom she proposed in 1839, after falling in love at first sight.

Search Engine - Propose 2.jpg

A Magical Wedding Night
Extract from the Queen's private diary: "I will NEVER forget such a night!!! His passion and affection (...) aroused such feelings (...) as I would never before have hoped to know!"

Can One Work More Than 14 Hours a Day?[]

Search Engine - Work 1.png

Many have asked concerning their rights in the workplace. Can your superior oblige you to work more than the standard 14 hour day? The answer is yes. Having said that, what exactly would a worker do with free time if he wasn't engaged in the production work? Let us not forget, idleness is the mother of every vice.

Search Engine - Work 2.png

Forgets to Sleep, Dies
Through enthusiasm for his job a Raffle Carrier, Denis Woodman, 23, expired from exhaustion after working 52 hours without a break.

Cholera: How to Avoid the Disaster[]

Search Engine - Cholera 1.jpg

Every year, cholera wreaks real devastation. Nonetheless, medicine has made great progress in the last few years. If some one in your household begins to suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. take care to keep your distance. According to Doctor John Snow, author of "On The Mode of Communication of Cholera", water could be a major source of contamination.

Search Engine - Cholera 2.jpg

The Warning Signs
The first symptom of cholera: frequent and abundant diarrhea. Very incapacitating.

Close-up on the Poppy[]

Search Engine - Poppy.jpg

A competitive sportsman's life is anything but restful. Relentless training can leave him with aches that may prevent proper recovery. A difficulty quickly overcome with the soporific poppy. Imported from the East, this plant, consumed in a decoction, makes cramps a distant memory thanks to its power of relaxation.

Crawford Starrick Seems Unstoppable[]

Search Engine - Starrick 1.jpg

If there's one person to have benefited from the Industrial Revolution, it has to be Crawford Starrick, the brilliant businessman for whom the keys to capitalism hold no secrets. Since inheriting his first rail factory from his father, he has built an empire that continues to expand, sometimes at the expense of his employees' working conditions. But nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Search Engine - Starrick 2.jpg

Mr. Starrick Puts Rupert Ferris In Control
With his talents as a manager. he is the best man to make this business profitable. The businessman has already announced spending cuts.

The End of Human Zoos in Sight?[]

Search Engine - Human Zoo 1.jpg

Samoans, Sami, Pigmies, Nubians, Surinamese, Eskimos. Brought to Europe by expeditions, these natives of distant lands attract large crowds. However, these "Ethnological Spectacles", first made popular in freak shows, annoy the humanists who see them as nothing more than a degrading display of human beings.

Search Engine - Human Zoo 2.jpg

The London & Colonial Exhibition
More than 5 ½ million visitors massed near the South Kensington museum to admire Indians in the London parks.

Gang Warfare in Whitechapel: 5 Fatalities[]

Search Engine - Whitechapel War 1.jpg

Last night's surprise attack by a rival gang on the Blighters’ stronghold in Whitechapel left 5 of the . gang dead. Responsibility for the punitive attack has been claimed by the Rooks, whose distinctive flag was found driven into the chest of one of their victims in this, the second attack of the week. Police are advising the public to stay away from the area.

Search Engine - Whitechapel War 2.jpg

Flag in Flames
The ultimate insult for the Blighters: their flag was found in flames at the scene of the crime.

Introduce Your Children to the Pageant of Nature![]

Search Engine - Nature 1.jpg

For a pleasant day out for all the family, a trip to the zoo is just the ticket. There, you'll discover numerous exotic species brought back from the four corners of the world and displayed in cages, placed indoors to shelter them from London's climate. Oryx. Greater Kudu. Orangoutang: the glory of nature contained within four brick walls!

Search Engine - Nature 2.jpg

Not to be missed: the Reptile House. which houses the world's greatest collection of venomous snakes.

Living with Typhus: It's Possible![]

Search Engine - Typhus 1.jpg

It almost carried him off! Edward A is a survivor, an escapee. After having fallen gravely ill with typhus, this thirty year old Briton has learned to live with his affliction. Even if he still suffers from migraines, nausea and occasional bouts of fever, his life has remained almost normal".

Search Engine - Typhus 2.jpg

Fleas, Lice and Ticks: A Danger to Mankid
We now know that fleas and other parasites can infect humans. It seems certain they are at the origin of typhus itself.

Mister Li's Opium Den Closed at Last![]

Search Engine - Opium.jpg

Last night a bare was won in London's war against drugs. Mister Li's opium den, a blight on North End ever since its opening two years ago, has now been closed down by the police. Good news for locals who complained about numerous brawls between rival gangs coming to indulge their vice. A dozen similar establishments still have to be wiped off the map.

New Rules For English Football![]

Search Engine - Football 1.jpg

By mixing Sheffield and Cambridge rules, the Football Association has opted for novelty through continuity: a pitch of 150 yards by 100 yards, goal posts 5 yards apart, kick-off by the winner of a coin-toss from the centre spot, changing ends at half-time... it's an impressive step forward for an association that has only existed since 1863.

Search Engine - Football 2.jpg

Ball-Handling Adherents Sulking
In view of the fact that the hew rules forbid handling the ball and tackling opponents, the football club of the town of Rugby has quit the F.A.

News - Glove Required: Now Boxers Will Have to Hit Harder Than Ever[]

Search Engine - Boxing.jpg

Compulsory gloves one of 16 recently established by the journalist John Graham Chambers in an effort to regulate boxing matches. Also worth noting: the outlawing of hobnailed boots and the insertion of a minute's between rounds. Rules that should officially take effect everywhere soon.

Opinion - The Colonies: Why They Are Fine As They Are And Ought Never To Change[]

Search Engine - Colonies.jpg

We are-living in a marvelous age. The colonies provide us with labour that is both abundant and free, and inexhaustible natural resources. Our empire extends beyond' every frontier - and yet some would like to take it all away? Over my dead body! We must band together as well-bred gentlemen and put void to this insidious Darwinism and the frightful concept of the equality of Man, that are so harmful to our values and civilisation. If we wish to preserve our privileges, we must fight for them!

Orphans Held Prisoner By a Gang Freed By Mystery Saviour[]

Search Engine - Orphans Saved 1.jpg

They can now say 'thank you' to their saviour: a group of orphans held prisoner in Southwark by the Blighters gang was freed last night by a mystery saviour. In police interviews, the young escapees from what increasingly looks like a network of kidnappers were not able to identify their benefactor, who they describe as "a shadowy figure who melted into the darkness".

Search Engine - Orphans Saved 2.jpg

Rail Baron Suspected of Child Trafficking
An amulet similar to one owned by Crawford Starrick was found in the pocket of one of the Blighters killed by the mysterious saviour. Police are investigating this coincidence.

The Police Are Hiring, Join Them![]

Search Engine - Police 1.jpg

Fond of action and running? Enjoy the martial arts? Join the police force! Numerous positions are available in the heart of this elite body of men. Join us in the fight against the criminality that is eating away at the city and infiltrate gangs to help bring down their bosses. A solid career for a safer city!

Search Engine - Police 2.jpg

Action and Self-Sacrifice
Our watchword: protect and serve by every means possible.

Police Pursue the "Prostitute Killer"[]

Search Engine - Prostitute Killer 1.jpg

Another prostitute has been discovered lifeless in a pool of her own blood, eviscerated and with her throat cut. It's the third murder of this type to have been committed in Whitechapel over the last two months. leading police to suspect that they are dealing with a serial killer. Having so far left no trace of an identity, he has already earned the nickname of 'The Ripper'.

Search Engine - Prostitute Killer 2.jpg

A Glimmer of Hope?
One of our informers tells us that a tall, powerful man with his face concealed by a mask discretely observed the arrival of the police at all three crime scenes.

Science - Lunar Exploration: "We Will Have Need of Some Very Large Balloons"[]

Search Engine - Moon.jpg

The Royal Astrological Committee, regretting the loss of several Celestonauts, has resolved to make a study of the best means of attaining its Lunar goal. Priority is being given to hot air balloon improvements, calling for high technology materials such as silk, as well as a collection of such lucky charms as have already proved their worth.

Six Surprising Colonies You Never Knew Existed[]

Search Engine - Six Colonies 1.jpg

Gibraltar: at the crossroads of the civilised world and the West! The Pitcairn Islands: peopled by the mutineers of the Bounty Falkland Islands: a fragment of Empire in a far flung corner of the world Gold Coast: an African treasure South Georgia: a desert island and penguins' paradise Tasmania: a fertile land with a wealth of exotic animals.

Search Engine - Six Colonies 2.jpg

Suez Canal: The Colonies on Our Doorstep!
Its imminent inauguration will ensure better links and faster exploitation of our colonies.

Telegraph-Speak: A Natural Evolution?[]

Search Engine - Telegraph 1.png

Soon, they'll talking in nothing but dots and dashes laments Miss Heart, English teacher, accusing her pupils of employing this mode of communication to make a fool of her. "Their essays unreadable, have to consult a telecommunications expert just to know what mark to them."

Search Engine - Telegraph 2.jpg

The Telegraph, A Communication Revolution
A cable 2,600 miles in length and weighing 700 tons joins Newfoundland to Ireland. The first message, 100 word in length, was transmitted in a mere 67 minutes.

Ten Tips and Tricks to Pass for Middle Class[]

Search Engine - Middle Class 1.jpg

Since it is better to be envied than pitied, we will gladly share our best tricks for blending into the middle class "milieux". Learn conversational pedantry, verbal tax denunciation, haughty face-pulling, scornful glance-casting, nonchalant tip-tossing and many other useful techniques.

Search Engine - Middle Class 2.jpg

The Broom Handle Up the Collar
There's a simple trick for perfecting the stiff middle-class demeanor: find a broom handle and slide it up the back of your shirt and through your collar.

Transport - Underground Management Advises Passengers to Breathe Less[]

Search Engine - Underground.jpg

Steam makes the world go round. but doesn't necessarily agree With sensitive lungs. To avoid any ill-effects from your travels through our tunnels, follow these simple rules: set off in good time to avoid stress, breathe through a handkerchief and only take in as much air as is strictly necessary to ensure mobility.

Violence Flaring Up in London[]

Search Engine - Violence 1.jpg

Lately, it's better not to linger in certain suburbs of the city; gangs are springing up there, like, mushrooms, a reflection, perhaps, of the widening gap between rich and poor that has accompanied the industrial revolution. From simple disorderly conduct to illegal gambling, the gangs appear to be unstoppable.

Search Engine - Violence 2.jpg

Gang Warfare
Last night, a brawl between the Marylebone Lads and the Fitzroy Palace Lads left one of the latter dead. Hopefully they will keep on killing each other!

Watch Out for Orphan Thieves![]

Search Engine - Thieves 1.jpg

The streets of noble Westminster are no longer safe to walk since becoming infested with an ever-growing number of pickpockets who have no hesitation in robbing honest Londoners. Discrete and unscrupulous, the majority of these thugs are orphaned children who know the city like the back of their hand and continue to give Police the slip.

Search Engine - Thieves 2.jpg

Could Their Ringleader be Clara O'Dea?
Police suspect Clara O'Dea, herself an orphan and thief, to be the ringleader of these street urchins and the person urging them on to commit more and more crimes.

What to do if Its Typhoid: The Right Actions[]

Search Engine - Typhoid 1.jpg

Feeling feverish? Perhaps you're having headaches? Suffering from insomnia and asthenia? If these symptoms are accompanied by painful stomach aches, there's every chance that you have typhoid. If in doubt, remember to drink copiously. However beware of water that might be tainted by miasmas and, if in doubt, favour wine instead.

Search Engine - Typhoid 2.jpg

Beware of Water
The typhoid infection is often transmitted by the ingestion of water; favour wine instead.

Who Is the Mysterious John Brown?[]

Search Engine - John Brown 1.jpg

We all know that the death of her beloved Albert plunged the queen into an abyss of melancholy. Luckily she can now rely on the attention and affection of one of her husband's faithful household servants, the Scottish groom John Brown, who is now in the Queen's service and keeps her company at Balmoral.

Search Engine - John Brown 2.jpg

Mrs. Brown
The Queen laughs off her new nickname "Mrs. Brown". Rumours and gibes only reinforce her affection for her right-hand man.

Will the Brassiere Topple the Corset?[]

Search Engine - Brassiere 1.jpg

Will this French invention find its way into our wardrobes? With its shape, the "brassiere" is in any case trying to challenge our classic corsets, whose elegance is beyond question. Flirting with a certain immodesty, it is supposed, according to its Hermine Cadolle, to allow women more freedom in their movements.

Search Engine - Brassiere 2.jpg

The Corset, Real Elegance for Women
The corset going out of fashion? Unthinkable. We are in no doubt that this uncomfortable brassiere will prove to craze that is quickly forgotten.


Behind the Scenes[]

In the sub-article "Forgets to Sleep, Dies" the photograph of the deceased Denis Woodman is actually of Welsh coal miners from 1955.

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